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Steve Kornacki’s Khakis Gave The Gap A 90% Boost In Sales

November 12, 2020 / Posted by:

Steve Kornacki somehow became a sex symbol when the American election took way too many days to call and people started slipping into delusional states while watching hours of coverage of numbers being shouted at them. And it went far beyond Steve just making people’s nether parts tingle. Today reports that The Gap has seen a surge in khaki sales and they think it’s because Steve was getting us hot and bothered while in sensible business-casual khakis.

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“Schitt’s Creek” Swept The Emmys To The Delight Of Many (But Not Leslie Jones)

September 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Last night’s Emmys was a Schitt’s storm of epic proportions and I’m not talking about the writing. No, I’m making an obvious and lazy pun based on the fact that Schitt’s Creek swept the show, winning in every comedy category of the night. And because of the order in which the categories were presented, the entire first hour of the broadcast was just creator, writer and star Daniel Levy scrambling to decide whether to leave the mask on or take it off each time his show won an Emmy. Which was 9 times! The show set a record for the “most wins in a single season for a comedy” (per The Hollywood Reporter) and almost everybody was happy for them. Everyone that is except Leslie Jones. Yes, it would seem the rather tall lady from SNL does not enjoy gentle Canadian comedy. It’s weird because hating on Schitt’s Creek is like hating on an adorable kitten with markings that make it look like it has Groucho Marx eyebrows. Who could be mad at that?!

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The 2020 Primetime Emmy Nominations Were Announced Virtually This Morning

July 28, 2020 / Posted by:

Even though COVID-19 will have actors and actresses accepting awards at home in their pajamas for the unforseeable future (Joan Crawford, quarantine vanguard!), said actors and actresses still deserve the time-honored Hollywood tradition of competing for awards. But while the movie industry is sort of standing around looking confused as hell as to when their awards ceremonies will happen, the television industry is extremely confident they’re happening as previously scheduled, and they announced the nominees for the 72nd Primetime Emmys this morning. But of course, because we’re still dealing with quarantine, the nomination presentation had to happen in what looks like a very expensive Zoom upgrade called Room by Zoom.

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Leslie Jones Is Also Very Mad At Sephora

June 6, 2019 / Posted by:

Yesterday, Sephora closed their 400 US stores for one hour so staff could get some much-needed diversity training after SZA called out a store in Calabasas for racial profiling. SZA claimed an employee called security to make sure she wasn’t stealing anything. It sounds like those diversity day pamphlets weren’t printed off a moment too soon. Because Leslie Jones recently slapped at another Sephora location for allegedly treating her makeup artist like crap.

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Leslie Jones Isn’t Here For The New Reboot Of “Ghostbusters”

January 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Hell hath no fury like a Leslie Jones scorned, and you would think Jason Reitman would know that. Jason announced he was rebooting Ghostbusters, the movie his dad, Ivan Reitman, directed back in the 80s. Only, instead of remembering the all-lady Ghostbusters that came out a few years ago, Jason said his reboot will just build off the story lines from the movies his dad did back in the day. Men revolted on the lady version of Ghostbusters as much as they have revolted on Gillette for that toxic masculinity ad, so I’m sure the dudes of American will be stoked. Alas, Leslie Jones, who was part of the female-led Ghostbusters, is none too pleased.

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Megan Mullally Is Hosting The SAG Awards – And Designers Are Staying Away

December 14, 2018 / Posted by:

This one shocks me since the fashion designer community has been known for being such warm, hospitable people. Cough. Megan Mullally took a novel approach in announcing that she’s hosting the 2019 SAG Awards, and that was the angry way. Megan posted on Instagram about how she was running into issues getting designers to dress her, which is strange since she’s gonna be HOSTING the damn thing. Poor Megan. Now her house is going to look like a FedEx sorting room from all the dress boxes being sent her way. Continue reading

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