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Chrissy Teigen Brushed Off The Rumor That She’s Doing An Interview With Oprah Winfrey

June 22, 2021 / Posted by:

Chrissy Teigen’s career has been in a less-than-ideal place over the past month or so. Cyberbullying a teenage Courtney Stodden might have been fun for Chrissy back in 2011, but it’s not in 2021. Chrissy has seen her cookware line dropped by Macy’s, Target, and Bloomingdales. She’s also lost a voice-over gig on Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, and stepped away from her recently-launched cleaning product company with Kris Jenner. There was a rumor that Chrissy was trying to orchestrate the damage control move to end all damage control stunts, by sitting down for a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey. That would make the most sense, because really, how many more long-ass apologies can you post to But when Chrissy was recently asked about that alleged Oprah interview, she didn’t have much to add besides an awkwardly vague giggle.

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Now Chrissy Teigen Has Lost A Voiceover Job

June 5, 2021 / Posted by:

Since no one really wants to hear, let alone pay for, anything that rage-barfs from Chrissy Teigen’s mouth, the latest income stream to go full “quit that bitch” on the professional mean girl and part-time Twitter flouncer is Netflix’s comedy series, Never Have I Ever.

This latest loss joins the sad pile of dusty cookware boxes evicted by Target, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s, so hopefully, one of the saucepans will hop out of the box and whip up something comforting (and hopefully not plagiarized) from Chrissy’s cookbook to ease the sting of rejection. Who could have seen this cascade of consequences coming back in 2011, when Chrissy, the self-described “insecure, attention-seeking troll,” wished death upon then 16-year-old Courtney Stodden?

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Courtney Stodden Got Engaged

June 1, 2021 / Posted by:

Man oh man, Courtney Stodden has accomplished a lot the last few weeks! Not only did 26-year-old Courtney destroy Chrissy Tiegen’s career, but they also got engaged to their on-again/off-again boyfriend Chris Sheng. Chris is 41 years old and works as a producer. The couple started dating back in 2017 when Courtney was splitting up with their pervert ex-husband Doug Hutchison. Chris asked Courtney to marry him last Friday during a romantic candlelit dinner. Two days later Courtney announced the big news on Instagram and showed off their massive diamond ring, which they say “made me gag.” Well, you’re not supposed to swallow it, Court!

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You Won’t Be Able To Find Chrissy Teigen’s Cookware Line At Bloomingdale’s Either

May 19, 2021 / Posted by:

We recently learned that both Macy’s and Target are no longer be carrying Chrissy Teigen’s cookware line, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. So wherever does a person go if they want to drop $320 on a 12-piece set of pots and pans with Chrissy’s name and face slapped across the box? Not Bloomingdale’s, that’s for sure. Because according to Page Six, Chrissy was just about to announce a brand partnership with Bloomingdale’s, but at the very last moment, they pulled out of the deal. Hmmm…I wonder what suddenly changed their minds?

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Macy’s And Target Drop Chrissy Teigen’s Cookware Line And Courtney Stodden Says They Still Haven’t Received A Personal Apology

May 17, 2021 / Posted by:

Last week Courtney Stodden called out Chrissy Teigen for bullying them on Twitter when they were just 16 years old. Courtney says Chrissy (then in her mid-twenties) would DM them fucked up stuff like, “I can’t wait for you to die” and encourage them to kill themselves. Chrissy responded to the allegations on Twitter (returning to the scene of the crime!), publicly apologized to Courtney, and admitted she used to be an “insecure, attention-seeking troll.” Chrissy claimed she tried to connect with Courtney privately, but Courtney Instagrammed that they were still blocked by Chrissy on Twitter, and hadn’t received any kind of private apology. In an on-the-street video filmed Friday, Courtney claimed Chrissy still hasn’t reached out, and that shows her apology wasn’t sincere.

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Chrissy Teigen Is Sorry For Twitter Bullying Courtney Stodden

May 13, 2021 / Posted by:

When Chrissy Teigen returned to Twitter last month after a remarkable 22-day hiatus, she stated she was coming back because it felt terrible to silence herself, and that she wanted to take the bad with the good. Chrissy was probably hoping for more good vibes than bad, but that wasn’t what fate had in store. Because Chrissy was recently reminded yet again that Courtney Stodden also isn’t willing to stay silent on the topic of how Chrissy used to relentlessly Twitter bully Courtney back in the day. Courtney recently accused Chrissy of sending them DMs that read, “I can’t wait for you to die.” Courtney never got a public or private apology from Chrissy. Chrissy clearly noticed that she had started trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons again, and so she took a moment to publicly acknowledge the awful shit she has typed to Courtney Stodden. But, Courtney might not be so sold on Chrissy’s sincerity.

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