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Mariah Carey And Jennifer Lopez Do A Diva Duet With Dueling Paper Covers

August 22, 2017 / Posted by:

Paper magazine is out with four Las Vegas-themed covers. One with Ricky Martin, one with the Backstreet Boys, and two featuring two wildly different Divas: Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. One dances, sings and shimmies at an exhausting pace, the other is Mariah Carey. Mariah is always at her most Mariah when she’s having her picture made or when giving an interview, and here we get both!

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JLo Reportedly Hired A Private Investigator To Follow A-Rod

July 13, 2017 / Posted by:

Ah, new romance. Is there anything better? Romantic dinners. Strolls for the paps. Hiring a professional to track your boyfriend’s every move. Wait, what do you mean you’ve never gotten so suspicious that you’ve paid money to a stranger with a private investigator’s license? You’ve clearly never been as in love as Jennifer Lopez.

Last month, JLo’s relationship with A-Rod was shook to the foundation (the foundation being cement mixed with photocopies of their pap agency agreements) when The National Enquirer claimed on the front cover that A-Rod was cheating on JLo with a fitness model. A source tells UsWeekly that JLo responded to the cheating rumors by hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it. The source says she hired a PI because she’s “really into” him, and because she’s “trying to control as much as she can.” Unfortunately, the JLo’s cover was blown and A-Rod wasn’t happy.

“He found out and they had a huge fight,” the insider tells Us. “But they’re working through it.”

How did he find out he was being investigated? I would assume JLo would hire the most discrete of private eyes. But maybe she was so desperate to find out if A-Rod really was two-timing her, she picked the first PI she found in the phone book, and ended up with a dude whose idea of investigating was to catch A-Rod red-handed by hiding behind a trash can outside of A-Rod’s house. “Psst. Yeah, you. You cheated today? Where you going? To your other girlfriend’s house? Help me out here.

At least she’ll know for next time to hire the best in the biz. If you really want to catch a cheater, you call up Joey Greco!



Every Bathroom Is A Private Bathroom To Jennifer Lopez

May 18, 2017 / Posted by:

I find the best way to humanize famous people is to remember that famous people sit on a toilet and pee and poo like the rest of us. There’s no getting around it. The only difference is, when they use a public bathroom they sometimes do it in a fancier way than we do. For example, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t wait in a long line for the bathroom with her kegel muscles clenched with more pressure than a hydraulic press.

According to Page Six, JLo had to use the bathroom at the Robin Hood Foundation Benefit in NYC on Monday. A witness claims four security guards closed it down so  JLo could have complete privacy. There was a huge lineup outside the ladies’ room, which caused everyone to speculate who was inside. They finally figured out it was JLo when they saw her possible future husband A-Rod loitering off to the side checking his phone.

Once JLo strolled out, security opened the bathroom to the general public again. JLo and A-Rod’s security wasn’t just for the bathroom; a source claims they were surrounded by security all evening to prevent them from getting mobbed by people.

Another source, commenting on the private bathroom situation, added: “It’s really awkward when someone asks for a selfie when you walk out of a toilet stall.” That’s true, but it’s still less awkward than realizing there’s no toilet paper mid-piss and yelling out to your security team to hook you up with some Charmin. That’s the benefit to having someone on the other side of the stall in the ladies’ room; you just put your hand under the stall whisper “Hi…uh…” and your stall sister will come through.



The “J-Rod Is Talking Marriage” Rumor Is Back Again

May 17, 2017 / Posted by:

Last month, a rumor started – by whom I have no idea (cough her publicist cough) – that Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod were “talking” about get married after a few months of dating. Then almost six whole weeks went by without a peep about their possible future wedding plans. The good news is we have an update. A source tells E! News that J-Rod’s marriage talks have been upgraded from “casual” to “serious.

“JLo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage. JLo wants a future with A-Rod. JLo would marry A-Rod if he asked. She is head over heals for him. They get each other in so many ways. They are perfect for each other. Their families love how they are together.”

Who even knows if JLo actually wants to make A-Rod her fourth husband, or if it’s just fun to keep us guessing. The only way we’ll really know for sure is if she’s seen coming out of a Barnes & Noble with a stack of those 10lb bridal magazines. There’s no way she’d buy them for show; keeping a marriage rumor going isn’t a good enough reason to risk dislocating a shoulder.

Speaking of weddings, here’s JLo looking like an attention-hungry maid of honor at the NBC Upfronts in New York City on Monday.

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