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Selena Gomez Commented On A TikTok About Her Being “Always Skinny” When She And Justin Bieber Were Together

December 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Despite Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber quitting each other’s dysfunctional asses ages ago, controversy still continues to break out on account of “Jelena.” This time, five whole years after the breakup, someone made a TikTok about why Selena was “always skinny” when she was with Justin. And according to the video, no, the reasoning wasn’t because Hollywood is a toxic superficial cesspool, or because she was literally a teenager back then, or because it’s her body and she wanted to be, or because she was suffering from multiple illnesses that resulted in needing an eventual (now contentious) donated kidney from her (ex?) friend or all of the above–but because Selena left one comment on Instagram a while back that Justin would “rather models,” and she’s “too normal.”  And either Selena agrees that Justin was the reason or is annoyed at the TikToker for implying he was or for making a TikTok about her weight at all because she left an ambiguous sad face emoji in the comment section of the video, and now everyone’s even more confused than before.

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Jessica Simpson Used The Gift Of Song To Hit Back At Those Who Were Concerned About Her Behavior And Appearance In A Pottery Barn Ad

November 7, 2022 / Posted by:

For pretty much all of Jessica Simpson’s storied career, people have had a lot to say about her body, whether it was Jessica’s toned Daisy Duke legs, Met Gala Chestica, or her tragic chili-cookoff high-waisted jeans. And though her time spent in the spotlight has dwindled now that she can just sit around and count her fashion line money, not much about the way people dissect her looks has changed; because a couple of days ago, Jessica appeared in a Pottery Barn Instagram ad video and commenters expressed shock and snark at her thin frame and slow drawl.

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Whoopi Goldberg Responded To A Movie Critic Who Said Her “Till” Fat Suit Was “Distracting” By Clarifying That She Wasn’t Wearing One

October 4, 2022 / Posted by:

These days, it seems like Whoopi Goldberg’s full job description at The View consists of saying something truly ignorant (like this) or saying something true, but considered mildly contentious (re: Lindsey Graham), and then having to backpedal or explain herself; keeping people guessing about whether or not she actually just farted on air; OR having to stay cool, calm, and collected while addressing people’s blunt critiques and questions about her physical appearance. First, there was that time when Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran basically called her a fat ass right to her face on the show. Then, Whoopi explained to the panel why she doesn’t rock eyebrows. And now, Whoopi had to clear up a comment by a movie reviewer that her “fat suit” was “distracting” even though she wasn’t wearing one in the new movie Till, which she appears in and produced.

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Christina Aguilera Unfollowed Britney Spears On Instagram After Britney Body-Shamed Christina And Her Dancers In An Instagram Post (UPDATE)

September 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Britney Spears should be joyfully celebrating the success of her and Elton John’s recent Hold Me Closer collab after she’s spent years away from music or maybe enjoying her and Sam Asghari’s honeymoon phase; but instead, she’s been shooting off her angry Instagram fingers and pushing people further away in scorched-earth fashion. First, she gave her son, Jayden James Federline, an Insta-whooping after his tell-all interview. And now, according to Page Six, she’s facing backlash and possibly reigniting an old rumored feud with Christina Aguilera by taking to Instagram yesterday to imply that Christina had “fat” backup dancers so she would look smaller by comparison on stage. Understandably, Xtina reportedly slapped that unfollow button without hesitation.

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Melanie Lynskey Talked About Body Shaming And Dieting While Making “Coyote Ugly”

August 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Showtime’s teen cannibal show, Yellowjackets, is up for seven Emmys, including acting nominations for Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci. Recently, Melanie, Christina, Tawny Cypress and Juliette Lewis sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and discussed the show and their long careers in the biz. Melanie talked about playing Piper Perabo’s “best friend from Jersey” in Coyote Ugly (2000), and reveals that the experience was full of body shaming and unhealthy diet regimens. Makes sense, cuz wasn’t Tyra Banks also in that?

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Melanie Lynskey Got Body-Shamed By A Crew Member On “Yellowjackets”

January 17, 2022 / Posted by:

Melanie Lynskey currently stars as stay-at-home mom/bunny-killer Shauna on Yellowjackets.  And in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Melanie discusses how Hollywood fucked with her confidence cuz she was never viewed as “beautiful”. 44-year-old Melanie recounts a recent incident in which a member of the Yellowjackets production team commented on her body. She says they asked her, “What do you plan to do? I’m sure the producers will get you a trainer. They’d love to help you with this.” Urge to kill… rising…

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