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Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Talked About The Time He Tried To Kill Her While High On Drugs

September 8, 2020 / Posted by:

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been together since 1979, and got hitched in ’82. She’s stuck with him through the bat-eating days, the drugs, the booze, physical abuse, cheating, and life-threatening manicures. Ozzie and Harriet, they are not. “Naaawr, we Ozzy and SHAAAROOON!”

Now 67-year-old Sharon is opening up about the time a drugged-out Ozzy tried to strangle her to death. Yikes. Sharon recounted the 1989 incident on the documentary “Biography: Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne”, which aired last night on A&E. She says that after she put her three kids to bed, Ozzy calmly approached her and told her she must die.

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Sharon Osbourne Praises Adele’s Weight Loss, Doesn’t Think “Bigger Women” Are Happy With Their Body

May 14, 2020 / Posted by:

Pretty much everyone has had something to say about Adele’s body since she posted a current picture of herself to Instagram. And because Adele continues to look different, body-wise, the general conversation is about Adele is gorgeous no matter what size she’s currently wearing, that her new look shouldn’t be considered an upgrade, and that Adele is no better off skinnier than she is when she was thicker. Except according to Sharon Osbourne, current-day Adele is definitely happier and likes herself more than old Adele.

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Open Post: Hosted By Sharon Osbourne’s New White Hair

February 18, 2020 / Posted by:

The makers of kidney bean red hair dye are probably crying a million oceans today (something Sharon Osbourne probably can’t physically due to her latest facelift), because one of their #1 customers is done with them. For now, anyway. Sharon is done with slathering her hair with dark red paint and has now embraced the “evil stepmother in a community theater production of Cinderella”  look.

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Sharon Osbourne Says She Didn’t Fire Her Assistant Right After He Rescued Her Paintings From A Burning House

January 12, 2020 / Posted by:

In what seemed like a perfect example of how rich celebrities are usually also entitled sociopaths, Sharon Osbourne recently told a story about how she once forced an assistant of her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s to run back into their burning home to rescue some artwork. Sharon ended her story by adding that she promptly fired him afterward because he didn’t think her forcing him to risk his life for her artwork was funny. Plenty of people thought this story made Sharon look like a heartless witch. (I was already at “heartless witch” with Sharon when she told the story about sending her children’s literal shit in a box to critics cuz’ that’s just nasty.) In response, Sharon claimed that this was all a joke on her part during her regular spot on The Talk. Well, she did fire the guy but it was actually much, much later.

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Sharon Osbourne Made An Assistant Go Into Her Burning House To Save Her Artwork, And Then Fired Him 

December 30, 2019 / Posted by:

You know those stories or jokes that are better only told to certain people? The ones which should be avoided in public or proper company because anyone without the exact same sense of humor as you or taste in bullshit will absolutely take offense? Sharon Osbourne does. Now. After telling a story on the Christmas special of the BBC show Would I Lie To You?, Sharon is going to be thinking twice about what is and isn’t a “cute” anecdote.

Did you know she once almost got an assistant killed in a fire and then fired them for not laughing about the whole thing? Sharon Osbourne doesn’t only look like a rejected Disney villain. She is one!

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Sharon Osbourne Is Now Dragging Simon Cowell And “America’s Got Talent”

December 4, 2019 / Posted by:

The firing of Gabrielle Union from America’s Got Talent has really turned out to be the Advent Calendar from Hell for NBC this Christian December, huh? Each day there’s a new headline that’s keeping this AGT mess from finally dying. They keep getting shit, even though they claimed they’re working” with Gabrielle over her accusations of racism and sexism on set. Past judges chimed in. Howard Stern shit all over Simon Cowell and the old, ugly men of the show while Sharon Osbourne previously kept it cordial with the show but said NBC itself has problems. Well, now Sharon has joined Howard in shitting on Simon.

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