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Logan Paul Claims He Lost $3.5 Million After Getting Scammed By Some Fake Pokémon Cards

January 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Raging and cackling at the news that Logan Paul is ALLEGEDLY out $3.5 million dollars after Kotaku says he was bamboozled by some fake Pokémon cards. The fact he has disposable income like that is… too much. Pokémon cards can get expensive for rare ones and a few years ago, one Charizard card sold for almost half a million dollars. Welp, sadly Logan needs a better authenticator, or maybe a few more brain cells to tell him not to spend his whole Floyd Mayweather fight check on these fake ass Pokémon cards because as he opens the box for his YouTube viewers, he reveals he bought a box of G.I. Joe cards instead. Wow, not even Digimon? A total swindle!

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Mike Tyson Is Willing To Fight Logan Paul Because It’d Bring In Tons Of Money

October 2, 2021 / Posted by:

Even after all this time Mike Tyson is still one scary dude, I would never want to encounter in or outside the ring. We can talk as much shit as we want about his light voice but the fact of the matter is that Mike Tyson can, and will, still knock you the fuck out. Now, with that said, Mike still enjoys a little light footwork for a check every now and then, as he exhibited last year when he ran Roy Jones Jr around the ring like a Pomeranian at a dog show.  So in the spirit of keeping the real-life Celebrity Deathmatch action going, Mike has admitted that he would GLADLY fight entitled douchebag Logan Paul because it would bring in $100 million.

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The Only Winner Of The Logan Paul V. Floyd Mayweather Fight Was Both Of Their Bank Accounts

June 7, 2021 / Posted by:

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match happened last night in Miami and as expected my assumptions were proven correct and this whole shenanigan was about two things: Money and Attention. 44-year-old Floyd, an undefeated, seasoned, retired fighter, did not knock out 26-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul, and Logan certainly didn’t even come close to doing the same to Floyd. So nobody won, and these two lasted the full eight rounds of fighting, creating a scene so attention-seeking and stupid that the crowd was literally booing them by the end of it. A practice I think maybe society should take on outside of just when these two are fighting each other. Just boo them all the time.

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Puerto Rico Is Investigating YouTube Cretin Jake Paul For Possibly Endangering Local Turtles

May 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Throbbing pustule of flaming, fecal ooze sputtering from Satan’s sigmoid colon, 24-year-old professional YouTube famewhore Jake Paul, younger brother of equally douchebagging wad of excrement Logan Paul, took a few rare moments from his busy schedule of attempting to build a boxing career (his face is punchable enough for this to work) to take his signature asshole act to Puerto Rico and terrorize the innocent wildlife, because sometimes putting humans in danger just isn’t enough.

I shouldn’t be such a hater, because what else was he supposed to do, since the evil, villainous FBI swooped in and seized all his guns, putting a Gorilla-glued butt plug into what could have been a brilliant, DIY sniper career? (He wishes.)

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Jake Paul Snatched Floyd Mayweather’s Hat Triggering A Brawl At His Brother Logan Paul’s Press Event

May 7, 2021 / Posted by:

26-year-old YouTube douche-bro, Logan Paul, is set to fight 44-year-old actual boxer and undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather, on June 6. Clearly, such an activity is a  profit-driven publicity stunt, because who the shit wants to see that in any sort of real fighting-quality comparison? And so when there was a press event about it, shit got messy. How messy? Well, 24-year-old Jake Paul was there too and so that compounds the Paul-family chaos, and since he’s the younger brother he has even less impulse-control than Logan and he went ahead and snatched Floyd’s hat off his head at one point, triggering a brawl. At least that’s what these stunt queens want us to think. I smell a stunt, a plot, a ruse, and a charade. And with a large dash of doucheness.

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Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Are Going To Fight This Summer

April 28, 2021 / Posted by:

44-year-old Floyd Mayweather is a retired career fighter with a 50-0 win/loss record. 26-year-old Logan Paul is a retired(?) YouTuber who is now trying to be a boxer and has a 0-1 record. The only thing Logan can fight successfully is an already dead rat. And buckle up because these two knuckleheads are about to beat each other up in a pay-per-view fight in Miami. Anyone wanna bet who’s gonna win?

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