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Dlisted’s Hot Slut Of 2018 Is…

January 25, 2019 / Posted by:

After 12 Hot Slut of the Month showdowns, and 3 Hot Slut of the Year rounds, it’s finally time to crown our Ultimate Hot Slut Queen. If you’ve been following the poll for the final HSOTY round, then you already know the winner, and all of this is about as anti-climactic as fuck time with a Trump. But just do your best OMGIAMSOSHOCKEDOMG Lady Gaga impersonation when I name our new reigning Hot Slut of the Year!

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Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In The Final Round!

January 18, 2019 / Posted by:

A total of 7 animals won the Hot Slut of the Month title in 2018, and humans took the other 5 titles. So because of those numbers, I figured that 2018 would be the year when the HSOTY crown returns to the furry head of a member of the animal kingdom. (The last animal to win HSOTY was the legendary STAINS in 2009. Although, there wasn’t a HSOTY from 2010 to 2014.) But that isn’t going to happen and we should prepare ourselves for the animal kingdom to storm the front gates of Dlisted (read: a broken chainlink fence gate covered with hobo piss, rat jizz, and booze barf), because three humans have won all three HSOTY final spots.

The third round was won by Super Bitch who got 32% of your votes, beating out Terry Lauerman (29%), Princess Reyes (23%), and Saul The Grumpy Puss (16%). The final round is now made up of a trio of superhero humans including a superhero of justice, a superhero of funkiness, and a superhero of glamorous crime-fighting (who will hopefully star in an actual superhero movie).

Your choices are (click on their name if you need a refresher on their hotness):

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina!

Mary Halsey!

Super Bitch! 

You can vote up until next Friday, January 25, 2019, which is the date that one of the lucky HSOTMs above will count as the greatest day of their life, or the worst/most embarrassing day of their life. Probably the second one.

Pic: YouTube, EllenTV, YouTube


Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In Round Three!

January 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Missy Elliott’s funky white sister, Mary Halsey, did to her HSOTY: Round Two rivals what she does at local BBQs, she slayed. Mary Halsey got 40% of the votes, taking down The Badass Flying Pussy (28%), Officer Poncho (19%), and Maxdonna (13%). Mary Halsey will join Judge Rosemarie Aquilina in the final round, and as for which fall/winter Hot Slut of the Month will get the final HIGHLY COVETED spot… Your choices are:

SeptemberTerry Lauerman, the modern day Saint Francis of Assisi who is one of the only humans who will be spared when the cats finally takeover the world, because he spends his free time cuddling with and loving on disabled pussies at a shelter Green Bay, Wisconsin.

OctoberPrincess Reyes, the masterful scam artiste who pretended to be a hobo dog to get customers at a McDonald’s drive-thru to give her free hamburgers. Princess Reyes proves that a McDonald’s-loving grifter can be lovable!

NovemberSaul The Grumpy Puss, the ginger cat from England who was nearly murdered by a stupid fucking human driving a car and has the perfectly grumpy face of a cat who is forever pissed at humanity since he was nearly murdered by a stupid fucking human driving a car.

DecemberSuper Bitch, the douche-fighting superhero of glamour whose hot pink boots are made for walking, and kicking down fuckers who mess with him.

Voting is below, and you can vote until Friday when the final round of HSOTY will finally go down!

Pics: Facebook, Facebook, RSPCA, YouTube


Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In Round Two!

January 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina got 48% of your votes in the first round of the Hot Slut of the Year showdown, and she beat out Dog The Fish-Selling Cat (21%), Karamel The Two-Wheeled Squirrel (20%), and Mark Roberts (11%). Judge Aquilina has won the first spot in the HSOTY grand finals, and she’s guaranteed the third biggest title of the year (the second biggest being HSOTY first-runner up and the first biggest being the HSOTY winner, of course). Now on to round two…

Round two is made up of mostly summer Hot Sluts, and two are dogs, one is a cat, and one is a human, but they’re all hot bitches. Here’s the Hot Slut of the Months of round two:

MayThe Badass Flying Pussy, the cat who became everyone’s favorite playable video game character in just 30 seconds by leaping and flying through an alley filled with its rivals.

JuneOfficer Poncho, the puppy officer from Spain who sucks at giving CPR but is an expert at giving life by making us awww over him trying to revive a human.

JulyMaxdonna, the FURociously hot beast who struck a pose (there’s nothing to it) for Instagram in the Madonna drag his human put him in. Madonna herself praised Maxdonna, and I hear Lady Gaga is close to filing a lawsuit against him since she’s the only one allowed to make money off of ripping off Madonna.

AugustMary Halsey, the only Halsey I recognize, who proved that her 23andMe results say that she’s got Missy Elliott DNA running through her veins by spitting out a funky white lady version of “Work It” at a BBQ.

This is another fast contest. Voting is below, and the winner of round 2 will be announced this Tuesday!

Pic: Instagram, YouTube, YouTube, Warner Bros.


Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2018? Vote In Round One!

January 8, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s finally that time when we begin to find out who will inherit the sash, crown, and scepter from our current reigning Hot Slut of the Year, Winona Ryder’s Many Faces (and every time I remember that all you weird freaks voted to make Winona Ryder’s Many Faces our HSOTY, I make Winona Ryder’s Many Faces).

Super Bitch has won the Hot Slut of December showdown with 34.97% of the votes, barely beating out the Christmas Dragons (34.85%), but easily beating The Julia Roberts’ Holes Typo (25.62%), and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros (4.56%). I know, it’s wrong that Super Bitch doesn’t get his own post where we worship at his pink Hot Slut feet, but we’ve got a Hot Slut of the Year to crown!

In this first round, the HSOTM winners from January, February, March, and April will be battle it out for a spot in the finals. If you’ve got a memory like a water-damaged rusty flash drive and don’t remember those HSOTMs, let me refresh your memory:

January –  Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, the judicial anti-pedo warrior who happily sent Larry Nassar to a prison cell to die, and she did it while slathered in Princess Marcelle Borghese rouge glamour.

FebruaryMark Roberts, the tutu-wearing wonder of hotness who nearly ended the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang by melting everything in sight when he crashed an event in a sexy ensemble that promoted glamour, beauty, love, peace, and monkey conservation.

MarchDog, the Scottish Fold cat from Vietnam who sells fish at the market, and when he isn’t doing that, he’s serving glamour on Instagram. Why do I have a feeling that Dog is going to lead catmanity’s revolt against humans since he’s a cat named Dog, and has to give fish to other people instead of eating it?

AprilKaramel, the squirrel from Turkey who nearly saw Squirrel Jesus went he got caught in an animal trap and lost his arms. But thanks to some human engineers, he was given two wheels and turned into Speed Squirrel.

Voting is below. This is a quick one. The winner will be announced this Friday (January 11), and that’s when voting will begin for HSOTY: Round Two!

Pics: YouTube, AP, Instagram


Dlisted’s Hot Slut Of 2017 Is….

January 31, 2018 / Posted by:

After hundreds of Hot Slut of the Days, 11 Hot Slut of the Months and billions upon billions of votes (or if you want to get technical, dozens upon dozens, and yes I’m being generous), we can finally crown our new Hot Slut of the Year. Miss Hot Slut of 2017 doesn’t only win a title that I’m sure they’ll have engraved on their tombstone, but they also win a prize package consisting of absolutely fucking nothing because I don’t have a budget!

Without further adieu-doo, our Hot Slut of 2017 is….

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