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Amber Rose Is Being Sued For Claiming She Bought A Strip Club

February 24, 2017 / Posted by:

While accepting the Vanguard Award at the All Def Movie Awards on Wednesday night, former stripper Amber Rose told the audience that she had bought the popular Los Angeles strip club Ace of Diamonds. Amber, who was there with former fellow stripper Blac Chyna, didn’t elaborate on when she bought the strip club or why. She just said she bought it and that was that.

There’s just one little problem. Ace of Diamonds claims she didn’t buy it and TMZ says that they’re suing her for slander and they want $1 million. SKWS Enterprises, who own Ace of Diamonds, calls Amber’s claim “unequivocally false.” The lawsuit adds that Ace of Diamonds hasn’t been sold to anyone, much less to Amber Rose.

But it sounds like Amber is sure she’s about to be a strip club owner. TMZ says that back in December, Amber formed a corporation called Ace of Diamonds, Inc. and filed for a trademark on that name as well as a trademark for the abbreviation “AoD.” The documents for the trademark request describe the company as “entertainment services in the nature of live dance performances” and “gentlemen’s clubs featuring exotic dancing.” Basically, Amber Rose is trying to open a strip club called Ace of Diamonds. Her trademark request hasn’t been approved yet, but she tells TMZ that she plans on opening a new location in a month and a half.

I’m wondering why the owners of Ace of Diamonds never trademarked their business name? Someone is obviously going to have to change their name. Just a simple change so you don’t get hit with a cease-and-desist. Like Ass of Diamonds. Sounds kind of like the old name, and it tells people exactly what they’re getting.

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Amber Rose And Val Chmerkovskiy Have Broken Up

February 11, 2017 / Posted by:

SlutWalk-er Amber Rose and Dancing With The Stars hoofer Val Chmerkovskiy have broken up. Did she find out he might be bi? No, USWeekly informs us that the couple ended their five-month relationship because of their differences. Was one of those differences that she wanted him to call her “Muva” and he demurred? Someone giving themselves their own nickname and then not spelling it correctly is problematic and I would leave, too.

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Amber Rose Won’t Date Bisexual Guys

January 8, 2017 / Posted by:

This is one of those posts that’s sure to inspire heated discussion. Would you date a bisexual guy? Speaking for myself – hell no! I have enough strikes against me (pudge, I’m a [redacted]-year-old who’s still into comic books, I’m stereotypically Irish in the pants, my dog has this growth that he chews on until it bleeds, etc.) without having to compete with the beautiful and enticing mystery that is the vagina! Masturbation for healthy skin proponent and Loveline’s current co-host Amber Rose feels similarly.

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Amber Rose’s Secret To Glowing Skin Is Getting Busy With Yourself

October 12, 2016 / Posted by:

Sparkling pink tourmaline tennis bracelet Amber Rose doesn’t really have a specific job, but I’d say if she had to pick something to write on her census form, she should write “sex-ed teacher.” Because Amber Rose has taught us many things about our bodies and our horny selves. Like about how pussy doesn’t need to rest and using your sex skills to get money. She recently found a way to combine a sex tip with a beauty tip. That’s called multitasking!

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We Now Know What The Original Lyrics Of “Famous” Were

October 7, 2016 / Posted by:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with a shaky wifi connection, you know that Taylor Swift currently hates Kanye West because of a lyric (that she did/didn’t approve) that references having sex with her in his song “Famous.” The lyric in question is:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.

As it turns out, that’s actually a second draft lyric re-write. The original demo of “Famous” made its way onto the internet yesterday. I have bad news for Taylor’s lawyers: you’re probably going to be working this weekend.

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Amber Rose Is Sorry For Accusing Julianne Hough Of Body-Shaming

October 4, 2016 / Posted by:

Last week, Dancing with the Very Loose Definition of Stars found themselves attached to a little post-show drama over Amber Rose’s body. Amber claimed on an episode of Loveline with Amber Rose that after she and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed a salsa to Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty“, she overheard judge Julianne Hough make a crack about feeling “a little uncomfortable.” Amber accused Julianne of body-shaming her XXL ass and thighs. Julianne swore in a statement that she was only shading Amber’s slo-mo moves. Well, one week later, the boot-scooting booty battle has fizzled out with an on-air apology.

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