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Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski Said Everything By Saying Practically Nothing During Kamila Valieva’s Olympic Routine

February 16, 2022 / Posted by:

The 2022 Winter Olympics are currently popping off in Beijing, and one of the hot topics is a 15-year-old figure skater from Russia named Kamila Valieva. Kamila tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and is still being allowed to compete. NBC commentators, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski may not be able to do anything about this clear lapse in judgment from the Olympics people, but they can show their disdain by turning their colorful commentary down to a Zero and then saying Kamila shouldn’t be there.

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Open Post: Hosted By Johnny Weir Dragging Someone For Mocking His Olympics Closing Ceremony Look

August 9, 2021 / Posted by:

As a figure skater, Johnny Weir not only does Johnny bring athleticism, grace, and strength to the arena, but he brings PAGEANTRY, HONEY! And with the 2020 Summer Olympics coming to an end, Johnny brought his signature glamour to the closing ceremonies. And of course, he shone brighter than the Olympic flame itself! His poise and glamor were too much for one hater, Jenna Ellis–who was one of the lawyers working for Donald Trump to push his election fraud conspiracy lies. Jenna may crave “Biblical masculinity” but what she got was a reading from the Book Of Weir, who told her in way too kind terms to fuck off.

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The Cast Of The 29th Season Of “Dancing With The Stars” Has Been Announced, And Yes, Carole Baskin Is In It 

September 2, 2020 / Posted by:

Dancing With The Stars officially announced the cast of its 29th season on Good Morning America today. We already heard that tiger savior and possible husband murderer Carole Baskin and Anne Heche were going to risk breaking their bones for a check, and joining them and the rest of the cast will be Nev Schulman of MTV’s Catfish and Jesse Metcalf, the big-tittied gardener from Desperate Housewives.

The new season starts on September 14th and if the promos are any indication this cast reveal doesn’t even matter because this show is going to be all about new host and executive producer, Tyra Banks. Well, we’ve known for quite some time that much like the Borg, Tyra likes to insert herself places and take the fuck over.

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Johnny Weir Responded To Adam Rippon, Adam Rippon Responded To Reese Witherspoon

March 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Adam Rippon may have become the star of the 2018 Winter Olympics and been named HSOTD for the little “hold me daddy” harness he wore to the Oscars, but if he thinks he can come for Johnny Weir, the one and only Ice Queen that counts (no Elsa, take a seat dear. This competition is not for you until you come out), he’s got another thing coming.

When Adam appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and insinuated that Johnny is jealous of his boogie, Johnny #tooktotwitter and opened up an entire can of… mature response and genuine encouragement? Damn, son! Shit just got Weir-ed!

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Adam Rippon Thinks There’s A Chance That Johnny Weir Is Jealous Of Him 

March 7, 2018 / Posted by:

What the 2018 Winter Olympics was really missing (besides Steve Langton pulling a Pita Taufatofua by showing up topless, oiled-up and ready to go at the closing ceremonies) was 28-year-old Adam Rippon and 33-year-old Johnny Weir skating hand-in-hand onto the ice in matching sequined catsuits and twirling in unison to an acoustic, haunting version of Lindsay Lohan’s Rumors as a response to Page Six saying that Johnny is the Cristal Connors to Adam’s Nomi Malone. But Adam and Johnny never dropped a load of glittery shit onto that rumor, and that could be because there was some truth to it.

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Open Post: Hosted By Johnny Weir Giving Us Gaga

February 10, 2018 / Posted by:

While watching dramatic ice-skating swan and proud Little Monster Johnny Weir showing Lady Gaga how Lady Gaga is really done on Lip Sync Battle, it might occur to you that THIS is what he’s wanted to do all along.

Never mind Olympic medals and judge’s scores. THIS is the moment for which Johnny Weir was hatched out of his Faberge egg! Lip-synching in drag! Johnny should leave judging those boring ice dancers to the lessers. He needs to take the stage at your local drag bar. He needs to become a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race and make those girls gag in unison over his fire. This isn’t just Gaga fish he’s giving us, it’s Gaga MERMAID.

Pic: YouTube


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