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Mo’Nique Is Finally Getting Her Netflix Comedy Special

July 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Not too long ago, comedian Mo’Nique took a hiatus from comedy and went on a nationwide “Kiss My Ass” tour after calling out director Lee Daniels for having her blackballed and suing Netflix for racial and gender bias. But of these two side quests, the lawsuit against Netflix was Mo’s truest crusade after they offered her the peasant’s fee of $500,000 for a comedy special, which was peanuts compared to what fellow comedians Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle were paid for theirs. Many believed Mo’ was acting like a diva, but she didn’t care about any of those opinions because opinions don’t pay bills. In April, Lee and Mo’Nique publicly made up and he announced she will star in his Netflix movie The Deliverance. And now that beef with Netflix is really behind Mo’Nique, because she’s doing a comedy special for them.

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Lee Daniels And Mo’Nique Have Finally Made Up, And She Will Star In His Next Movie

April 2, 2022 / Posted by:

As one Hollywood feud hits new levels of MESS, another Hollywood feud has finally ended. After reportedly not speaking to each other for years, Lee Daniels and Mo’Nique are finally speaking to each other. And not only that, but they’re going to speak to each other a lot in the near future since she will star in his next movie. At Mo’Nique’s show on Staten Island last night, she brought out Lee Daniels and he apologized to her for hurting her, and he didn’t end with, “April Fools!”

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Mo’Nique Has Accused Oprah Of Making Her Life “Harder”

February 4, 2020 / Posted by:

Mo’Nique has been speaking out against Oprah for a while now. Mo’Nique has accused Oprah of behind-the-scenes shadiness and helping Lee Daniels blackball her from Hollywood. And she’s talked a lot about how Oprah screwed her over financially and also personally. Well, Mo’Nique is going after Oprah again, this time over her Russell Simmons documentary, by writing a long-winded open letter.

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Lee Daniels Says He’s Embarrassed By His Early Defense Of Jussie Smollett

June 11, 2019 / Posted by:

While most of us have been able to accept the fact that we were probably duped by Jussie Smolett and move on, Empire producer Lee Daniels is grappling with his inner Mulder and still wants to believe. Lee recently spoke with Vulture and said he’s “beyond embarrassed” that he stuck his neck out for Jussie the day of the alleged attack by posting an Instagram video (since deleted) defending him. He’s embarrassed for defending Jussie the day of the attack and not say, Empire seasons 2-6 or getting publicly excoriated at a Diana Ross concert while wearing a Snuggie? I think a lot of us still have a little egg on our faces for continuing to hold out hope that Jussie was telling the truth right up to the part where the body-building brothers entered stage left, but I’m certainly not embarrassed by my initial reaction. But I’m also fully #TeamScully at this point.

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Lee Daniels Says The Entire Cast And Crew Of “Empire” Are Upset About The Jussie Smollett Situation

March 21, 2019 / Posted by:

According to Lee Daniels, the entire purpose of his show Empire is to “bring America together”, and in a way, he kind achieved that by casting Jussie Smollett in the role of Jamal Lyon. Had Jussie not become a TV “star”, it probably wouldn’t have had the same impact when he allegedly orchestrated a phony hate crime against himself, thus creating a common enemy for Americans to despise. So good job, Lee! But sadly, the unification of America came at a cost. Lee says that the Jussie ordeal has been a real bummer for the cast and crew of Empire. And when Empire suffers, we all suffer.

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Mo’Nique Responds To Lee Daniels’ Recent Request That She “Shut Up”

July 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Mo’Nique has been battling with her Precious director Lee Daniels for about three years now. She’s claimed she was blackballed from Hollywood by Lee Daniels for not “playing the game” (ie. Oscar campaigning and press). Lee slapped back by saying she had too many “demands.” Mo’Nique later amended her blackballing complaint to include Oprah and Tyler Perry. And she’s pretty much kept the same “Fuck Lee Daniels” stance ever since.

Lee recently brought up his arch nemesis in conversation, and he only had shady things to say. Because Mo’Nique was quick to grab the camera, clear her throat, and say, “Hey my loves,” before tearing into Lee once again.

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