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Vanessa Marcil Dragged Her Ex Brian Austin Green While Defending His Ex, Megan Fox

September 14, 2020 / Posted by:

Brian Austin Green revealed back in May that he and Megan Fox had really called it quits again, and Megan proved she’s over over her marriage to Brian by quickly getting with Machine Gun Kelly. Megan seems to be having a good time with Mr. Gun Kelly, which absolutely serves her caterpillar-like transformation into a woman who feels empowered to do what she wants. In a juicy twist, one person who is loudly cheering, “Yes, girl, live your life!” from the sidelines is Brian’s former fiancée Vanessa Marcil.

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Vanessa Marcil Says That Her Son Has Seen Brian Austin Green Throughout The Years, But Not Much 

November 14, 2018 / Posted by:

The TV network reboot of Brangelina’s shit show of a custody fight was brought to us by Vanessa Marcil (of General Hospital and Beverly Hills, 90210) a couple of days ago when she publicly dragged Brian Austin Green, the father of her 16-year-old son Kassius, for putting her through custody battle hell and for not spending any time with their son in 5 years. Vanessa painted BAG and his wife Megan Fox as diabolical demons who spent 8+ years trying to get full custody of Kassius (with Vanessa paying child support). When their plan failed for good 5 years ago, BAG cut off Kassius and they’ve only seen each other in passing. That’s what Vanessa claimed. Some of us played Oprah’s SoWhatIsTheTruth.GIF in our brains over Vanessa’s claims, because BAG and Kassius were photographed together in Mexico last year, and BAG has posted about Kassius on his Instagram. But Vanessa is now here to tell us that yes, BAG and Kassius were in Mexico at the same time, but it was some sponsored shit, and yes, BAG has been to a school play, but other than that, his relationship with his son is as dead as the feeling in Megan Fox’s current face.

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Gina Kincaid Claims That David Silver Is A Bad Dad

November 13, 2018 / Posted by:

For those of you who don’t have your Bachelor’s in Beverly Hills, 90210, let me translate that title into words you’ll understand: Vanessa Marcil Claims That Brian Austin Green Is A Bad Dad.

Vanessa Marcel (that’s Brenda Barrett to those of you who watched General Hospital and Gina to those of you who watched Beverly Hills, 90210) and Brian Austin Green (David Silver from 90210) dated and made a son, named Kassius Lijah, together in 2002. Two years later, BAG took his Pringles can dick over to Megan Fox, and the two have three sons together: 6-year-old Noah Shannon, 4-year-old Bodhi Ransom, and 2-year-old Journey River. I guess that throughout the years, Vanessa, BAG, and Megan have been involved in a flaming shit pile of a custody fight that would make Brangelina proud. Vanessa decided to air the details of all of that recently, claiming that for years, BAG and Megan were trying to get full custody of Kassius who is 16 now. When they failed at doing that, they completely cut Kassius out of their lives 5 years ago, and he hasn’t spent any real time with his dad and has never met Journey River. But wait, there’s pictures from last year of BAG and Kassius at resort in Mexico together. So what is the truth, Gina Kincaid (or again, Brenda Barrett if you’re a GHer)!

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