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James Corden Says He Only Washes His Hair Every Two Months

May 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week James Corden was bantering at the beginning of The Late Late Show, with, like, five or six people on his staff. I know one of them is band leader Reggie Watts, but who are the others? Producers? Writers? Random passersby? Sorry, I’ve never watched the show because, well, it’s James Corden. 

Anywho, 43-year-old James brought up how Los Angeles residents have been advised to cut down their showering time by 4 minutes to help preserve the local water supply. He expressed shock that the average person showers for 10 minutes, and admitted that his are only “a solid three or four.” Then James revealed that he only washes his hair every two months. Excuse me? That’s a mere six times a year! Bitch could live off one shampoo bottle for the next century! Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By Halle Berry’s Baby Bangs Fake Out

May 3, 2021 / Posted by:

People says that Halle Berry was actually joking about that bob and struggle bangs she debuted at the 2021 Oscars last week. Halle made everyone wonder if something was wrong because she stepped out at the Academy Awards looking like she’d just cut her own bangs in a spur-of-the-moment decision after waking up from a five-hour depression nap. But apparently, it was just a gag! She hit up social media to reveal that she didn’t really get Lloyd Christmas bangs.

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Justin Bieber Got Dreadlocks Again

April 27, 2021 / Posted by:

Welp, Halle Berry‘s baby bangs somehow wound up not being the worst hair decision of the week as Justin Bieber debuted a new style in some Instagram pictures showing off his hot new dreadlocks. That’s right, they’re back! The hideously tangled tendrils which Justin tried in a bleach blonde form back in 2016 have resurfaced with a vengeance the strength of which we haven’t seen since Gone Girl. I think this is what Chet Haze was talking about when he burped up “White Boy Summer.

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While Everybody’s Hair Is Looking A Mess, Birthday Boy Prince Louis’ Hair Game Is Still A+++, ThankYouVeryMuch 

April 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Prince Louis turns two years old today, and since one of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s actual job requirements is to be those parents who constantly post pictures of their kid on Facebook so that people can be like, “Oh my god, my eyes have been blessed by the cutest child in the world,” they completed their job requirement by posting new pictures of Louis for his second born day. And the pictures were taken by the family’s regular photographer: Duchess Kate.

My hair is looking so raggedy that if a rat strolled up to my head with its real estate agent, it would say, “Why the hell did you bring me to this lurid digs ass nest? Did I say I wanted a teardown?!” But here’s Prince Louis serving up some side-swept 90s Linda Evangelista perfection. We’re already going through enough and now we have to deal with being shown up by a kid!

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