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Elaine Stritch Proves That You Aren’t Ever Too Old To Drop A Beautiful F-Bomb On Morning Television

February 18, 2014 / Posted by:

While covered in more fur than Rabbit Island and showing Arthur the Aardvark how Coke bottle glasses are really worn, the legendary Elaine Stritch is officially out of fucks to give, because she spit out her last one on the fourth hour of Today this morning.

89-year-old Elaine was on Today to talk about her documentary Shoot Me and as she rested her Keds-covered hooves on a Kathie Lee Gifford footstool (found in the clearance section of your local Raymour & Flanigan), the Kathie Lee Gifford footstool spoke and asked her about her bluntness. Kathie Lee Gifford asked for it! When you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. When you breathe in Kathie Lee’s breath, you’re going to get drunk. When you ask Elaine Stritch about her bluntness, you’re going to get the fuck word in your ears. Here’s the drop of YES that came out of Elaine’s mouth:

“Thank god it’s hasn’t been … not passed on television. If you just say things naturally, it’s fine. They’re just thinking ‘fuck.’”

Kathie Lee Gifford screamed, “Oh dear! Oh dear,” and I’m going to assume that at the same time that Elaine dropped that f-bomb, her breakfast wine buzz started to wear off and she got nervous. Because there’s no way Kathie Lee Gifford could’ve been freaking out over the fuck word. It’s the fourth hour of Today! I mean, I, for one, believe that children should learn the fuck word very early on, because it’s really one of the only words in the English language that matters, but children are not watching the fourth hour of Today. The only people watching the fourth hour of Today are people who have given up on life a long time ago and constantly say, “fuck it,” out loud to themselves, so an f-bomb is the opposite of shocking to them. And by “them” I mean “us,” because I watch that mess. It comforts me knowing that someone is more of an incoherent mess in the morning than me.

And where’s the petition to get Elaine Stritch and fellow f-bomber Sue Simmons to be the new fourth hour co-hosts of Today?

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Joan Collins Shares The Three Keys To A Happy Marriage

February 4, 2014 / Posted by:

Joan Collins is life’s greatest and wisest Sage and when she gifts the world with rhinestone-encrusted words of wisdom we should all adjust our lives according to her advice. Every night, I squeeze my skinny fat body into a bath tub full of Mr. Bubbles and sip on a Diamond Water bottle full of white zinfandel mixed with soda water, because Joan has made it perfectly clear that the three keys to staying glamorous are diamonds, bubble baths and champagne. The fourth key is to become majority shareholder in your arch rival’s company, which is why I try to win at least one game of Monopoly on my iPhone a week.

Pull out your notebooks, because Joan Collins is spitting out some priceless advice again. Joan was on Loose Women yesterday promoting her one-woman show and they asked the 81-year-old glamour goddess what are the top three most important things in her 11 year marriage with her 48-year-old fifth husband Percy Gibson and she said:

“Sex, sex, sex.”

Smear the strawberries and champagne-scented lube all over your fuck parts and get it in as much as you can, whores, because Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan has spoken! The keys to happiness are diamonds, bubble baths, champagne, corporate takeovers and SEX!

Dreams Do Come True: Richard Simmons In Ginger Drag

September 23, 2013 / Posted by:

While the Emmys were bumming everyone the shit out by showing us dead person after dead person, Richard Simmons was giving everybody life on Twitter. During the show, the spawn of Billy Crystal and a Care Bear, made anus lips twitch and tingle into a frenzy by tweeting pictures of him dragged up as various TV characters. You better shove an ice cube up your ass, because if you don’t, the sight of Richard Simmons in all kinds of drag will make your prostate melt and drip out of your body.

Who cares if Richard Simmons as Walter White looks more like Justin Bieber after his music career dies and he tries to make it in the world of female tennis. Who cares if Richard Simmons as Sister Jude from AHS: Asylum looks more like a strung out Tan Mom. And who cares if Richard Simmons in Game of Thrones drag looks like a sober White Oprah SANS FARDS. All of this is perfection wrapped in a rainbow wrapped in a unicorn’s air kiss wrapped in another layer of perfection.

Miley will most likely Instagram a picture of her wearing nothing but a clit cozy today and that’ll make my head swallow my eyeballs for once and for all, and that’s okay. I’ve seen everything there is to see now that I’ve seen Richard Simmons in drag as Phoebe Price. It’s like heaven jacked off in my eyes.

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Bill Nye Is Totally Going To Win DWTS!

September 17, 2013 / Posted by:

The 750th season of Dancing with No Stars (And A-Listers Like Valerie Harper, Nomi Malone And Bill Nye) premiered last night and I’m already writing in to Congress, the Supreme Court and Betty White (since she is the supreme decision maker of America) to ask them to disqualify a few of those whores for unfair practices!

