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The Hostless, Pre-Taped, History-Making SAG Awards Happened Last Night

April 5, 2021 / Posted by:

And it didn’t make history because it was the first time everyone in the audience and the viewers at home said the words, “Wow, what an enjoyable and short award ceremony!“. I’m sure some people said that, due to the fact that the SAG Awards clocked in at a tight 60 minutes, as promised. And there was no doubt a lot of people appreciated that a pre-taped show cut out the middle man (the middle man being a long-winded acceptance speech that begins with at least 9 full seconds of folded paper fumbling). But the big news was that for the first time in SAG Awards history, all four film acting categories went to non-white nominees. Like the category for Female Actor in a Leading Role – Motion Picture, which went to Viola Davis, seen above freaking out from the comfort of her own couch.

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“Schitt’s Creek” Swept The Emmys To The Delight Of Many (But Not Leslie Jones)

September 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Last night’s Emmys was a Schitt’s storm of epic proportions and I’m not talking about the writing. No, I’m making an obvious and lazy pun based on the fact that Schitt’s Creek swept the show, winning in every comedy category of the night. And because of the order in which the categories were presented, the entire first hour of the broadcast was just creator, writer and star Daniel Levy scrambling to decide whether to leave the mask on or take it off each time his show won an Emmy. Which was 9 times! The show set a record for the “most wins in a single season for a comedy” (per The Hollywood Reporter) and almost everybody was happy for them. Everyone that is except Leslie Jones. Yes, it would seem the rather tall lady from SNL does not enjoy gentle Canadian comedy. It’s weird because hating on Schitt’s Creek is like hating on an adorable kitten with markings that make it look like it has Groucho Marx eyebrows. Who could be mad at that?!

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