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Louis C.K. Has Been Dropped By His Team And FX (And Pamela Adlon Released A Statement)

November 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Widely admired” comedian Louis C.K.’s (turns out he was actually jacking off to how awesome he thought he was) recent admission to beating off in front of five women who hadn’t requested such a service has pretty much lowered his career’s coffin into the ground. The Los Angeles Times reports that his manager, publicist, and the FX network (where a lot of Louis’ projects lived) have parted ways with him. He’s also been dropped from The Secret Life of Pets 2. Admiration is short-lived when you’re outed as a creepster. Continue reading

Louis C.K. Admits That All The Allegations Against Him Are True

November 10, 2017 / Posted by:

I was going to title this, “Louis C.K. Comes Clean,” but it’s Friday, and nobody deserves that pun.

Because I’m SLYCIC, I heard you beg, “Oh, Dlisted writers, please post yet another skin-crawling story about a famous creep, ” so here’s yet another post about a famous creep. I have a feeling that another drought will soon be upon us from everyone taking boiling hot showers and scrubbing their skin down with Bar Keepers Best Friend after reading all these type of posts.

When The New York Times did a story (that Gawker did years ago) about Louis C.K. having a thing for jacking off in front of women who never had “Watch Louis C.K. Jack Off” on the list of things they want to see, his manager only said that he “never threatened anyone.” It was very different than the other denials we’ve been hearing from accused gropers, molesters, harassers and/or rapists of Hollywood. It had a touch of admission of guilt to me, and it turns out, it did. Louis gave a statement to everyone today, admitting that his five accusers weren’t lying. Everyone who said that those women are lying since they took so long to tell their stories must be so confused to live in a world where accusations can turn out to be true. What a world!

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Here Come Consequences: HBO, Netflix And FX Decide What To Do About Louis C.K.

November 10, 2017 / Posted by:

Many people are donning face masks and running the opposite direction of human cootie Louis C.K. after the New York Times article accusing him of sexual misconduct blew up his spot. For years, rumors have been emanating from him like the little stink squiggles coming off of Pig Pen’s head. Yet his career continued to blossom and grow. Well, those halcyon days are over now. The New York Times is now reporting that HBO has taken a hard line with Louis and have basically cancelled his entire ass.

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Five Women Have Accused Louis C.K. Of Sexual Misconduct

November 9, 2017 / Posted by:

Five years ago, Gawker published a blind item about a certain beloved comedian and sitcom star who was rumored to trap female comics in his hotel room and force them to watch him jerk off. A few years later, they published a piece heavily implying the non-consensual hotel room masturbator was Louis C.K.

Many people have brought up those allegations, including Roseanne and comedian Tig Notaro. Louis C.K. once addressed them by brushing them off. If Louis C.K. wants to continue to ignore the rumors, he might want to book a hotel room and lock himself inside with some ear plugs and a blindfold. Because The New York Times has just published a piece exposing several of his alleged non-consensual antics.

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Prepare To Get Deja Vu From The Trailer For Louis C.K.’s “I Love You, Daddy”

October 19, 2017 / Posted by:

Of all the weeks to release the first trailer for a Woody Allen-esque movie about an older Hollywood filmmaker preying on a young woman and her equally-Hollywood dad who is only sort-of worried about it all, maaaaaaaybe this shouldn’t have been that week. But regardless, the first trailer for Louis C.K.’s new film I Love You, Daddy was released yesterday.

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Louis C.K. Is Sorry For That Time He Hissed At Sarah Palin On Twitter

April 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Way back in 2010, comedian and hot Ginger daddy (don’t judge me) Louis C. K. composed a series of drunken tweets on an airplane, one of which was directed at living Bumpit Sarah Palin. Although to be fair, who isn’t guilty of getting drunk and tweeting shit about Sarah Palin? Let he who is without tweet against that dumb shit from Alaska be without…something something…cast the first stone (oh Jesus, speaking of getting drunk on an airplane, it appears I’m still whatever the word for jet lagged + hungover is). Louis C.K. had referred to Sarah Palin as a “fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl“. No offense to the real Wonder Girl, I’m sure.

Five years later, Louis C.K. tells Howard Stern (via People) that he’s sorry for ever calling her a fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl. Louis was approached by Sarah Palin at the SNL 40th Anniversary after-party in February because Sarah said her nephew, who was her date that night, told her that she had to say Hi to Louis C.K. and that he’s the one guy she had to meet. That’s when, according to Louis, “something came over me emotionally” and he apologized. Louis also told Howard he’s never apologized for any of his jokes before that night.

And just like a broken spring in a Whac-A-Mole game, Sarah Palin popped out of her hole in Wasilla to add to his story. Sarah tells People that she was “sincerely humbled” that he would apologize and laughed it off, because she hadn’t even heard what he’d said about her. Yeah right. As if Sarah Palin hasn’t ever switched internet providers in order to handle the bandwidth required for her to examine every single one of her Google alerts that contain the words “Sarah Palin” plus several expletives.

Louis C.K. also added that Sarah Palin invited him to come fishing with her in Alaska. Don’t do it Louis! It’s a trap! First she gets you in a boat in the middle of nowhere with the promise of fish, then Joe the Plumber pulls up on a Sea-Doo, she hops out of the boat, and they speed away, leaving you all alone with nothing but a thin piece of tin between your ass and an ice alien from The Thing.

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