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Thankfully, There’s No Roger Ailes In The Teaser Trailer For “Bombshell”

August 21, 2019 / Posted by:

The teaser trailer for the other Roger Ailes movie dropped today, and this is the one where John Lithgow slips into creep mode to play Roger during the 2016 Fox News sexual assault scandal. So for those that saw the word Bombshell and thought that Julia Houston finally got her Marilyn Monroe musical made, I’m sorry to get your hopes up.

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Megyn Kelly And NBC Finally Settled, And She’s Getting All Her Money

January 12, 2019 / Posted by:

CNN reports that awkward glacier Megyn Kelly and her former employer NBC are officially over and out. Megyn is said to be leaving 30 Rockefeller Plaza with the remainder of her contract intact. This means that she’s ice skating away with a sum total of $69 million (it just HAD to be 69, dammit). Yes, the racially tone-deaf news anchoress and morning talk show bombmaker definitely #gotmoneybitch. Seeing as the rest of us only receive a sad pittance of a severance that’s barely enough to fund the after-dismissal drinking and an escort out the door by an uncomfortable-looking security guard when we’re fired, it’s ok to feel salty, friends.

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Megyn Kelly Is Still Negotiating With NBC News

December 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Christmas purist Megyn Kelly is still haggling with NBC News over how the rest of her contract is going to play out. As you may remember, great white hope Megyn thought it was prudent to publicly inquire as to why blackface was frowned upon in 2018. So NBC News jettisoned her.

The Blast reports that Megyn wants to take the money and get back to work. And NBC News wants to cash her out in installments so she won’t violate any nondisclosure agreements. What the hell is she going to disclose? That NBC News has shitty taste in anchors? We knew that.

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NBC News Will Reportedly Pay Megyn Kelly $30 Million To Go Away Forever

November 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Megyn Kelly is about to get the belated birthday present I’ve been waiting my whole life for (her birthday was on Sunday, she spent it with Fox and Friends host Janice Dean). Comcast, NBC’s parent company, is getting ready to hand her a check for $30 million for being an insufferable twat. I’m an insufferable twat, where’s my money? Page Six says she will likely be paid the full amount of what remains on the $69 million dollar contract she signed in 2017. What’s more, Megyn’s probably got another job lined up already.

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Jane Fonda Feels Bad That “Megyn Kelly Today” Was Cancelled

November 2, 2018 / Posted by:

When it was revealed that Megyn Kelly would no longer be haunting the 3rd hour of the Today show, I pictured how Jane “We Really Want To Talk About That Now?” Fonda responded to the news. Is there a word for a joy so dangerously intense it risks blowing your head clean off your neck? Even if there is,that’s not what Jane Fonda was feeling.

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Al Roker Defended Himself Against Cries Of Hypocrisy For His “Today” Costume

November 1, 2018 / Posted by:

As we saw yesterday, the Today show team dressed in an 80s theme with Al Roker donning a Dollar Store fright wig to portray Doc Brown (of the irony) from Back To The Future. Because we’re living in the upside down where grown men and women pretend to be dumber than a box of rocks (or in some cases just are), some folks cried that Al’s costume was racist. Le sigh. Yes, we are really still doing this. In response to the online criticism, Al #tooktotwitter to defend his right to play a character who was played by a white man in a movie about a time traveling car that runs on garbage.

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