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Snooty Boston Country Club Finally Admits Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

July 17, 2017 / Posted by:

The Boston YMCA can rest easy tonight: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s names will no longer be stinking up the wait-list to use the NordicTrack after work, because the Boston Globe reports their application to join the (*cue Robin Leach voice*) verrrrry exclusive and verrrry Brahmin The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, MA has been accepted.

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At Least Someone Did Herself Up In The Theme! 

May 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Every year, there’s always a giant chunk of celebrities at the Met Gala who completely wet fart on the theme and go with their own, which is usually: Rejected Dresses Leftover From Awards Season. Even Anna Wintour showed up to this year’s Met Gala in some dusty dress that Carol Channing definitely wore a million times better in the 1960s (see: Anna Wintour in the gallery below looking like a sad lamp from Liberace’s least favorite guest room). While watching the Vogue live feed of the Met Gala last night, some bland, I forgot who, said something about how she wanted to be comfortable. Bitch, if you want to be comfortable, stay at home in your sweats and t-shirt and watch the live feed while sitting on your futon like the rest of us do! You’re doing the Met Gala completely wrong if it doesn’t take six assistants, a registered nurse, a long plastic hose, a thing of KY and a janitor with a mop to help you piss.

But in last night’s sea of basic (see: the sea of basic in the gallery after the cut), there were a few bright spots of fuckery who actually paid attention in class when the theme was given. Enter: RiRi!

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Gisele Bundchen Says Tom Brady Is Not Allowed To Talk Politics Anymore

November 10, 2016 / Posted by:

On election eve, Donald Trump bragged at a rally in New Hampshire that his “great friendTom Brady voted for him. This was news to Tom, who claimed he hadn’t voted yet. When asked on social media if she and her husband were Team Trump, Gisele Bundchen responded with a loud “NO.” Things at the Bundchen-Brady home must have been a really awkward during their usual dinner of blanched celery leaves that night, because Tom says he’s not allowed to talk about politics anymore. Politics, please take your place with sugar, coffee, strawberries, and everything else that’s not allowed anywhere near Tom Brady’s mouth.

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Jabba The Trump Bragged About Tom Brady Voting Him, But Gisele Bundchen Says Otherwise

November 8, 2016 / Posted by:

On Erection Eve – That was a typo and I’m going to keep it, even though it makes no sense since this caca storm of an election has been the complete opposite of sexy and nobody’s got a boner. Well, Ken Bone may have a boner since that trick is always horny.

But anyway, on Election Eve, the mutated Oompa Loompa gooch wart was at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire where he said that Tom Brady voted for him. It wouldn’t be that surprising if Tom voted for Trump, because they are bro-friends (see: them in the picture above looking like conjoined twins from HELL) and he did have a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker room. But in Tom’s defense, he may not have not know what that hat meant since he can’t read. Tom also said last year that he thinks Trump has what it takes to be president.

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Even Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen’s Kids Hate Sugar

November 4, 2016 / Posted by:

It’s been a little over three days since the Super Bowl of CANDY (aka Halloween) happened, and I’m sure that the candy stashes of many kids are filled with nothing but toothpaste, wrapped apple slices, candy corn, Tootsie Rolls and Bit-O-Honeys, because all of the good stuff has already ended up in their stomachs (which is where it’ll stay for the next 5 years since that shit don’t digest). But not Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s kids. We already know that Tom and Gizzy’s diet is so strict that macrobiotic birds look at them and go, “Live a little, bitches.” They don’t really eat any white sugar or white flour or fruit. Their children, 6-year-old Ben and 3-year-old Vivian eat the same way, pretty much. So after they all went trick-or-treating, Gisele let her kids eat one piece of candy and they spit it out like they were Tom Brady and that candy was a strawberry.

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A Strawberry Has Never Touched Tom Brady’s Mouth And One Never Will

September 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Since it seems like I’m on the “rich dudes saying dumb shit to The Cut” beat, here’s a post about Tom Brady saying dumb shit to The Cut. Just like plastic-straw-hater Adrian Grenier, Gisele Bundchen’s man is so not into something that’s got the word “straw” in its name. Two things: Yes, this IS news. And yes, Tom Brady’s feelings about strawberries is one of the most interesting things he’s ever said in an interview.

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