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Steven Soderbergh Has No Interest In Directing A Superhero Movie Without Sex Scenes

February 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Another high-profile Academy Award-winning director has decided to give their thoughts on superhero movies, aka the genre that has recently been dominating Hollywood harder than John Candy’s agent in the 80s. But unlike the current reigning champion of superhero hate Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh isn’t here to be a total killjoy in regards to Marvel and DC’s catalog of films. Steven says he’ll likely never direct a superhero, simply because they’re not realistic. He’s got an issue with the flying and the spandex and the lasers shooting out of people’s hands, but specifically – he’s not into it because nobody is fucking.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Talked About Her And Will Smith’s Sex Life On “Red Table Talk” With Guest Gwyneth Paltrow

October 28, 2021 / Posted by:

Once again, Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about her marriage to Will Smith on Red Table Talk. Jada, her mom/co-host Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and verrryyy special guest Gwyneth Paltrow sat down to talk about sex. Gwyneth is basically a sexpert now that she’s promoting her new Netflix series Sex, Love & goop (see: her vibrators and DTF libido supplements). The gals were discussing the importance of communicating sexual desires with partners, and Jada said that a lot of people expect their partners to read their minds, but that’s actually a huge pitfall. I totally get what Jada’s saying. Like, maybe she was really horny for Will when he was the blue Aladdin genie, but how is he to know that unless she comes right out and says, “I am horny for you as the blue Aladdin genie“? Communication, people!

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Shailene Woodley Has No Idea Why Sex Scenes Are Filmed With Bras On

July 19, 2021 / Posted by:

Shailene Woodley may be working more puffy down-filled nylon than a Patagonia outlet in that picture above, but when it comes to getting down and dirty on a film set, she wants those titties to be free! Or at the very least, she doesn’t want to film a sex scene with her chest covered in a bra. Shailene was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter about her upcoming film, The Last Letter From Your Lover, and I’m guessing one of those last letters doesn’t have a lover asking where she buys her bras, because Shailene says she’s not into the unrealistic hookup standards set by Hollywood.

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Cara Delevingne Says She Had To Move After People Saw Those Sex Bench Pictures

June 29, 2021 / Posted by:

About two years ago, pictures came out of Cara Delevingne and her then-girlfriend Ashley Benson giggling and laughing as they lugged a box containing a $700 sex bench into Cara’s home? People loved those pictures, but Cara did not. And it’s not because they exposed her as the sex bench-owning type. They gave away her home address, which isn’t great when you’re trying to live a life free of random internet creeps who know your exact location.

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Chrissy Teigen Says She And John Legend Had Sex At The Democratic National Convention

March 26, 2021 / Posted by:

And here you were thinking that Chrissy Teigen’s retirement from Twitter meant the end of such over-sharing. No, as long as Instagram, TikTok, magazines, and talk shows exist. We will still hear the kind of stories that will make John Legend say, “No! Why did you have to tell THAT one? You didn’t have a funny story about getting food poisoning from a $5,000 cheeseburger or something?” Well, Chrissy has talked about having sex in public with John before, and she did it again while avoiding eating bull penis on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night.

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Tamar Braxton Is Sorry For Saying A Man Must Be Gay If He Doesn’t Touch His Lady For Several Days

November 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Tamar Braxton has built a career off of the messy shit that comes out of her mouth, and that’s because her verbal diarrhea is usually pretty funny. But sometimes she ends up expressing something truly stupid. This week was one of those times. Tamar believed she had cracked some kind of secret code of undercover gay men, and hopped on Instagram with the detailed evidence of the alleged proof of her theory. Surprise! It backfired on her, and she quickly returned to Instagram to apologize.

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