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Whoopi Goldberg And Claudia Jordan Clap Back At Meghan Markle For Her “Deal Or No Deal” ‘Bimbo Comment

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Long gone are the days when Meghan Markle had to rely on her beauty to charm the masses on Deal Or No Deal because her beauty isn’t charming anyone over in jolly ol’ England. And even though she’ll never have to parade around in clearance rack Forever 21 outfits anymore, she still wanted to express how objectified she felt during her time as one of the 26 Case Queens on the show. Well, her words fell upon some very awakened ears as both The View host Whoopi Goldberg and her former co-worker Claudia Jordan are making Meghan eat her words with a few of their own.

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Glamour Was Alive And Well At The NAACP Image Awards

January 16, 2018 / Posted by:

I think Auntie Maxine likes it! This was one red carpet that wasn’t a hot mess. Tracee Ellis Ross usually has “Best Dressed” on lock at just about any awards show she attends. However, come time for the NAACP Image Awards, she’s got some stiff competition. The attendees of this year’s awards did not come to play and Tracee’s outfit faded into the background. That’s because the red carpet was on fire!

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Claudia Jordan Says She Was Talking Out Of Her Ass About Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes

June 22, 2016 / Posted by:

If you didn’t know who Claudia Jordan was, you learned who she was yesterday when she made WORLDWIDE HEADLINES for confirming that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are bumping nipples. Claudia (who was in The Real Housewives of Atlanta was Briefcase Model #1 on Deal or No Deal) is friends with Jamie, and on the Allegedly podcast yesterday, she earned a dozen thirst points by saying that he’s very happy with Katie Holmes. But somebody (read: Suri) must have gotten to Claudia and told her to fix it, because now she’s backpedalling so hard that she’s probably developed six-packs on her calves.

After Claudia said that Jamie and Katie are very happy, she told Entertainment Tonight that she had no idea what she was talking about. If there was video footage of Claudia on the Allegedly podcast, you’d clearly see her spreading her ass cheeks open in front of a mic to let her b-hole do the talking, because that info about Jamie and Katie has as much weight as a fart. Claudia told ET that she has no idea if FoxHol is real, she’s never seem them together, Jamie has never told her that they’re together and she “misspoke.” The clip is actually kind of funny, because Claudia keeps repeating herself and wants to nail it into our brains that she knows nothing about FoxHol. If you looked into her head, you’d see her brain jizzing from a camera being on her, but you’d also see her praying that Jamie Foxx doesn’t kick her out of his entourage.

Or maybe it wasn’t Jamie or Katie who got to Claudia. Maybe just maybe Katie has some weird agreement with Tom Cruise and Scientology to not let her relationships go public. Maybe it was Tommy who got to Claudia. I mean, Claudia does look like she’s trying not to laugh while remembering the moment when Little Lord Tommy got in her face and threatened her while standing on a stack of phone books on an apple box.

And since I brought up Claudia’s ass, here it is in an old bikini photo shoot a few years ago:


Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Are Really A Thing, So Says Claudia Jordan

June 21, 2016 / Posted by:

Here I was thinking that FoxHol (or is it JamKat? HoJam?) was just a fake thing that the tabloids created and pulled out whenever shit got really, really slow. Kind of like the zillion stories about the non-existent babies growing in Jennifer Aniston’s body. But Jamie Foxx’s friend Claudia Jordan (seen above looking a Miss Kitty mess while standing next to him at an awards show last year) claims that he has really dicked all of the remaining Thetans out of Katie Holmes and they’re really happy together. Well, if an ex-Deal or No Deal trick turned fallen Real Housewife of Atlanta said it, it must be completely and totally true!

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