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“Funny Girl” Producers Say They Weren’t Blindsided By Beanie Feldstein’s Announcement That She’s Leaving The Show Early

July 14, 2022 / Posted by:

We continue the postmortem on Beanie Feldstein’s departure from Broadway’s Funny Girl revival, which began innocently enough, and has quickly evolved into some major drama (appropriate, considering this all takes place in the theater). Beanie was supposed to wrap her run as the titular funny girl Fanny Brice on September 25th. Recently though, she revealed that producers of the show were going in a direction she wasn’t too thrilled about, and decided that she’d be done at the end of this month. That news broke right as it was revealed that her role would be scooped up by none other than Tinseltown tiny terror Lea Michele. Sources have claimed that no one at Funny Girl knew Beanie would be pulling out so abruptly. But the producers themselves, along with a rep for Beanie, have released a statement denying that it was that messy behind the scenes.

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Alice Evans And Ioan Gruffudd Issued A Joint Statement About Their Break-Up

January 27, 2021 / Posted by:

Yesterday, British actor Alice Evans hopped on Twitter to announce that her “beloved husband/soulmate of 20 years,” Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd, had announced his imminent departure from their marriage “starting next week,” with no reason given other than he no longer loves her, leaving Alice and their “young daughters girls” sad and confused. That brings the total of people confused by this information to four, at minimum, because I had to hit up IMDB after a useless Google image search to find out who these people even are! The tweet has since been deleted (by Iaon, according to Alice) and the couple have issued a joint statement preemptively asking us to respect their privacy. Wait just a goddamn minute, you made me look you up and go deep down an Instagram rabbit hole and now you want privacy? Abso-fucking-lutely not!

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Chicago PD Released A Lot More Evidence In The Jussie Smollett Case, Including Footage Of Him With A Rope Around His Neck

June 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Chicago PD has been releasing all of the evidence that made them go from looking at Jussie Smollett as the victim of a hate crime to the diabolical STUNT QUEEN mastermind of a fake hate crime. They already released the 911 call made by Jussie’s friend/manager/whatever that night, and now they’ve released hours upon hours of footage that includes police cam footage of Jussie in his apartment with the rope around his neck and talking about how he has bleach all over him. Never mind that the neat freak in me wants to jump through the screen to scream at everyone, “How can you just stand there when there’s all that shit on the counter over there?!“, I am more disturbed by Jussie’s sweater. That sweater looks exactly like one my abuelita bought at the Tijuana/San Diego border and wore for centuries. Excuse me while I contact the Chicago PD to file a thieving bitch report against Jussie.

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A Friend Of Duchess Meghan Says Her Dad Faked His Heart Surgery To Get Out Of Her Wedding

July 19, 2018 / Posted by:

The producers of Days of Our Lives, Young and the Restless, and whatever other soap opera is still on the air should really hire Duchess Meghan’s melodramatic father Thomas Markle to write for them, because he’s bringing the twists, turns and theatrical drama. Thomas was supposed to walk Meghan down the aisle, but when it came out that he staged embarrassing pap pics, he had a heart attack and eventually pulled out of the wedding completely because he needed to have surgery.

One of Meghan’s unnamed friends is now telling The Daily Mail that Thomas’ heart attack and surgery was about as fake as Prince Hot Ginge’s denial that he’s really in love with an old skinny fat blogger from California. The friend claims Thomas faked a heart attack to get sympathy from the public and to also get out of going to the wedding. The creators of The Crown better send Thomas his favorite thing, a stack of cash, as a thank you for giving them some serious ESCANDALOSONESS for season 8.

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Kanye West Will Not Grace The Grammys With His Presence Unless They Bend The Rules For Frank Ocean

October 24, 2016 / Posted by:

Frank Ocean’s new album Blonde probably would have gotten at least one Grammy nomination, but now he’s guaranteed a grand total of zero nominations, because his team missed the deadline to submit it. Billboard says that Frank Ocean’s people didn’t screw up. They knew about the Grammy nominations deadline and said “fuck it” to submitting Blonde and his visual album Endless. Either Frank Ocean thinks the Grammys hold about as much importance as the shit churning in a bull’s bowels, or he doesn’t want to bruise his palms from clapping every time Adele beats him since she’s probably going to win everything. It seems like Frank Ocean doesn’t give one damn about getting a Grammy nomination, but Kanye West really cares about Frank Ocean getting a Grammy nomination.
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