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Remy Ma Says She’s 35 Instead Of 43 Because She Doesn’t Count The Years She Was In Prison And Under COVID Lockdown

June 5, 2023 / Posted by:

Remy Ma just celebrated her 43rd birthday–according to the government and what we human people consider the measurement of time. But just because Remy has been on this planet for 43 revolutions around the Sun, only 35 of those count. You see, Remy was in jail for six years, and there were those two-ish years of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, so… when you add that all together, she becomes younger. And so should we all! I mean, not from jail–she did shoot someone, she should take that L–but we all can subtract two for COVID.

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A Roundup Of Notable Celebrity Halloween Costumes In An Otherwise Un-Noteworthy Year

November 2, 2020 / Posted by:

Ah, the Monday after Halloween. Every year it’s the same. The fun’s been had and all we have left are the memories of slutty vampires (like Demi Lovato, seen above) and, as is the case this year, even sluttier Tiger Kings, to break up the monotony of a long, dark fall. This year especially, there is literally nothing going on between now and Thanksgiving to distract us. NOT ONE THING! So let’s relive the excitement of the weekend before the mundanity of tomorrow saps us of every chilling thrill and thrilling chill the season has to offer. Because, like I said, it’s gonna be nothing but luke-warm Pumpkin Spice lattes for excitement for the foreseeable future. So here’s a roundup of what some of the notable Halloween costumes of 2020. Let’s look over there, shall we?

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Papoose Gave Remy Ma A $94,000 Escalade For Giving Birth (UPDATE)

December 19, 2018 / Posted by:

There are a lot of things I absolutely hate about the Love and Hip Hop franchise ranging from the horrible dialog to the mountains of fake ass, titties and hair that clog up my television screen every Monday. But what I’ve always enjoyed is the relationship between real-life married couple Remy Ma and Papoose. Watching their interaction always restored a few of my brain cells for a while until bitches started throwing drinks on each other once again. Now after a few years with facing complications of trying to conceive a child Remy gave birth to a baby girl last Saturday and as a present Papoose gifted her with a $94,000 Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

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Foxy Brown Has Entered The Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj Beef

March 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Hey look, I used the word “beef” in a post title! YES! It’s on again! More blogging about diss tracks from the most unqualified point-of-view possible! Ready yourselves for awkwardness!

Foxy Brown (Remember her? I lurved “The Hot Spot.”) looked at the Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj aural disagreement (I couldn’t in good conscience type “beef” again), thought “you know, I could snatch at some relevance with this,” and composed a Remy Ma diss track called “Breaks Over.” Well, to be fair, Remy was apparently alluding to Foxy with the “ShETHER” lyric ““I kill rappers, and you good as dead, bitch/Talking shit about me to a deaf bitch.

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