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Drake Admitted To Drunk-Texting Jennifer Lopez In A New Song

March 19, 2017 / Posted by:

He has a new album already? Didn’t he just drop a concept album about the CN Tower? Drake debuted a new playlist yesterday called “More Life.” It’s got a whole bunch of new tracks and he admits to drunk-texting ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in one of them. It turns out that JLo immediately changed her number after she ended things with Drizzy and his wheelchair. Ugly sweaters – out of phone and out of mind!

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JLo And A-Rod Took It To The Bahamas

March 12, 2017 / Posted by:

There’s a reason why Drake seems to be cuddling up to ex Nicki Minaj’s gigantic buttock implants lately via Instagram and diss track cameos. As speculated earlier last week, Jennifer Lopez has put the brakes on Wheelchair Jimmy and moved over to the man that’s had just about every proud celebrity slut in the game in his bed – A-Rod!

Page Six reports that JLo and her Rod were snapped getting up in each other’s personal space in the Bahamas on Friday night.

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Drake And Jennifer Lopez Are Taking A Break

February 9, 2017 / Posted by:

You mean their publicists have scheduled in a break for them?” thought anyone who has never for a moment believed these two were actually dating. It looks like the seeds that were planted last week have sprouted.

Multiple sources have told UsWeekly that whatever the hell was going on between Drake and Jennifer Lopez has been put on ice for the moment. One source says things have “died down a bit“, whereas another source claims they’re done. At least for right now. But who knows what will happen when it comes time to promote that song they recorded together. Even JLo has been vaguely hinting on social media that they’re over. But remember, there’s a chance they’re not over over.

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

The right reasons could be many things. Like true love! Or publicity. Or attention. There’s really no wrong answer here.

Don’t cry for the end of JLo and Drake’s relationship just yet. It sounds like they’ve already got a reconciliation worked out. Drake is currently in Europe on his Boy Meets World Tour. Both of UsWeekly’s sources seem confident that Drake will likely “pursue” JLo when he returns to Los Angeles at the end of March. If I was in charge of Drake and JLo’s relationship, I would probably plan for the paps to “catch” JLo holding a sign that says I MISS U outside the arrivals gate of LAX for Drake on the day he returns home. Maybe choreograph something small, like having Drake run to JLo, pick her up in his beefy arms, and twirl around until every photographer has gotten a couple hundred clear shots of their touching moment.

Pic: Instagram

Drake Might Be Lacking The Maturity To Date Jennifer Lopez

February 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Wait, didn’t Drake just lean against Nicki Minaj in an Instagram post which means they’re together? Who’s this Jennifer Lopez chick?

Assured celebrity truth source In Touch reports that sweater rapper and Breezy enthusiast Drake, 30, might be too childish for newly revealed underboob activist JLo, 47, to continue dating. If they’re even actually dating. They’re seemingly together on social media. Which usually means that this is a big PR stunt to push tv and music projects and upcoming Las Vegas stints.

None of us are new here, “Dray-Lo!” (“Jake?“)

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Blake Lively Went With The “Raggedy Cruise Ship Dancer” Look For The People’s Choice Awards

January 19, 2017 / Posted by:

If the Oscars and the Emmys are your fancy old uncle who drinks expensive scotch and loves British shows on PBS, then the People’s Choice Awards are your aunt who drinks canned Bay Breezes and asks if you wanna get high in her LeBaron. The People’s Choice Awards are for the people, damn it, and they don’t need prestige or class or gowns that requires every inch of your intestines to be crammed into Spanx.

Blake Lively clearly knows this and after going full-fashion at the Golden Globes two weeks ago, she wore one of Britney Spears’ rejects to the People’s Choice Awards. It’s like she couldn’t find her glasses and just assumed the dress code on the PCA invitation said: “Come dressed as a dancer from a Bob Mackie-inspired cruise ship show who is trying to get fired.” She looks like the messiest pledge at a sorority for ravens.

Some people still don’t understand that you don’t have to try so hard at the People’s Choice Awards. Jennifer Lopez, I’m looking at you.

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