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Amber Rose And 21 Savage Aren’t Officially Broken Up Until She Stops Sniffing His Drawers

March 24, 2018 / Posted by:

Amber Rose, 34, has confirmed that she and 21 Savage, 25, are over. Sort of. During an appearance on radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood (via Bossip), the Slut Walk spokeswoman explained that she and er, 21 are no longer a couple. Their break-up doesn’t mean that she’s not still madly in love with him. In fact, she’s so madly deeply, so incredibly sprung, has caught so many feelings over Mr. Savage, that she claims she hung on to a pair of his drawers and sniffs the crotch area daily. As our male readers note how sweaty downstairs can get during a working day and how they wouldn’t let a woman they HATE smell the crotch of their end-of-the-day panties out of a reflexive concern for human life, let’s recognize what Amber’s confession means. It means REAL LOVE. Continue reading


Amber Rose And 21 Savage Are No More

March 15, 2018 / Posted by:

You know what? Even if there was an abundance of pictures of Amber Rose and 21 Savage at my disposal, I still would have picked this one. May this goofy picture of Amber dressed as Captain Save-A-Ho and 21 Savage dressed as – I want to say a bad attempt at Björn Borg? – help ease you into this devastating news.

According to People, 34-year-old Amber and 25-year-old 21 Savage have split up after about nine months of dating. A source says, “They are definitely off. They are not together.” Amber and 21 Savage have also stopped following each other on Instagram, and have deleted all evidence of each other off their IG pages. There you have it, confirmation that they are absolutely, 100% over.

However, Amber spoke to The Shade Room about unfollowing 21 Savage, and she claims that she only deleted a picture of him because it featured her son Sebastian, and people “we’re going in on him.” She also says she accidentally unfollowed him after unfollowing 100 people.

“We’re still together, I just unfollowed over 100 people though,. His unfollow was on accident – It’s back up now.”

Except that a peek at Amber Rose’s Instagram shows that she might have accidentally hit that unfollow button again. People notes that the last time Amber and 21 Savage were seen together in public was on Valentine’s Day.

This is still just so shocking to me. I mean, I refuse to believe that Amber Rose couldn’t make it work with her decade-younger boy toy rapper. There must be dark-sided external forces at work here. Blac Chyna, guard your life and your 18-year-old boyfriend, you might be next!


MTV VMA’s Fashion: Everybody Please Report For Detention

August 28, 2017 / Posted by:

There was so much fashion fuckery at the MTV VMAs last night, I barely know where to begin! If the Teen Choice Awards are the Middle School dance of awards shows, then the VMA’s are the Junior Prom at an alternative performing arts magnet school. Since it’s high school, I’ll be announcing the winners and losers in several categories. The first category is Most Obvious Genitalia, and that award goes to none other than Nicki Minaj.

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Amber Rose Is Being Sued By Wiz Khalifa’s Mom

August 10, 2017 / Posted by:

There is a very messy feud happening at the moment between Amber Rose and her former mother-in-law, a woman named Katie “Peachie” Wimbush-Polk. But unlike regular people, Amber’s fight with Katie isn’t about what kind of fabric softener she uses (“I didn’t realize you used sandpaper instead of towels, dear“). It’s more like the kind that escalates to the point where both parties involved need to call up their lawyers.

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Amber Rose Is Still Apologizing For Her Philly Comments

July 31, 2017 / Posted by:

I remember the first time I saw Amber Rose shaking her couch cushion sized ass in videos back in the day, thinking to myself, “She’s cute, but I hope she never opens her mouth.” For years Amber has been the patron saint of “Shut The Fuck Up.” But last week, South Philly’s finest former lap dance associate decided it was time to make every Philadelphian hate her, when she basically stated that all Philly hoes look like Shrek compared to her. Oh Amber. You silly, bald headed fool. You should have known better than to come for Philly, because when you do, we will chop you up finer than a Dallesandro’s cheesesteak. The backlash she received from her comments prompted a third leg of her endless “I Need More Attention” tour, with Amber apologizing once again.

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