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Jesse James’ Pregnant Wife Accused Him Of Cheating And Filed For Divorce, But Then Called It Off The Next Day

December 5, 2022 / Posted by:

When famous motorcycle mechanic/well-known peen-passer Jesse “Vanilla Gorilla” James wed former porn star/current Second Amendment humper Bonnie Rotten in a sweaty outdoor June ceremony, harbingers of happiness and hope, such as screaming InfoWars’ gargoyle Alex Jones, everyone should’ve been able to rest assured that true love exists. Bonnie’s now carrying Jesse’s fetus, but caused a stir a few days ago when she posted (and deleted) an Instagram Story calling Jesse out for doing what Jesse’s always done–have fuck times with people who aren’t his wife. Jesse immediately denied the allegations, though he did admit the two had been in a blowout fight in which he called her the “r-word.” And today, Bonnie posted another story asking for peace and sharing that she’d called off the divorce. Now, the two are upset with the media for reporting on the information that they themselves first disbursed to their millions of followers.

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People Are Eating Tubs Of “Mayonnaise” At Sporting Events For Twitter Fame

June 19, 2019 / Posted by:

People are bringing large tubs of “mayonnaise” to sporting events and eating what they want you to think is mayonnaise out of said tub. Presumably as a prank or to get attention on social media. And honestly, I don’t know much about sports but it feels disrespectful to mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is meant to be enjoyed in moderation and not eaten tubs at a time. And if you’re going to eat straight mayonnaise from a tub, do it where no one can see you, like under your bed or in an alley late at night. Not at a public baseball game!

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Rapper B.o.B Is A Flat Earth Truther

January 25, 2016 / Posted by:

B.o.B., who did that song “Airplanes,” spent his his weekend trying to open the sheeple minds of his 2 million Twitter followers by proving that the Earth is flat. The only thing he really proved is that Sherri Shepherd was his homeschool science teacher. I bet that he really believes that airplanes in the night sky are actual shootin’ stars.

B.o.B. regularly uses his Twitter page to spill out all of the conspiracy theories that are in his brain. And he really went for it while trying to tell us in dozens of tweets that NASA and the government are filling our heads with lies, because the Earth is flat and he has photographic proof!

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