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James Corden Made Things Worse By Walking Back His Apology To Balthazar

October 21, 2022 / Posted by:

I can’t believe that James Cordon went to the trouble of purchasing himself a sturdy pair of Big Boy Pants to wear when he called Balthazar owner Keith McNally to apologize for his alleged abusive behavior towards his restaurant’s staff, just to return them a day later after he’d soiled them. Yesterday, James was back in his usual diapers to talk to The New York Times, ostensibly to discuss his new Amazon Prime show, but effectively to prove that he’s such a stickler for having his eggs cooked just so, that he’s willing to send his entire career back to the kitchen to be re-fired, only for it to return with a side of Beef 7 Ways instead of the salad his wife had asked for.

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James Corden Apologized After The Owner Of Balthazar Called Him The Restaurant’s Most Abusive Customer Of All-Time

October 18, 2022 / Posted by:

24 hours. That’s how long the staff at the New York restaurant, Balthazar, had of a reprieve from the “tiny Cretin of a man,” known as James Corden. Yesterday, the owner of Balthazar, Keith McNally, publicly banned James Corden while posting about his repeated harassment and belligerence towards the restaurant staff. But now it’s over! James called Keith to salvage his public reputation before he could get fully Ellen DeGeneres-ed. James “profusely apologized” to Keith, and now he’s welcome to terrorize the Balthazar staff once again!

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Brian Austin Green Tore Into His Ex, Vanessa Marcil, Over Things She Alleged About Custody Of Their Son

October 14, 2022 / Posted by:

When Brian Austin Green isn’t appearing on “where careers go to die” shows like The Masked Singer and Dancing With The Stars, he’s keeping his name in the press with orchestrated pap shoots to announce a new child or messily airing out his issues with the mothers of his other children. This time, it’s his ex, Vanessa Marcil’s turn, with whom he shares a grown-ass son.

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An Australian Actress Who Had Been Reported Missing Was Actually In Jail After Being Busted For Public Intoxication And Resisting Arrest

August 17, 2022 / Posted by:

Most of us have had a night out where we’ve gotten more turned up than we’d have liked (and may even have been asked to leave), but it takes a special kind of messiness to get so turnt that your family thinks you’ve gone missing. E! News reported that Laura McCulloch, an Australian native living in LA to pursue her acting career, hadn’t contacted her family since August 12. After a search party formed, she turned up–in jail–after a night of obnoxious debauchery.

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Kehlani Trended On Twitter After Conservative Influencer Christian Walker Posted A Video Of Their Altercation In A Starbucks Drive-Thru

July 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Don’t call staunch Donald Trump defender, self-proclaimed Christian “conservative-populist,” “free-speech radicalist,” and internet “personality” (emphasis mine) Christian Walker gay, because even though he’s attracted to men, he’s not into labels and refuses to “identify with the rainbow cult.” So yeah, he sounds like an asshole but don’t call him that either, as singer Kehlani did when she warned the workers at a Starbucks drive-thru that Christian was behind them, becoming apoplectic over seeing Pride flags in July. In what was THEE story of the day yesterday, Christian posted a video of himself getting out of his car to berate a spectacularly unbothered Kehlani for warning employees that Christian was a known asshole and that it looked like he was about to start some shit judging by what she could see in their rearview mirror of him plotzing and frothing at the mouth while recording on his phone.

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The Uber Eats Driver Snoop Dogg Complained About May File A Lawsuit Against Him

February 28, 2022 / Posted by:

What’s more gangster than being a multi-millionaire rapper who’s been tapped to half-heartedly crip walk, while high off their ass, on America’s biggest stage, earning millions of additional dollars, and puts a vulnerable, poorly paid gig worker on blast to their millions of Instagram followers because their late-night munchies didn’t arrive in a timely manner? It’s a riddle as American as a McDonald’s Apple Pie that’s been sitting under the heat lamp for too long which, ironically, was probably part of Snoop Dogg’s missing Uber Eats order from January. And the answer to that riddle is Sayd. That’s right, Sayd, the Uber Eats driver who is planning to file a lawsuit against Snoop for sharing his personal information and photo on Instagram to Snoop’s 70 million followers, is more gangster than Snoop. Snoop’s a punk.

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