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Olivia Munn Is Grateful For All The “Love And Support” She’s Gotten About Her Pregnancy

September 12, 2021 / Posted by:

And I’m sure that one millisecond after Olivia Munn said that she’s been warmly hugged with a bunch of “love and support” from being pregnant with John Mulaney’s baby, the use of the L and O keys on keyboards everywhere went up 1,000,0000% since that’s some LOL shit.

Last week, John Mulaney confirmed that he put a baby in Olivia Munn after totally not-staged-by-Olivia pap pictures came out of her looking like she had a serious CASE OF THE BABIES. Now it’s Olivia’s turn to do the gushing, and while talking to AC Slater on Access Daily, she claimed that she’s been covered with happy messages from people. Well, I guess you’d feel that way too if you didn’t read the comments on Twitter, Instagram, any site’s comment section, or the text threads on Anna Marie Tendler’s phone.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Earth Angel Dolly Parton!

November 26, 2020 / Posted by:

The pandemic-era Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade happened today, and honestly, they should’ve just brought out the iconic duo Spider-Man tossing Uncle Sam’s salad and called it a day since 2020 can eat all of our unwashed asses. But the socially-distanced show went on and featured non-kicking Rockettes, lip-synching woes, a performance from the Midwestern Rent known as Jagged Little Pill, and a trio of legends: THEE Dolly Parton, THEE Darlene Love, and THEE Patti LaBelle!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Trailer For The “Saved By The Bell” Revival

August 11, 2020 / Posted by:

NBC The Peacock has released another trailer for their upcoming Saved by the Bell reboot, which follows a new generation of teens at Bayside High. The first teaser dropped back in April and gave us a lot of Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez as adults with teenaged kids. This trailer focuses more on the kids and fast Tracey Wigfield-style jokes. Tracey, the reboot’s creator/writer, worked on 30 Rock, The Mindy Project, and was the showrunner for the cancelled-too-soon Great News. 

The trailer features zero signs of that Lil’ Blonde Bitch Zack Morris, who apparently went on to become the goddamn Governor of California (Arnie’s all, “What, like it’s hard?”). But don’t worry, IMDb says Mark-Paul Gosselaar appears in only three of the ten episodes. Phew! Continue reading

Lark Voorhies Is Sad She Wasn’t Asked Back For The “Saved By The Bell” Reboot

February 19, 2020 / Posted by:

As I’m sure you’ve heard, NBC is rebooting Saved by the Bell for two very important reasons: 1. It’s 2020 so you have to revive anything that flickered onto our TV screens for even one goddamn second (still unironically waiting on that Just Shoot Me reboot, by the way), and, 2. Monies. Last we heard, the King of Smug Blonde Privilege himself, Zack Morris (aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar), had signed on to star, along with Jessie “Elizabeth Berkley” Spano, and A.C. “Mario Lopez” Slater. But what about Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Dustin Diamond, and Lark Voorhies? Well, no official word from Tiffani or Dustin (but, like, Dustin Diamond ain’t getting asked, let’s be real), but our beloved Lisa Turtle confirmed she wasn’t offered to be a part of it. Lark Voorhies discussed her sadness over the snub on Dr. Oz, while giving us business woman Marilyn Monroe.

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Zack Morris Is Returning To Bayside For The “Saved By The Bell” Revival

January 10, 2020 / Posted by:

NBCUniversal better set aside some extra cash in the budget for hair-grade peroxide cream, acid-wash denim, and a machine that freezes time (that’s how they did that, right?). Because The Hollywood Reporter says that Zack Morris will be a character on NBCUniversal’s revival of Saved by the Bell. And of course he’ll be played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

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NBCUniversal Is Working On A “Saved By The Bell” Sequel Starring Jessie Spano And A.C. Slater

September 17, 2019 / Posted by:

A few years ago, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez slipped into their tightest buns-hugging jeans and reunited as Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater for a bit on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show. And that was about as close as we all were going to get to an official Saved by the Bell sequel, reboot, or revival. Until now, that is. I hope they didn’t donate those buns-huggers, because NBCUniversal are bringing Mama and Macho Pig back for a Saved by the Bell sequel.

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