Amber Riley from Glee and Corbin Bleu from High School Musical got the highest scores of the night, which is surprising to absolutely no one since they’ve both danced professionally before. They tried to play it off by spitting out some shit like, “I haven’t taken a dance class in years! I’ve been focusing on my singing! I miss dancing! I’ve never danced with a partner before! I barely know what dancing is!,” but please. Those lying, cheating whores. Yes, Elizabeth Berkley tied with Corbin for the second highest score of the night and she’s one of the most skilled dancers in the world (see: practically ever scene in Showgirls), but anybody who’s been in Showgirls can do no wrong, so I’ll let her slide.

Anyway, even though Amber Riley was 3 points away from a perfect score and should probably be declared the winner so we can be spared from watching the rest of the season, Bill Nye was the star of the night. Because he’s Bill Nye the Science Guy, he just had to dance to a song with the word “science” in it. Bill and his partner Tyne Stecklein did the Cha-cha-cha to “Weird Science.” He looked like a half-paralyzed grandpa turtle on extra-strength ludes trying to crawl to a piece of wet lettuce. What I’m trying to say is that his dance was amazing and all the votes should go to Bill.


Bill Nye’s performance is the only performance you need, but click here if you really need to see the others.

The True Star Of NYC Election Night

September 11, 2013 / Posted by:

No, I’m not talking about Bill de Blasio. Yeah, he came in first in the Democratic mayoral race and got over 40 percent of the votes, but none of that would have happened if he didn’t get an endorsement from the sun’s ambassador ROJO CALIENTE! During Bill de Blasio’s campaign for NYC mayor, Rojo Caliente and her wife Cynthia Nixon have been supporting him and so of course he was going to win. While watching Bill give his victory speech last night, New Yorkers felt their retinas tingle as though a dash of cayenne pepper blew into their eyes. They didn’t even listen to any of the words that came out of Bill de Blasio’s mouth, because they were too busy taking in the luminous beauty of the humanized Statue of Liberty torch. Behind every Bill de Blasio is Rojo Caliente stealing the spotlight without even trying.

And here’s another picture courtesy of Sara:


Even Bill de Blasio’s son’s glorious afro and his daughter’s renaissance fair headband can’t take the attention away from Rojo. All hail Rojo! The Mayor of the Universe!

And I hate myself hard for somehow missing these pictures of Rojo, Cynthia Nixon and Susan Sarandon playing ping pong at a de Blasio event last month.

Pics: Splash, NY Times (Thanks to Sara, LeAura and everybody else who sent this in)

Sir Patrick Stewart Got Married (UPDATE)

September 8, 2013 / Posted by:


I totally wouldn’t be surprised if Sir Patrick Stewart and his piece got stoned before getting married in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.

73-year-old international treasure Patrick Stewart announced on Twitter today that he got married to his 35-year-old jazz singer girlfriend of 4 years Sunny Ozell. When Sunny Ozell gets beamed up to heaven, she will be directed to the VIP entrance when she says, “Hello, I was Patrick Stewart’s third wife.” Yes, Sunny Ozell is young enough to call Patrick Stewart “Pepaw Picard” for real, but she has very good reasons for marrying him : HE’S PATRICK FUCKING STEWART, he’s a millionaire, he can easily get her a dinner invitation from George Takei and HE’S PATRICK FUCKING STEWART.

Patrick Stewart’s rep confirms to HuffPo that he’s somebody’s husband, but the rep Super Glued their lips shut about all other details. Did he do all four takes when Sunny said “I do“? Did he perform a Shakespearean sonnet as his vows? (If the answer is yes, then he’ll probably win a few Tonys from it). And more importantly, did Magneto marry him and Sunny? If he did, then set phasers to YAAAAAASSSS!!!!

UPDATE: Ian McKellen posted this picture on Facebook with the note, “I did my part.”  Dreams do come true!


Here’s Patrick Stewart and Sunny O at the opera last year.

Pics: Splash

A Manic, Bedazzled Tornado Of Fabulous Messiness Hit Jimmy Kimmel Live Last Night

September 5, 2013 / Posted by:

After the gay Tasmanian devil on molly that is Richard Simmons exited Jimmy Kimmel’s Live studio by crashing through the wall, the audience picked the shards of sequins off of their eyeballs and tried to figure out what just happened. Shit, my ass just watched both videos three times and I don’t know what happened.

