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Kid Rock Released A New Song About How Much He Hates Millennials

November 21, 2021 / Posted by:

50-year-old Kid Rock doesn’t appear to like millennials. Presumably, the feeling is mutual. However, millennials don’t have the cash to gather a team of songwriters and professionally produce a single targeting their dislike of the aging “musician.” But Kid Rock surely does! The self-proclaimed American Badass took time out of his busy schedule of dishing out homophobic slurs and going on drunken rants against Oprah to unveil his latest song “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” which takes aim at “snowflakes” and “offended millennials.” The biggest surprise here is that Kid Rock is still somehow releasing music.

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Six People, Including An Instagram Model, Were Arrested For Changing The Hollywood Sign To “Hollyboob”

February 2, 2021 / Posted by:

TMZ says that six people, including “social media modelJulia Rose, got arrested for vandalizing the Hollywood sign. But they claim they did it for a good cause. And yes, to an Instagram model a good cause is getting as much attention as possible. But Julia, who is a noted Stunt Titty Queen claims she did it for breast cancer awareness. Boobs everywhere are probably side-eyeing her for that one.  Continue reading

Rapper Nuke Bizzle Was Charged For Scamming The Government After Releasing A Song About It Called “EDD”

October 20, 2020 / Posted by:

Today in “dumbasses,” a rapper by the name of Fontrell Antonio Baines, AKA Nuke Bizzle, nuked his whole life by releasing a song all about how he was scamming the California government’s Employment Development Department. He was arrested by the feds and is facing fraud charges. See this is exactly why the Zodiac Killer did not release that song called: “I’m Ted Cruz,” it would have given him away.

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A Gender Reveal Party Struck Again

September 8, 2020 / Posted by:

CNN says that the El Dorado fires in San Bernardino County in Southern California have now scorched more than 10,574 acres of land since Saturday and is 16% contained. Luckily this fire was started for a very good reason: Someone needed to reveal their new baby’s gender! Sadly, and not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that a fire broke out over some idiot wanting to let people know what kind of genitals their newborn kid will have.

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YouTuber Jackass Jake Paul Had A Massive Party As California Coronavirus Cases Continue To Rise

July 16, 2020 / Posted by:

23-year-old Jake Paul strikes again. This idiot has had a fake wedding, which ended in a fake fight, filmed himself driving blindfolded, and was accused of using the Black Lives Matter protests to loot. And this jag-hole has hit the controversy circuit once more. This time for throwing a huge party at his Calabasas, CA mansion on Saturday as coronavirus cases in Southern California spike. A rich douche who constantly causes public disturbances and never faces real repercussions continues to be reckless and stupid?! I am bewildered!

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