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Lupita Nyong’o Is Reportedly One Of The Names Being Considered To Play Catwoman In “The Batman”

October 3, 2019 / Posted by:

So it looks like we can go ahead and push that rumor of a singing, dancing Catwoman out of the way. Because there’s a new list of possible Catwomans, and Vanessa Hudgens’ name isn’t on it. According to GeeksWorldwide, Warner Bros. has a shortlist of actresses they’re looking at to play Catwoman in The Batman, aka the Robert Pattinson Batman movie.

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Here Are The Actresses Being Considered For The “Birds Of Prey” Movie

September 22, 2018 / Posted by:

The DC Extended Universe is in a fever to put out as many film adaptions of their properties as possible. Why? Well, because the layperson probably doesn’t know that superheroes come from more than one company and could mistakenly buy a ticket for a DC movie that he thought was a Marvel one. He’s going to go in thinking Spider-Man might make a cameo or there’s actually a good script involved but it will be too late and he’s already spent the money! DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey movie’s got a director (Cathy Yan, the first Asian female director to helm a superhero movie) and Deadline has revealed which actresses are in the running to star.

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Now THIS Is How You Hold A Trophy

February 6, 2016 / Posted by:

The NAACP Image Awards happened in Pasadena, CA last night, and once again, grand master poser Taraji P. Henson melted the eyelashes off of hos left and right with her extra hot posing game. At the Golden Globes last month, Taraji took us on a journey with her poses. She was Scarlett O’Hara with the vapors. She was a shocked Norma Desmond. She was me whenever one of my friends get me a new butt plug for my birthday. She was everything and more. ┬áTaraji played it a little more subtle at the NAACPs last night, but she still posed like she was head of her class at Phoebe Price’s Community College of Exuding Raw Glamour.

Empire won a few NAACP Awards last night including one for Taraji for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. Taraji should’ve won another award for Outstanding Posing While Holding A Trophy Backstage At The NAACP Awards. Taraji served up intrigue and orgasm faces while posing with that award. She also gets extra points for making sure that we all got a good view of that trophy’s crotch. And I even love that she looked like a cross between Morticia Addams going to a daytime business meeting and a casual Magica de Spell.

Here’s a million more pictures from last night of everyone looking like they’re wearing dresses they bought at Windsor Fashions in the 90s. Well, everyone except for Cree Summer who looked like Pilgrim Pippi Longstocking on the right kind of acid.

Pics: Splash,

The Ginger In Red……..

February 8, 2015 / Posted by:

The BAFTAs happened in London tonight and they’re just like the Oscars except after the ceremony ends the losers are escorted to THE QUEEN’s dungeon where they’re turned into Corgi food.

All award season long (yes, I hate myself for typing that too), the ginger goddess of perfection that is Julianne Moore has mostly dressed like a kindergarten art teacher who fell onto the craft table after the kids made Valentines for their parents and tonight she finally brought the glamour. For once, people weren’t asking her, “Who are you wearing,” because they wanted to make sure to never buy shit from that designer. Julianne, who won Best Actress at the BAFTAs tonight, is giving me “torch song singer at a club where mobsters hold their meetings” glamour. I’m surprised that carpet didn’t turn a bright shade of green when it saw Julianne because it was jealous over her wearing the color red better than it.

I know, I’m not right for choosing a picture of Julianne looking like she’s trying not to wet heave, but it was the only picture where you could see a peek of her shoe (you’re welcome, Quentin Tarantino). She’s probably just gagging on her own glamour. The only way these pictures of Julianne would be hotter is if a naked Prince Hot Ginge was doing jumping jacks behind her.

I’m going to post more from the BAFTAs, but in the meantime here’s some pictures of others including Dianna Agron (I guess Britain is importing seat fillers from America now), the Bond Girls and Rosamund Pike.


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