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Harry Styles’ Performance In “My Policeman” Will Be Submitted For Oscar Consideration

September 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Harry Styles stars in the new film My Policeman, and even though the movie is getting mixed reviews and Harry was dragged for his acting in the trailer, he’s going for Oscar! Variety reports that the entire cast, including Harry, will be submitted in the Best Supporting acting categories at the Oscars. So, you may soon hear the words “And the Oscar goes to…. Harry Styles!” (no you won’t).

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The 2022 Oscar Nominees Have Been Announced!

February 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Today’s the big day! If you woke up because of a loud shrieking echoing across the sky, it was probably because you’re on the West Coast and after the East Coast saw the 2022 Oscars nominees this morning, Lady Gaga cried out in anguish over her snubbing and the thunder generated from her bellows cracked open the clouds like a nuke. Yup, all her hard work hitting that Oscar-campaign ho-stroll pavement telling us about getting attacked by flies and going method, and she has nothing to show for it. House of Gucci only got a single nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling and let’s be real–Cruella or Dune is gonna beat it. Womp-womp! Looks like the ghost of Princess Diana really was with Kristen Stewart as she’s the lucky one with a Best Actress nominee. But the big winner of the nominees day announcement is The Power of the Dog which leads the pack with a total of 12 nominations. All that nicotine poisoning Benedict Cumberbatch endured really paid off!

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Kristen Stewart Doesn’t “Give A Shit” About The Oscar Talk Around Her Performance In “Spencer”

November 19, 2021 / Posted by:

Lady Gaga just had an aneurysm because Kristen Stewart–who is getting “Oscar buzz” for playing Princess Diana in the movie Spencer–said in a recent Variety podcast that she doesn’t “give a shit” about getting an Oscar. Gaga is probably writing a letter to the Academy now like: “Okay, so she’s taken her name out of the running–cross her off the list–it’s only fair.”

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Lady Gaga Went Full Method For “House Of Gucci”

November 3, 2021 / Posted by:

Voting for Oscar nominations ends on February 1, 2022, so that gives Lady Gaga just three months to convince voters that she deserves a Best Actress nom for playing Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s soon-to-be-released camp extravaganza House of Gucci. And in an interview with British Vogue, which stank so hard of Oscar-baiting that Leonardo DiCaprio could smell it underground like a truffle, Gaga said that she went full method when playing Patrizia Reggiani. Patrizia was the wife of Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver) who went to prison for hiring a hitman to kill him. So… the Italian woman pretended to be… Italian? Or did Gaga just confess to having a boyfriend killed? Someone call the police!

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Open Post: Hosted By Kate Winslet And Saoirse Ronan As Lovers In The New Trailer For “Ammonite”

August 25, 2020 / Posted by:

That headline woulda been a helluva lot more interesting if it cut off after the word “lovers”. Alas, Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan’s forbidden, brooding lesbian romance is just for the movie Ammonite.

Apparently “ammonite” isn’t a synonym for “Oscar bait”. It’s actually the name of prehistoric sea animals that resembled squids in shells. The film was inspired by the life of 19th-century paleontologist Mary Anning and her relationship with geologist Charlotte Murchison. Mary discovered and sold fossils on the Southern English coastline. It’s said she inspired the tongue twister “she sells seashells by the sea shore.”

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Amy Adams Is Going To Play A Woman Who Thinks She’s Turning Into A Dog

August 2, 2020 / Posted by:

Amy Adams will NOT be the Susan Lucci of the Academy Awards, okay?! That role is sadly reserved for Glenn Close. But seriously, after being Oscar-nominated––and never winning––SIX times in just over twelve years, Amy (or more likely, Amy’s people) is determined to get her hands on one of those got damn trophies once and for all. And if it’s going to happen, it might as well happen during a year when the last thing anybody has been thinking about is going to the movies. At this rate, Ana de Armas is going to be the only Best Actress Oscar nominee of 2020 for her captivating performances in short films like “Running to Get Dunkin Donuts, Part 21” and “Ben, Hold My Mask While I Pick Up My Dog’s Shit”.

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