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Matt Lauer Debuted A Tattoo About “Hatred” After He Tried Dragging Ronan Farrow’s Reporting Of Him

May 21, 2020 / Posted by:

62-year-old Matt Lauer decided to go out and get himself some ink. No, he didn’t decide to have a rare moment of self-awareness and get BEWARE OF THE SMUG DOUCHE inked onto his forehead. Instead, he got an arm tattoo of a quote about “hatred.” The tattoo made its appearance after Mediaite published an op-ed that Matt shit out about his apparent nemesis, Ronan Farrow.

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Ann Curry Could “Destroy” Matt Lauer If She Chooses To Talk

October 17, 2019 / Posted by:

Since getting fired from Today for allegedly terrorizing the women of NBC News with his paws, sex toys, and dick, Matt Lauer’s wife divorced him, and he probably thought that was his rock bottom (a rock bottom covered with the millions he made from NBC News over the year) even though he’s escaped prison. But no. Much like his hairline, things got a lot worse for him. In Ronan Farrow’s book Catch and Kill, former NBC News employee Brooke Nevils accused Matt of rape, and other stories are coming out. Brooke has publicly thanked Meredith Vieria for her support and encouraging Brooke to go to HR.

But there is someone who probably has a lot of shitty stories about Matt and that’s Ann Curry. Ann Curry showed support to Brooke Nevils but has remained relatively silent about Matt’s disgusting fall from grace. Well, sources are telling Us Weekly that Ann knows a lot more than she’s letting on and if she opens up, it could destroy Matt.

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Matt Lauer Allegedly Had An Affair With An NBC Broadcaster And Abused His Power With Another

October 16, 2019 / Posted by:

I didn’t pick this picture of the TODAY show team with any specific implication in mind. I simply chose an old picture from about ten years ago, because we’re about to dive into some older allegations about Matt Lauer. Ronan Farrow’s book, Catch and Kill, continues to give us more icky stories. These latest ones don’t have any allegations of rape, but they do have Matt allegedly getting with a co-worker, allegedly treating a co-worker like a “piece of meat” before pushing them out, and allegedly trying to get a job for Pippa Middleton.

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Matt Lauer Will Give His Soon To Be Ex-Wife $20 Million

August 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Poor Matt Lauer has had a rough few months. First he got fired from Today in November for being an alleged sexual harassing creep, and then he had to deal with his wife Annette Roque filing for divorce since you can’t flash your co-workers and gift them butt plugs without your wife getting a lil’ angry. The divorce got heated fast since everybody loves a payout, except for the one doing the paying. But according to Page Six, it looks like the fight is nearly over and Annette is packing a bag and taking it to the bank.

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Matt Lauer Talks About Getting Fired From NBC

April 27, 2018 / Posted by:

After five short months in hiding, Matt Lauer is back to talk about allegations of sexual harassment that got him canned from the Today. His first comments didn’t come via a tone-deaf interview with Charlie Rose, but in a piece by The Washington Post. Lest you think it’s a puff piece to fluff up Matt Lauer’s already-too-bloated ego, there are some comments by several anonymous sources and Ann Curry that imply things were rotten at NBC for a while.

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Ann Curry Wasn’t Feeling Megyn Kelly’s Response To Jane Fonda

January 24, 2018 / Posted by:

On Monday, Megyn Kelly used her time on Megyn Kelly TODAY to slap back at Jane Fonda. Jane has been scratching at Megyn ever since Megyn asked her about her plastic surgeries during an interview in September. Megyn probably high-fived herself in the mirror after her Jane takedown, but not everyone thinks what Megyn did was totally badass. Specifically, former TODAY co-anchor Ann Curry.

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