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Miley Cyrus Says She “Never Cared” About Being Married And Having Children

August 18, 2020 / Posted by:

27-year-old Miley Cyrus spoke on SiriusXM’s Morning Mash-Up about her new track Midnight Sky and since the song is about breaking free and being an untamed single lady, Miley spoke about relationships and marriage and whether she’ll ever get hitched again. Miley said that she “never cared” about marriage or children. Welp! Good thing her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth doesn’t think that “highly of her or he’d take offense!

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Kaitlynn Carter Says She And Miley Cyrus Really Tried to Keep Their Relationship Private

June 30, 2020 / Posted by:

Last year, Miley Cyrus kicked off her Hot Girl Summer of 2019 by splitting from her husband, Liam Hemsworth, and getting with Kaitlynn Carter, formerly Brody Jenner’s pretend wife. And we know this because we saw multiple pictures of Miley and Kaitlynn on Instagram, kissing on a boat, and out shopping while dressed the same. I believe if you looked up in a PR guide how to rebound in the most public way, Miley and Kaitlynn had checked off nearly every box. But if you ask Kaitlynn, she and Miley worked really hard to get as little attention as possible.

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Kaitlynn Carter Talks Life After Miley Cyrus

April 17, 2020 / Posted by:

Before last summer, if you asked me who Kaitlynn Carter was, I’d have replied, “Agent Carter, yep, loved the show, canceled too soon”. But then The Hills: New Beginnings happened (we all watched, right? LOL JK), and the name Brody Jenner was back on everybody’s lips. And Miley Cyrus left Liam Hemsworth.

And who was the former Mrs. Hemsworth immediately caught making out with? Kaitlynn Carter, who had recently split with her (kinda) husband, Brody. In true hot rebound fashion, their love only lasted a month, and Miley soon moved on to Cody Simpson (she’s just being Miley!).

But where did that leave Summer 2019 It-girl Kaitlynn? The people wanted to know! For real, they were foaming at the mouth for updates (unless those were just corona-symptoms). Luckily, Kaitlynn answered our prayers by doing an Instagram Live with her Hills co-star Whitney Port, and discussed life post-Miley.

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Brody Jenner And Kaitlynn Carter Might Be Back Together

February 25, 2020 / Posted by:

While Miley Cyrus is too busy crawling on Cody Simpson for a million selfies to frolic around with Kaitlynn Carter anymore, and Brody Jenner’s pure love with Josie Canseco came to an end over her being too young, Brody and Kaitlynn decided to rejoin forces since the Captain & Tennille weren’t lying when they said that love will keep us together. And by “love,” I mean attention. Since The Hills: New Beginnings is currently on hiatus and Lauren Conrad is too famous to make an appearance on the show, Brody really doesn’t want you to forget he exists, nor does Kaitlynn.

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Brody Jenner And Josie Canseco Struck Out/Fell At The Hurdles. OK, They Broke Up

October 29, 2019 / Posted by:

Brody Jenner and Josie Canseco have broken up. The model/DJ/television personality son of a former Olympian (Caitlyn Jenner) and Elvis Presley’s old girlfriend/songwriter (Linda Thompson), and the model/internet personality daughter of a former baseball champ (Jose Canseco) and a former Hooters waitress/reality TV personality (Jessica Canseco), couldn’t find enough common ground to make it work. According to TMZ, both Brody and Josie have scrubbed their respective Instagram accounts of any evidence that the short, yet well documented relationship ever even occurred. If these multi-talented multi-hyphenates can’t have it all, what chance do the rest of us losers have?

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Cody Simpson May Have Moved In With Miley Cyrus Already

October 17, 2019 / Posted by:

Ever since Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus got together after she broke up with Kaitlynn Carter, whom she got with after she broke up with Liam Hemsworth (who has now moved on to department store-sounding actress Maddison Brown), they have been all up in our faces. They’re making out. They’re singing in hospital beds. They’re getting tattoos together (always a good idea)–it’s a full thing. Well add more to it, a recent Instagram post is having people wondering: Is Cody Simpson moving in with Miley Cyrus? Can’t Be Tamed? More like Tamed Every Month.

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