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“Funny Girl” Had Its Best Week Yet At The Box Office Thanks To Lea Michele

September 14, 2022 / Posted by:

She did it. She showed them all! Lea Michele is, in fact and in deed, the greatest star. Deadline reports that since Lea took over the role of Fanny Brice in Broadway’s beleaguered revival of Funny Girl, ticket sales have skyrocketed netting the show $1.6 million for Lea’s first week of performances, up from just $659,874 the previous week. Ipso facto, since in America we equate profit with greatness, Lea is the undisputed greatest star (of the current cast of the Funny Girl revival on Broadway except on Thursdays when Julie Benko plays the role. On those days Julie is the greatest star and Lea reverts to the greatest star who can’t read).

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Lea Michele Got Several Standing Ovations During Her Opening Night In Broadway’s “Funny Girl”

September 7, 2022 / Posted by:

You back there! I see you. You’re not standing, bitch. Groff, grab my prunes, a wig needs shitting in.

After successfully praying at her altar to the dark Gods for Beanie Feldstein’s downfall, Lea Michele made her debut as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway last night, and apparently, it was a success. And it was such a success that Lea reportedly got seven standing ovations. Although, the audience was filled with her friends and past co-workers like Jonathan Groff, Ryan Murphy, Drew Barrymore, Lee Pace, Zachary Quinto, and many theater people like Harvey Fierstein. So they had to stand or Lea Michele would get their asses! And Lea probably made her assistant hide electro shock pads on each chair and trigger that shit every time Lea wanted a standing O. But still, Lea is now out of the cancel corner and is back! And I’m sure that her power bars of evil are quickly recharging as Jonathan Groff reads her all the words of praise for her performance this morning.

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Open Post: Hosted By Jamie Lee Curtis Reminding Lea Michele That She Hasn’t Won A Tony

July 31, 2022 / Posted by:

Broadway’s newest Funny Girl and enemy of the people, Lea Michele is riding high after all the positive buzz around her assumption of the lead role. Rumors swirled for some time that Lea would take over from Beanie Feldstein, who unfortunately wasn’t really winning over audiences with her interpretation of Fanny Brice, and after years of work and multiple voodoo curses, Lea finally got the role of her dreams. With scalpers making a mint on Lea’s upcoming debut, it’s safe to say that she’s probably loving every minute of attention. But with that attention comes criticism (and not just from former Glee co-star Samantha Ware). Jamie Lee Curtis (huh??) shaded Lea in Jamie’s podcast, Good Friend. The clip is from 2021 but it’s never too old for a gold ole’ fashioned Lea Michele diss. Jessica Lange knows what I’m talking about!

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“Funny Girl” Producers Say They Weren’t Blindsided By Beanie Feldstein’s Announcement That She’s Leaving The Show Early

July 14, 2022 / Posted by:

We continue the postmortem on Beanie Feldstein’s departure from Broadway’s Funny Girl revival, which began innocently enough, and has quickly evolved into some major drama (appropriate, considering this all takes place in the theater). Beanie was supposed to wrap her run as the titular funny girl Fanny Brice on September 25th. Recently though, she revealed that producers of the show were going in a direction she wasn’t too thrilled about, and decided that she’d be done at the end of this month. That news broke right as it was revealed that her role would be scooped up by none other than Tinseltown tiny terror Lea Michele. Sources have claimed that no one at Funny Girl knew Beanie would be pulling out so abruptly. But the producers themselves, along with a rep for Beanie, have released a statement denying that it was that messy behind the scenes.

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