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Open Post: Hosted By “Jeopardy!” Champion Mattea Roach Losing By Just $1

May 9, 2022 / Posted by:

The last year of Jeopardy! has been a wild ride. Last July Matt Amodio kicked things off with a 38-game winning streak. In November, amazing Amy Schneider began her historic run; she won 40 consecutive games and became the second most-winning contestant in Jeopardy! history (after host Ken Jennings). Then, last month, we met Mattea Roach, a 23-year-old Canadian tutor with a nose ring and a passion for gesticulating with her hands. She managed to win 23 games and over $560,983 ($720,000 Canadian), making her the champion with the fifth-most wins. Alas, Mattea was finally defeated on Friday, losing by just $1 ($1.30 Canadian).

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Open Post: Hosted By Ashley Tisdale Making Her Husband Buy 400 Books For Her Architectural Digest Shoot

March 31, 2022 / Posted by:

Last year Ashley Tisdale moved into a new house when she was seven months pregnant with daughter Jupiter, who just turned 1. Apparently, Ashley is super into interior design, and she dove headfirst into decorating her new LA pad with pieces she found on Instagram. This month all her hard work paid off; she scored a coveted celebrity home tour with Architectural Digest! Oo la la.

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A Kentucky Senator Came For Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, And Dolly’s Sister Stella Defended Her

March 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Dolly Parton is a singer, actress, scientist, and actual saint. Her children’s literacy foundation, Imagination Library, has provided over 100 million free books to children under 5 since it began in 1990. On Wednesday, at a legislative committee meeting in Frankfort, Kentucky Senator Stephen Meredith made his case for Senate Bill 164, which proposes a state partnership with Dolly’s program. At first, it sounded like a great idea. Kentucky will provide funding for Imagination Library. More books for kids! But, TWIST. Stephen snuck in this little tidbit: is the subject matter in Dolly’s books appropriate? Translation: the Republican senator wants to censor what kids read. This did not go over well with Dolly’s younger sister, Stella Parton, who jumped onto Twitter to defend Imagination Library, question the Senator’s IQ score, and refer to Republicans as “GOP nimrods.” Damn, are all 11 of Dolly’s siblings badasses like her? Dolly’s parents did good.

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Dolly Parton Co-Wrote A Novel With James Patterson And A Whole Album Of Songs To Go With It

August 12, 2021 / Posted by:

What won’t she do!? In the past few years alone, Dolly Parton has killed then resuscitated her husband with the kiss of life dressed as a Playboy Bunny, snatched a child away from certain death, eschewed false idols, left two Presidents on read, blessed humanity with a life-saving vaccine and, in the nicest possible way, called RuPaul ugly to his face. And to the list of miracles she’s performed, we can add: getting me to read a James Patterson joint. According to USA Today, Dolly has co-authored a thriller with James called Run, Rose, Run which will be released next year along with a new album of songs inspired by the book. Thanks to Dolly, the Hudson Booksellers at your local airport just became THE place to be in 2022!

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JK Rowling Was One Of The Public Figures That Signed The Cancel Cancel Culture Open Letter

July 8, 2020 / Posted by:

In an attempt to continue on with her beloved transphobic tirades (sans all those pesky consequences), J.K. Rowling, along with a bunch of other very serious academics and authors, has signed “a letter on justice and open debate” condemning cancel culture. It was published yesterday on the Harper’s Magazine website.

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Shakira Used The Lockdown To Get A Course Certificate In Ancient Philosophy From The University Of Pennsylvania

April 24, 2020 / Posted by:

What have you accomplished during the pandemic? I’ve thought about starting yoga (baby steps), perfected my grilled cheese recipe, and watched roughly one thousand hours of television. So, yeah. I’m busy. But you’d think Shakira, iconic and ageless shaker of crotch and anus, would use this life-pause to rest her poor hips. After all, she’s a 43-year-old mom to two young boys who just headlined the Super Bowl halftime show.

But nope. Shakira, who’s in lockdown at her home in Barcelona (Spain has the highest number of corona-cases in Europe), proves that she can get shit done Whenever Wherever! She completed an online Ancient Philosophy course from the University of Pennsylvania after her kids went to bed. Wow, and with so much on her Plato (I’m so sorry)! Continue reading

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