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Open Post: Hosted By Taco Bell’s Fight To Free The “Taco Tuesday” Trademark From The Clutches Of Taco John’s

May 17, 2023 / Posted by:

If Americans love two things (I’m going to ignore guns for now lalala), the first would be eating bastardized ethnic foods, and the second would be cutesy alliteration! So it’s been troublesome for some taco peddlers and poor LeBron James that a relatively small taco chain, Taco John’s, has owned the trademark for the expression “Taco Tuesday” for the last 30 years and hasn’t been afraid to rip off cease and desists if someone else uses it. Enter taco and diarrhea mega-chain Taco Bell, which just launched a legal crusade to “liberate” the trademark by filing to have it yoinked out of Taco John’s hands and reverted to a generic term so the people can have it back to proclaim, monetize, and hashtag as they see fit.

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