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Kim Kardashian Opened Up About Co-Parenting With Kanye West And Her Delayed Response To The Balenciaga Controversy 

December 27, 2022 / Posted by:

Even though disgraced former-billionaire/current megalomaniac, Kanye West, allegedly forks over $200,000 a month in child support, Kim Kardashian still got off her fucking ass and headed to her haunted mausoleum business offices (not to be confused with her haunted mausoleum residence) to guest on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast. And in between dropping shocking nuggets like she makes her employees dress in a specific color each day; she, her mom, and her sisters have “deep” conversations about current events at the salad table; and that interns get paid sometimes; she talked about how she shields her kids from the insanity that is co-parenting with Kanye and the backlash she received from waiting to rebuke Balenciaga’s highly-controversial pedophilia-tinged campaign.

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Balenciaga Who? Kim Kardashian Showed Off Some Of Her Favorite Things In Her Haunted Mausoleum

December 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Not having much of a personal investment in the outcome of Kanye West (sorry but mononyms like “Ye” must be earned, not taken) and Kim Kardashian’s divorce, I was surprised to find myself getting a little misty-eyed thinking about the potential fate of their haunted mausoleum which has provided me with many years of much-needed catharsis and amusement. Yet it seems Kim’s friend Foodgod (mononym earned) isn’t the only deity working in/for her favor. Even now that Kanye has been kicked to the curb, Hephaestus, the Greek God of design and creativity, continues to shine his favor on Kim and all she touches and sits her ass on in that barren wasteland she calls a home.

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Kim Kardashian Spoke Out About Balenciaga’s BDSM Teddy Bear Ad, And They’re Suing The Producers Of The Campaign For $25 Million

November 28, 2022 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian’s use of her sister’s disgraced baby daddy as a likely distraction from her having to condemn Balenciaga for shooting an ad with children holding teddy bears dressed up in BDSM gear with child pornography court documents visible on a nearby table didn’t work; her Instagram comment section was filled with pitchforks and torches pleading with her to speak out about it (this could be the most bizarre sentence ever written). So, since she’s been known to wear Balenciaga from head to tampon, she finally gave a lackluster statement–with wiggle room for a backpedal–since Balenciaga’s now belatedly expressing damnation of the ordeal by suing the producers of the shoot for $25 million.

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Balenciaga Has Cut Ties With Kanye West In The Aftermath Of His Anti-Semitic Tirade

October 21, 2022 / Posted by:

The biggest lesson Kanye West should take from this year is “If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the hell up.” Or however that old saying goes, but in Kanye’s case, the words needed to be remixed. And speaking of remixes, there are tons of folks who are removing themselves from their track record of relationships with Kanye, both in his personal and professional life. And now, one of the relationships he cherished more than his ill-fated marriage to Kim is also cutting their ties to escape Kanye’s crazy capers. After Kanye’s antisemitic tirade, Balenciaga is strapping on a pair of its overpriced sneakers and running straight towards the exit, with no plans of ever coming back.

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Open Post: Hosted By Balenciaga’s $1,790 “Trash Pouch” Handbag

August 4, 2022 / Posted by:

With gas prices still as high as a giraffe’s ass and inflation heavily affecting things like groceries, leave it to the luxury industry to laugh at the expense of the average American by creating knockoff poor people shit and selling it at a premium. Balenciaga has done this before, like that time they made Croc stilettos or a bootleg Ikea bag and charged thousands of dollars for them; this time they’ve crafted a calfskin handbag that would give Oscar The Grouch the down-low tingles, because it’s basically just a leather trash bag that they’ve deemed the “Trash Pouch.”

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