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A Drunk, Crying Tom Holland May Have Helped Keep Spider-Man In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

December 5, 2019 / Posted by:

A few months ago, we learned that Sony, who owns Spider-Man, was possibly going to pull him from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Disney owns, after negotiations stalled. People were outraged! Eventually Disney and Sony came to an agreement, and Spider-Man remained in the MCU. Apparently the road that led to such a joyful conclusion included a drunken phone call from Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

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Doug The Pug Was Robbed At Last Night’s People’s Choice Awards

November 11, 2019 / Posted by:

According to People, the people have made some questionable choices in choosing the people to receive this year’s People’s Choice Awards. A perfect example was people choosing Gwen Stefani, yes THAT Gwen Stefani, as the winner of the Fashion Icon Award. Over Doug The Pug! What is wrong with people? Are people OK?

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Zendaya And Her “Euphoria” Co-Star Jacob Elordi Were Seen Together In Greece

August 30, 2019 / Posted by:

It took Euphoria to convince me that Zendaya could ever be anyone other than Mechee. And I guess it took Tom Holland getting a girlfriend to convince the world that he and Zendaya are well and truly over, if they ever were together to begin with. Maybe it’s because she’s a musical theater geek at heart, but Zendaya doesn’t seem averse to playing up a showmance. Even though she’s not one to plaster her Greek vacation photos all over Instagram like some people we know, somebody posted a couple of Instagram stories that prove Zendaya and her Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi were together at some point during her trip. So obviously they’re fucking.

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Stan Lee’s Daughter Is Siding With Sony In The “Spider-Man” Debacle

August 23, 2019 / Posted by:

Stan Lee‘s daughter apparently has some words about this whole Spider-Man thing going on. Now that Sony and Marvel are in a pissing match about who can make more money off of a narrative universe that neither of them are even remotely responsible for creating, Joan Celia Lee (called JC because no one wants to be called Joan Celia) has decided to raise her hand with an opinion. I mean, she’s the daughter of the great Stan Lee who actually was responsible for the creation of the character of Spider-Man–so she must have insight, right? Well… maybe… maybe not.

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Sony Might Pull Spider-Man From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

August 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Back in 2009, Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for about $4 billion. However, Marvel Entertainment didn’t own all the Marvel properties that got turned into movies. For example, the X-Men are Marvel properties, but 21st Century Fox owns the X-Men film franchise. Disney also owns Fox, but I’m sure you see my point here. Sony has owned the Spider-Man film franchise since 2002’s Spider-Man. Sony isn’t connected in any way with Disney, which makes this situation potentially very messy. Variety reports that Sony and Disney have been negotiating new financing terms for future Spider-Man movies, but negotiations have stalled. And here’s why the nerd tears started falling.

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“Spider-Man” Tom Holland Has A Girlfriend

July 19, 2019 / Posted by:

We may never know if Tom Holland and Zendaya were ever really a thing, or it was all a PR stunt. Whatever it was, it’s over, and Tom is now shooting his spider-goo all over somebody’s else’s chest. Tom’s got himself an extra regular girlfriend named Olivia Bolton who’s been friends with his family “for years”. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything contractual about this union, but I am saying this romance seems about as organic as that Flaming Hot Cheetos sandwich from KFC.

According to The Sun, “Tom’s been dogged with rumours about who he’s dating so finally being public with Olivia has been a massive relief for him”, a perfectly normal reason for a 23-year-old burgeoning mega-star to date someone who looks like she could be his sister. Maybe Zendaya, the Little Disney Kid Who Could (Do Coke On TV), was a little too spicy/Mechee for Tom/his publicist.

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