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Hot Slut Of The Day!

August 31, 2016 / Posted by:

The bored, hot and hungry helicopter dude who was bored, hot and hungry while hovering about The Difficult Brown’s lair for what felt like centuries yesterday!

For a good chunk of the day yesterday, TMZ had up a live feed of footage outside of Fist Brown’s Palace of Methed-Out Fuckery because people wanted to know if his latest mess was going to end with a Heat-like shootout or if the LAPD was going to take him up on his really tempting offer and siphon a wet doody bubble out of his asshole. (SPOILER ALERT: It ended with the tattooed and tweaked-out Jack Skellington getting arrested.) But before Chris visited his old friends at the police station, he sat outside of his house for forever. The ingrown hair on humanity’s puffy anus ring sat on the ground and talked to his lawyer as the cops searched his house The people watching waited for something to happen and nothing happened. It was like watching a skid mark dry. And one of the dudes in the helicopter capturing all the riveting footage co-signed that.


Birthday Sluts

August 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Richard Gere (67)
Joe Budden (36)
Jeff Hardy (39)
Shar Jackson (40)
Sara Ramirez (41)
Chris Tucker (45)
Deborah Gibson (46)
Queen Rania of Jordan (46)
Jonathan LaPaglia (47)
Dee Bradley Baker (54)
Gina Schock (57)
Julie Brown (58)
Marcia Clark (63)
Van Morrison (71)

Pic: Herb Ritts/Fashographyscans


Night Crumbs

August 30, 2016 / Posted by:

This picture of Drake and RiRi was taken last night, and his face is probably lit up from thinking about how he’s going to go home and make sweet, sensitive love to his soulmate (and yes, he cried after). But I’d like to think that he made the same face today after finding out that Chris Brown was arrested – Lainey Gossip 

No. No. No. I am not for building walls, but we need to immediately build a wall around South Carolina so that the clowns don’t get out! – Egotastic

If Kim Zolciak keeps Kylie Jenner’ing her mouth, she’s pretty much going to be nothing but a pair of giant plastic lips in a polyester wig in a few months – Reality Tea 

Joshua Jackson maybe wants Diane Kruger back – Celebitchy


Spike Jonze directed Andie McDowell’s daughter in a perfume commercial for Kenzo. And judging by that commercial, I’m guessing that the main ingredient in that perfume is METH – Drunken Stepfather

Matt Boner is playing a transgender woman in a movie, and not everyone is happy about it – Towleroad

I barely know who Madison Beer is (no, she is not a refreshing alcoholic beverage from Wisconsin), but I do know that she’s trying to go full 90s – WWTDD

Today’s definition of “tragic” is brought to you by Kendall Jenner’s ensemble – Popoholic

Brad Pitt is totally going to hump on that gigantic overpriced bear after getting stoned one night – Jezebel

A bunch of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models went to a summer event fully clothed – IDLYITW

This video is very “no-budget community theater production of Game of ThronesHollywood Tuna

I would, all of them – SOW

Jena Malone got engaged – Popsugar

Henry Cavill is obviously getting extra meaty and beefy for Superman, but is he also playing Stretch Armstrong in a movie? – Just Jared

Pic: Splash


The Difficult Brown’s “Standoff” With The Cops Ended With Him Getting Arrested

August 30, 2016 / Posted by:

Seen above holding court in what looks like the friendliest police standoff ever (they obviously can’t get enough of his fart jokes), Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon today. And just as that happened, a judge in L.A. slipped their hand into a moisturizing glove because they want it to be extra soft when they give famous and rich convicted felon Chris Brown a delicate slap on the wrist in court.


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