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Whoopi Goldberg Is Back At “The View” After Her Two-Week Suspension

February 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Anyone who had $20 on “Whoopi’s not coming back” in their The View betting pool is out some cash today. Because Whoopi Goldberg made her return to the moderator’s chair at The View. Whoopi was forced to take a two-week mandatory self-reflection break after she said that the Holocaust wasn’t about race. It didn’t go over well. It went over so poorly, Whoopi was forced to issue several apologies, and she was put in a 14-day time out. But, she has served her time to the satisfaction of ABC, because of Whoopi’s back! And this time, she’s…well, she’s still probably going to say stuff that makes people at home yell “Whoopi, no!“.

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Whoopi Goldberg Is Sorry For Saying The Holocaust Wasn’t About Race

February 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday on The View, the ladies got into a Hot Topics discussion about several books that have recently been removed from several American schools. And towards the end, Whoopi Goldberg shot her co-hosts the kind of look that Whoopi normally used to reserve for any time that Meghan McCain opened her mouth. It’s a look that says, “Girl, what in the world are you talking about.” Except for this time, it was us at home giving Whoopi that look, while Whoopi herself let out a questionable theory about the Holocaust. Specifically, the Holocaust – aka a genocide specifically targeted at European Jews – wasn’t about race. Naturally, it wasn’t received well, and Whoopi has since apologized for what she said.

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Whoopi Goldberg Returned To “The View” And Revealed She Now Uses A Walker Because Of Sciatica

June 30, 2021 / Posted by:

65-year-old Whoopi Goldberg had been missing from The View for almost a week, leaving Meghan McCain unchecked for seven days so her malevolent energies could grow. The last time Whoopi had an extended absence from the show it was because she almost died of pneumonia. Health issues struck again, as People says that Whoopi was gone this time for issues with sciatica which has given her some bulging disc problems. Now the Dragon Tamer is forced to use a walker.

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Whoopi Goldberg And Meghan McCain Got Into A Very Messy Fight On “The View,” Which Ended In A Joint Apology

June 17, 2021 / Posted by:

That look of pure exasperation on Whoopi Goldberg’s face can only mean one of two things: the dry cleaners way over-starched her favorite white dress shirt (“I said light starch! Whoopi is a casual woman!“), or she’s been trapped in a messy on-air argument with Meghan McCain again. Today on The View, Meghan turned up her patented brand of adult brattiness, except this time, her usual favorite target Joy Behar was spared, and Whoopi was caught in the line of fire instead. It got so bad, both women had to offer up an awkward, uncomfortable apology afterward. Ironic, considering their whole fight actually started because of a fight about apologies.

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Whoopi Goldberg Talked #MeToo, And Neil Patrick Harris Talked About The Time She Offered To Sex Him Up

October 15, 2018 / Posted by:

You can always count of Whoopi Goldberg for a questionable hot take. And since she’s been on The View for at least 12 decades, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to hear her defend Mel Gibson, cape for Cosby, and back up just about any old dude. So it’s not too surprising that Whoopi happily took a small dookie on the Hollywood #metoo movement by stating that actresses need to step up and own the fact that some of them have fucked an “ugly ass man” for a role. Whoopi made the remarks at a talk she was giving in England.

But questionable hot takes aren’t Whoopi’s only Achilles heel. It’s questionable decisions like convincing Ted Danson blackface is A-OK, wearing black lipstick well into the 2000s, and, as was revealed on a recent episode of The View,  propositioning a 15-year-old Neil Patrick Harris with a future sex date. Good luck sleeping with that image in your head tonight!

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Whoopi Goldberg And Charlie Sheen Are Starring In A Movie About 9/11

March 7, 2016 / Posted by:

There’s a sequence of words I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever write. Variety says that Whoopi Goldberg – whose “You need to fire your agent, girl” look in the picture above says it all – and the painful urination sensation known as Charlie Sheen have been cast in a movie about 9/11 called (wait for it) Nine Eleven. It will be directed by Martin Guigui and begins filming on Monday in Long Beach, CA. Because nothing says New York City like Long Beach.

According to Variety, Nine Eleven is about five people trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Not much is known about Whoopi and Charlie’s characters, like whether or not Charlie’s character will believe the government is behind it all. But we do know they’ll be stuck in an elevator along with Luis Guzman (aka Maurice from Boogie Nights), Wood Harris (aka Avon from The Wire), and Olga Fonda (aka Nadia from The Vampire Diaries).

Obviously Whoopi + Charlie Sheen + 9/11 Movie sounds like the formula for the kind of mess that will sweep every category of the Razzies. But who knows? Maybe it won’t be that bad. I will say that there’s a very good chance the performances from Luis, Wood, and Olga will go down in history as some of the most-convincing acting seen this decade. Imagine showing up to work every day and remembering you’re in a movie about September 11th starring Whoopi and Charlie Sheen? I doubt you’d have to act very hard to make people believe you when your character says stuff like “This is a nightmare!” and “Get me out of here!


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