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Kate Gosselin Showed Up At Hannah And Collin Gosselin’s High School Graduation, But “Coldly Snubbed” Collin

June 8, 2023 / Posted by:

The Gosselins may not be as insidious as that other TLC family with more kids than sense. Still, Jon and Kate’sfighting at the dentist” messy 14-year divorce and subsequent handling of matters involving their eight kids has been a never-ending dumbwaiter of despicability. Kate ended up with custody of their twins (Mady and Cara, 22) and four of their 19-year-old sextuplets (Alexis, Leah, Aaden, and Joel); Jon ended up with the two remaining sextuplets (Hannah and Collin), and opposing teams seemed to form. And in a recent Bond villain-level move, Kate allegedly showed up at Hannah and Collin’s high school graduation a few days ago, didn’t even clap when they were handed their diplomas, and then totally shunned Collin while fawning over and taking pictures with Hannah, with whom she’s said to have reconciled. 

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Jon Gosselin Claims That Kate Gosselin Stole $100,000 From Their Kids In 2019; Kate Says That She Was Just Borrowing It, But Still Hasn’t Paid It Back

August 19, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been well over a decade since the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 was on the air, and their twins and sextuplets are all grown, so I was sure that Kate Gosselin’scombusted possum who wants to speak to the manager haircut” would fade out along with their time in the spotlight, but I still get stuck in the customer service line behind an exploding head who wants to burn the Wal-Mart to the fucking ground every now and then, and they continue to hate each other with such a fiery passion that a flickering ember on the Gosselin wick still burns. The Sun revealed that back in 2019, Jon Gosselin took Kate to court when he noticed that $100,000 was missing from the accounts of two of their 18-year-old sextuplets who defected from Kate to live with Jon: Hannah and Collin. The six who remained with Kate are the rest of the sextuplets: Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah, and twins Mady and Cara (21). Kate admitted that she withdrew the funds, but was just borrowing the money “to survive.” However, she has yet to repay them, and it’s unclear if she took even more than that amount since the other six children (and their fat bank accounts) were under her care.

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Jon Gosselin Was Hospitalized After A Venomous Spider Bite

November 29, 2021 / Posted by:

Things haven’t been going so well for ol’ Jon Gosselin. In 2020, his son Collin accused him of punching and kicking him (Child & Youth Services said these allegations were “unfounded”). In January, he was hospitalized for coronavirus and his longtime girlfriend Colleen Conrad got breast cancer. Then the couple split up in August. And just when the 44-year-old was getting back into DJ-ing and “single life,” a venomous Brown Recluse spider bit his leg while he was sleeping. Jon had to be hospitalized! The spider is still on the run, but she left a very clear message on her web: “SALUTATIONS FROM KATE GOSSELIN.”

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Jon Gosselin Has Been Accused Of Physically Abusing His Son Collin, And Now There’s An Investigation

September 10, 2020 / Posted by:

Some things never change like Justin Bieber’s chonies, Kanye West’s level of delusion, and Jon and Kate Gosselin’s shitty relationship and parental skills. The year is 2020 and the Gosselins are still in the “news,” and you’d think that because Kate Gosselin is the Karen prototype, she’d be in the news for gnawing off a manager’s jaw at Wegmans after she got shit for not wearing a mask. But they’re back in the news because Jon has been accused of getting violent with their 16-year-old son Collin, and Kate wants Jon to suffer a bigger punishment than, well, than being Jon Gosselin.

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Jon Gosselin Says He Nearly Went Bankrupt Trying To Keep His Kids Off TV

November 18, 2019 / Posted by:

Well, it was nice while it lasted. We had 10 entire years during which Jon Gosselin was forced to find a revenue stream that didn’t include publicly talking shit about the mother of his children, Kate Gosselin. But since the gag order that was barring him from doing so was lifted back in September, Jon can put away his tear-away stripper pants for good. According to People, Jon appears on today’s episode of The Dr. Oz Show, claiming he’s “pretty much bankrupted” himself “fighting to get his kids off TV forever”. Apparently talking about them on Dr. Oz does not count.

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Jon Gosselin Says That Kate Gosselin Pretty Much “Caged” Their Son Collin For Three Years 

September 19, 2019 / Posted by:

Last December, Jon Gosselin won sole custody of his son Collin because Kate Gosselin didn’t show up to court  and not much has been said since then. Well, a 10 year gag order has expired, and Jon is letting it all out, accusing Kate of harsher abuse than what we witnessed on their reality show. Jon alleges that Kate sent Collin, now 15 years old, away to a special needs school in Philadelphia (even though he only suffers from ADHD), that she never told him where Collin was, and that Collin was basically caged for 3 years. Jon went all the way off on the original “I need to speak to the manager!!!” poster mess, and it gets dark, even for the Gosselins.

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