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Jeff Lewis Of “Flipping Out” Hired Zoila Chavez’s Sister

October 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Professional bridge burner and human flipper outerĀ Jeff Lewis, of Bravo’s Flipping Out (RIP), seems to be trying to win back some old friends and doing it in a sneaky, roundabout way; by hiring their family members. Jeff Lewis stated that he has hired the sister of Zoila Chavez (seen above with Jeff and Jenni Pulos who also is done with Jeff), his old housekeeper, STAR OF THE SHOW, and former HSOTD. Zoila was with Jeff for 18 years and they had somewhat of a messy relationship (like there is any other kind with Jeff Lewis), so it’s tough to get a read on if Zoila left under great circumstances. That said, who knows how Zoila feels about her sister working there. Maybe she hates her sister, so she’s happy!

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