In the span of 8 minutes, the true queen of pop gave Bill Hader a lap dance, lovingly caressed Jimmy Kimmel’s face, licked the questions off of Jimmy’s card like they tasted like piña colada lube, spoke in a “Mexican” accent that was almost as bad as the “Mexican” accent Dania Ramirez does on Devious Maids, flashed the basket of baby peaches in his pants, twerked to the oldies, cried about thirsty orphans, stripped down and got into Jane Fonda drag. And he did it all while wearing the most clothes I’ve ever seen him wear. He was dressed like the principal at Liberace’s Academy of Music.

I feel like I need to drink ten cartons of orange juice and lie down in a dark room. It’s like I’m coming down from E. Nothing makes me pucker like watching Richard Simmons go full Richard Simmons.

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Katy Perry And Lady Gaga, Who?

August 20, 2013 / Posted by:

Short, long, straight or curly?” isn’t just a question you ask yourself every time you’re about to wash, cut and style your pubes. It’s also the lyrics to the soon-to-be worldwide #1 on iTunes, multiple Grammy-winning song “Hair Do” from Richard Simmons.

As the Little Monsters and the Katycats fight over which one of their queens is going to claim the throne (yes, I am technically an adult human and I wrote that sentence), the pop dandelion Richard Simmons is casually skipping up the rainbow to the top of the charts! Richard Simmons queefed out the lyric video for “Hair Do” and it’s like a lost level on Rainbow Island (I can’t believe I remember that video game).

I can’t even remember the choruses to “Meow” and “Applesauce,” but I know that the award-winning lyrics “short, long, straight curleeee” are forever embedded into my brain and in 40 years, I won’t remember shit, but I will remember that lyric.

And Nicki Minaj can retire permanently, because Richard Simmons is the now the new Princess of Rap.

Pics: Splash

Dick Van Dyke Was Rescued From His Flaming Jaguar Today

August 19, 2013 / Posted by:

The international treasure with one of my favorite full names (for obvious reasons), Dick Van Dyke (formal name: Penis Van Lesbian), nearly did The Penguin Dance up to heaven today when his Jaguar burst into flames on the 101 freeway in Calabasas, CA. The Los Angeles Times says that the police were called when Dick’s car turned into a goddamn chiminea on the right shoulder of the freeway at around 2 this afternoon.

Dick apparently had no idea that his car was on fire and he had no idea that he was seconds or minutes away from becoming a flaming Dick. TMZ says a dude named Jason Pennington was driving by and noticed that a pepaw was stuck inside the burning car. Jason pulled Dick Van Dyke out of his flaming car and saved a jewel of humanity! Dick was a little out of it, but he didn’t have any injuries and didn’t need to be taken to the hospital.

It doesn’t surprise me that Dick Van Dyke was saved from a fiery death. Remember when a pod of porpoises magically saved Dick Van Dyke after he fell asleep on a surfboard? Dick Van Dyke is never going to die. Porpoises and heroes named Jason Pennington won’t let him. Thank every God for that.

And here’s the aftermath of Dick’s Jaguar courtesy of Mrs. Van Dyke.

And This Is Why I Love Sean Young

August 15, 2013 / Posted by:

Charlize Theron is an Oscar-winning actress, gets dozens of scripts thrown at her weekly, is considered gorgeous to many and is still relevant. Sean Young was in Blade Runner over 30 years ago, threw whatever dignity she had left to the side to shamelessly try to get the role of Catwoman, got fired from Dick Tracy, was on Celebrity Rehab and came in last place on Skating with Celebrities. So it is mind-bogglingly crazy that Ridley Scott would cast Charlize Theron in Prometheus instead of THEE Sean Young! If you detected even a drop of sarcasm in that sentence, then you need to get your sarcasm detector fixed, because I am serious.

Sean Young knows that she’s hot shit and at the premiere of her movie Jug Face, she told Entertainment Tonight that her Blade Runner director Ridley Scott should’ve cast her in Prometheus instead of that basic ho Charlize Theron.

“I am going to say this on the record – why in the hell does Ridley Scott have Charlize Theron in that part instead of me? It’s like she was bored out of her mind, you can see it, and it’s like oh my god! That would have been really good for me, right? It would have been a nod to people who like Blade Runner, it would have been like, ‘See, I’m using Sean again,’ right? Nah.”

Sean also recently said that when she heard Ridley was making another Blade Runner movie, she started calling his office and he hasn’t called her back. If Ridley doesn’t cast Sean in it, she thinks we should all boycott it.

I mean, what in the hell do you say to all of that?! When Sean Young is right, Sean Young is right! Charlize Theron might be hot, but Sean Young is so fucking hot. Sean Young just doesn’t give a shit and she hasn’t given a shit since before some of us were born. She don’t care! She is an iconic mess and anybody who has seen her delicately exquisite website (complete with a PayPal donation link) knows this is a fact.

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