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Hard To Say Goodbye

June 30, 2023 / Posted by:

I promise I won’t make this too long.

Thousands of years ago (aka 2008), my friend Akona introduced me to the magic that is As someone who loves pop culture and entertainment news, I did a deep dive. And once I finally regained consciousness from the beatdown of sarcasm and top-tier writing, I knew I was in love. 

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Jaden Smith Opened A Pop-Up Vegan Food Truck To Feed Homeless People

July 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Will and Jada Smith have raised a fine young man in Jaden Smith. He’s artistic, creative, free-spirited, independent, and cares deeply about the world around him. So deeply in fact that he’s decided to tackle homelessness in America, one vegan bowl at a time. Jaden opened a pop-up food truck which served an undisclosed number of unspecified vegan food bowls for an unknown amount of time in conjunction with the release of his new album ERYS. 

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The Man In The Barney The Dinosaur Costume Is Now A Tantric Sex Healer

January 24, 2018 / Posted by:

Beloved/despised children’s mascot Barney the Dinosaur is into some weird shit. Vice reports that the man who spent ten years in the big purple suit (just the suit, not the voice), David Joyner, is a working as a tantra massage therapist and a spiritual energy healer. Not that that is weird. Who am I to judge? What is weird is that David is somewhat unconventional in his practice and is a bit of a renegade in the tantra community. That is to say, his generosity of spirit is equal to his generosity of penis.

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