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Tori Spelling Wants To Be On “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”

August 6, 2019 / Posted by:

While on Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM show with her BH90210 co-star/bestie Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling let it be known that she really wants a job. First of all: duh. But no, I mean she wants a specific one. And it’s a good job for a fame whore, but it’s also like… Tori ‘s never going to get it. The gig? The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I know. Like? She thinks they’re going to replace one of the richest housewives in the franchise with one of the brokest women in America? Sis…

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Jessica Biel Says She’s NOT An Anti-Vaxxer…. But She Probably Is One

June 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Jessica Biel really is that Rich White Woman. You know the one? The one who has so much money and time on her hands she opens up a kids-play place for other rich moms and then after it closes because that’s not a sustainable business practice, she simply moves on with her life because the financial hit was not only something she could survive, but she has so much money she can continue to thrive? And then she also doesn’t vaccinate her kids because she heard from one of the other moms who was at her rich kid daycare that they cause autism, which she learned from her shaman/healer/“Spiritual Hacker”? That Rich White Woman.

It’s now come to light that Jessica is possibly on Team Anti-Vaxx as she spoke out in an attempt to stop a bill which would increase the number of vaccinated kids in California.

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Olivia Culpo Claims Married Famous Dudes Slid Into Her DMs After She Became Single

May 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Olivia Culpo is a former Miss Universe and a social media influencer and professional girlfriend and someone I will forever have to go down my list of Olivia’s to figure out who the hell she is. Why are there so many social media influencers who look alike named Olivia (Olivia Jade, Olivia Palermo, Olivia Munn, Taylor Swift’s cat). Anyway, THIS Olivia went on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusM show to talk about how after her messy, public break up from alleged cheating hot piece Danny Amendola, married men have been hitting her up.

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Jenny McCarthy Spilled “The View” Tea On Barbara Walters And Whoopi Goldberg

March 20, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s no shock that The View is probably a messy work environment, but The View of today is mild compared to the days when the Don Corleone of lady journalism, Barbara Walters, was trading co-host slots like us queens swap out our RuPaul’s Drag Race fantasy league lineup each week. One of the more controversial picks was when Jenny McCarthy joined the cast because it was right after Jenny became an anti-vaxxer and said vaccinations heightened her son’s autism, which actually improved by allegedly a gluten-free diet and behavioral therapy. Barbara had already popped off on Jenny once, and it sounds like that was a pretty good omen to Jenny’s time on The View.

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Somebody Call An Exorcist, Jenny McCarthy Thinks She’s Being Haunted!

July 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Actually, I should change that. Usually an exorcist is the person you call when a loved one is haunted by the supernatural and is talking all kinds of nonsense. Jenny McCarthy, on the other hand, has been known to say some crazy things without the aid of a demon possession. This situation might actually just call for regular, old Ghostbusters.

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Lady Gaga Attempted A Lace-Up Braid, And Other Looks From The Grammys

January 29, 2018 / Posted by:

But of course this could only be Lady Gaga. While others might think, “You know, maybe this year I’ll walk up the red carpet in a piece that makes it looks like I’m trying to cover up all the hair I lost after leaving my at-home highlighting kit on for too long,” Lady Gaga goes out and does it. She tells her stylist to make her look like a 73-year-old balding hippie who refuses to face the music about their hair situation, and she wears it with pride! As for her outfit, well that’s another story all together.

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