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Jenelle Evans Files For Divorce From David Eason–Wants Back On “Teen Mom” To Make Money Again

November 1, 2019 / Posted by:

Jenelle Evans has decided that divorce is the right choice for her and has filed to break things off with her second husband David Eason. Remember how David shot and killed her dog, Nugget in May because it nipped at their daughter Ensley? And it got them investigated? And their children were taken away? But then she got them back for some reason? But she still lost her high-paying job at MTV? Well, this divorce is about one of those things, the thing that really matters to Jenelle: money.

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“Teen Mom”Jenelle Evans And David Eason Got Two More Dogs

July 15, 2019 / Posted by:

So Jenelle Evans and her alleged dog killing husband, David Eason, have gotten two more dogs. I know. Now, on top of being parents to children they have no business raising or being guardians of, they also have two new dogs in the house for David to kill and hide the bodies so well that the police can’t even find evidence of it being there the kids to play with. This is a big yikes and someone needs to get involved. CPS, PETA, that Sarah McLachlan-singing charity. Everyone.

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David Eason Of “Teen Mom 2” Confronted Jenelle Evans’ Ex, Nathan Griffith, Outside Court

June 5, 2019 / Posted by:

David Eason is continuing his trend of personifying good parenting, elegance and a calm, rational demeanour by getting into a verbal altercation with Nathan GriffinTeen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans‘ ex and father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser, outside of Columbus County Courthouse in North Carolina yesterday. TMZ was there and they caught the whole thing, and you know what? I think all the footage TMZ has of them is really going to help those two asshats get their kids back. (No, it won’t.)

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CPS Has Moved To Remove Jenelle Evans’ Remaining Kids From Her Custody

May 15, 2019 / Posted by:

If you ever have trouble sleeping at night, you can always try the tried and true method of closing your eyes and counting Jenelle Evans’ children. Just picture them hopping over a fence, carefree and safe from the terrifying circumstances at the home of Jenelle and her (alleged) dog murdering, weapons stockpiling, confederate flag loving husband David Eason. Radar reports that a “North Carolina judge ordered all of the children in Jenelle and David’s home be removed from their custody”. Nugget’s ghost (Nugget was the family pet whom David alledgedly beat and shot to death) can finally rest easy knowing all the kiddos are safe. For the time being. And according to People, Jenelle would also like a break because she’s “SO sick of this drama. Everyone wants a piece of my life … like why tho?”. Oh, c’mon Jenelle. No guess at all?

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Jenelle Evans And David Eason Are Reportedly Under CPS Investigation After He Killed Her Dog

May 6, 2019 / Posted by:

Last week, we heard that David Eason, the husband of Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans, earned himself a first class ticket to Hell after he shot her dog Nugget. Nugget nipped and David and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, so he claimed the dog was violent and he had to put Nugget down. Well, David is now being investigated by multiple agencies.

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Got Her Tubes Tied

April 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Jenelle Evans got her tubes tied making it the first time in Teen Mom history a womb has retired. Thank you for your service ,sweet womb, and for going out on a high note (no, that wasn’t a pun about Jenelle’s meth ways, or was it?) and not allowing Jenelle’s gun toting, homophobic husband to create anymore children with you!

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