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Kanye West Denies He’s In “Cahoots” With The Republicans… Uh-huh…

September 1, 2020 / Posted by:

Not only has Kanye West chosen to run a joke Presidential campaign during a very crucial election, but while doing so he’s been spouting all kinds of his special brand of Absolut Bullshit™. He spoke with fellow mess, Nick Cannon, during a lengthy interview. Kanye used his time with Nick to deny that he’s a pawn of the GOP to help Trump’s campaign and wants everyone to know that he’s richer than Trump.

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Presidential Hopeful Kanye West Is Making A Push In Arizona And Suing The Ohio Secretary of State

August 27, 2020 / Posted by:

Kanye West’s not giving up without a fight! The AP reports that I’m tired. So very tired. Like every bone in my body is individually smashing that snooze button from dawn to dusk tired. After getting booted off the ballot in Ohio, Kanye decided to sue Ohio Secretary of State, Republican Frank LaRose in protest. He’s also, according to TMZ, launching a full court press in Arizona, no matter the cost, to ensure his name appears on the ballot in that state. Aren’t you tired? This shit be tiring as hell. I think one of my proximal phalanges just gave up and died.

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Kanye West Has Been Sued By A Company That Claims He Stiffed Them Of Millions 

August 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Kanye West was hit with a lawsuit accusing him of screwing over a Black-owned business out of millions of dollars. MyChannel, Inc. is a tech company that helped Kanye out with his Yeezy brand and that Sunday Service nonsense. But the company claims that after carrying out every one of Kanye’s ridiculous whims (which knowing him, there must have been a lot) he left them high and dry and by “dry” I mean unpaid and robbed! Well, we know the Koven hates paying workers. MyChannel claimed that Kanye pretended to promise big-money deals with them in order to thieve their technology for his Sunday Service. They’re not the only one’s he’s stolen ideas from! When are Bionicles going to sue him for copying them for his shoe designs?!

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Kanye West Has Returned To Los Angeles To Be With His Family But Will Return To The Campaign Trail

August 24, 2020 / Posted by:

The dekay of Kim Kardashian‘s marriage kontinues to be her main narrative as sources are talking to People about how Kanye West has returned to Los Angeles to be with his family amid their kontinued marital issues. Well, just because Kanye is back at home doesn’t mean that he’s actually going to take a hint and finally give up his pipe dream (as in someone hit the pipe before telling him he should be POTUS) of becoming President.

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Kim Kardashian Returned To California And Left Kanye In Wyoming To Continue His Presidential Campaign With The Unwitting Help Of Kirsten Dunst

August 20, 2020 / Posted by:

I’ve heard that the kickoff for the Birthday Party National Convention has been delayed because somebody is taking a giant shit in there right now and still has the key (it’s being held in the men’s room at an ARCO just off I-25 outside of Cody, Wyoming). So we don’t currently have any more information about Kanye West’s presidential platform or plans for America other than possibly replacing the USPS with Christian TikTok videos? What little we do have to go on is …confusing. According to Billboard, Kanye released some new campaign materials on Twitter and despite graphic design being his passion, it’s a little hard to make out it’s meaning. Kanye shared a campaign poster featuring images of Anna Wintour, Kirsten Dunst, and others, prompting Kiki to ask what we’re all thinking— “What’s the message here, and why am I a part of it??

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Kanye West Wants To Create A TikTok That’s Just For Christians

August 18, 2020 / Posted by:

Kanye West has been busy running a (failing) presidential campaign and is dealing with being allegedly spied on by malicious Democrats, and also resumed his Sunday Service But he still has time to think! And he’s thought of something great this time and it’s not shoe-related.

The Christian Genius Billionaire hopped onto his favorite prophetizing spot, Twitter, and let us know that he loves TikTok but as a Christian, he was “disturbed” by the content, so he wants to collaborate on a “JesusTok.” Gotta say, I think a JesusTok run by Kanye West would be plenty disturbing. JesusTok Hymen-Check Challenge!

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