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Jeff Lewis’ Daughter Begged Him To Stop Talking About Her On His Radio Show But He’s Still Talking About Her

January 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis has a SiriusXM radio show called Jeff Lewis Live where he shares his many, many grievances and personal dramas. Just last week the 51-year-old bragged about his “epic” 30-person holiday party where he and a bunch of his friends and employees caught COVID. A soul, a clue, a filter: Jeff is devoid of all three.

Jeff’s latest drama involves his 5-year-old daughter, Monroe Christine, whom he co-parents with ex-partner Gage Edwards, 36. They two came to a custody agreement last May, after two years of duking it out in the courts. Last week Jeff shared that Monroe was denied admission to a private school, probably because people hate him. Then over the weekend, Gage told their daughter that Jeff was talking about her on the radio. Monroe called her father crying, and told him if she continues to talk about her on his show, she will not let him see her anymore until she’s a grown-up. So what did Jeff do? Talk about the situation on the radio. Parenting: it’s not for everyone.

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Jeff Lewis Caught COVID-19 At A Superspreader Holiday Party And He Has No Regrets About It

December 28, 2021 / Posted by:

Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis has no regrets after he hosted a 30-person holiday party where many people caught COVID-19. But this is a man who got his daughter kicked out of pre-school because he couldn’t stop talking shit, so clearly, he’s great at making decisions. And throwing a party in Los Angeles as Omicron rises is a decision Jeff doesn’t regret because he says that party was so good it was “almost worth dying for.

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Jeff Lewis Got Plastic Surgery On His Eyelids To Look More “Rested”

June 27, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s been about two years since we’ve posted anything about Jeff Lewis, 51, one of the former faces of Bravo’s Flipping Out, who seemed to spend more time having tantrums and flipping humans out of his life than homes. Don’t judge, because these things happen when no one takes the time to appreciate how very much like a busted-lipped and slightly less suave Ricardo Montalbán you actually look.

There’s a lot to choose from here, but I’m pretty sure Jeff’s classiest moment was when he insulted the jarringly hirsute (to him) cooch situation of the surrogate he and former life and work partner Gage Edward (aka “Barbie Bitch“) had hired to carry their daughter, Monroe Christine, now four. These days, when Jeff isn’t hosting glamorous (and maybe soon-to-be single?) guests like Tori Spelling on his XM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, he’s going under the scalpel to turn the tables and frighten some eyeballs as only he can. Last month, Jeff got plastic surgery on his eyelids and recently shared a picture of the finished result.

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Jeff Lewis Of “Flipping Out” Hired Zoila Chavez’s Sister

October 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Professional bridge burner and human flipper outer Jeff Lewis, of Bravo’s Flipping Out (RIP), seems to be trying to win back some old friends and doing it in a sneaky, roundabout way; by hiring their family members. Jeff Lewis stated that he has hired the sister of Zoila Chavez (seen above with Jeff and Jenni Pulos who also is done with Jeff), his old housekeeper, STAR OF THE SHOW, and former HSOTD. Zoila was with Jeff for 18 years and they had somewhat of a messy relationship (like there is any other kind with Jeff Lewis), so it’s tough to get a read on if Zoila left under great circumstances. That said, who knows how Zoila feels about her sister working there. Maybe she hates her sister, so she’s happy!

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Jeff Lewis Got His Daughter Kicked Out Of Preschool

September 18, 2019 / Posted by:

Jeff Lewis seems to be having the world’s longest adult temper tantrum. His temper may have made him famous on the reality show Flipping Out, but in real-life, people are walking out (and filing lawsuits) faster than a Lohan after a department store security alarm goes off. Jeff has lost his relationship with longtime friend and assistant Jenni Pulos, housekeeper (and STAR!) Zoila Chavez, and even his relationship with his longtime partner and co-parent Gage “Barbie Bitch” Edward has fallen apart.

So it should be no surprise that Jeff can’t maintain a relationship with his 2-year-old daughter’s fancy Montessori preschool. Jeff apparently read private emails and made fun of some parents on his SiriusXM radio show. That didn’t sit too well with the headmistress who decided to expel his daughter Monroe.

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Jeff Lewis’ Surrogate Dropped Her Lawsuit Against Him And Bravo

March 18, 2019 / Posted by:

Judgmental House-Flipping Gay, Jeff Lewis, is getting some good news this week. The woman he used as a surrogate to birth his daughter, Alexandra Trent, has dropped her lawsuit against him, his ex Gage Edward, and Bravo for humiliating her and dissing her cooch on national television. Also good news for Jeff: there’s a two-for-one Botox special at his dermatologist’s office.

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