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Dorinda Medley Of “Real Housewives Of New York City” Denies Getting Kicked Out Of Luann de Lesseps’ Cabaret Show For Being A Drunken Mess

February 21, 2023 / Posted by:

Even though being a mean drunk (and believing her late husband visits her as balloons) is pretty much her entire persona, Dorinda Medley was “put on pause” from The Real Housewives of New York City back in 2020 amid rumors that the cast and crew were tired of her drunken antics. And it seems like she might not have grown much in that area, because Page Six reported that over the weekend, Dorinda was kicked out of her RHONY castmate Luann de Lessups’ weirdly unironically successful cabaret show, Countess and Friends. Dorinda then took to Instagram Live to give a pretty unconvincing denial of getting the boot.  

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Luann de Lesseps Denies Getting Kicked Out Of A Gay Bar For Being A Drunk Mess

March 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Real Housewives of New York cast member/legendary recording artist Luann De Lesseps has had a long, public battle with alcohol. Sometimes she’s sober, sometimes she’s not. On the last season of RHONY Lu’s switch was in the “sober” position, but apparently, that didn’t last. Yesterday, Page Six reported that on Wednesday night, the ex-Countess got kicked out of a gay piano bar for being a drunken fool. Lu’s crimes include drunkenly bogarting the piano, “belting out jumbled versions of her own songs,” and snarling “Fuck you” to the crowd when they booed her.

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Ex-Countess Luann De Lesseps Managed To Avoid Jail Time After She Violated Her Probation

May 23, 2019 / Posted by:

Real Housewives of New York City‘s very own cabaret crooner Luann De Lesseps was arrested two years ago for drunkenly attacking a cop in Palm Beach. She agreed to go to help to avoid some jail time. She was in rehab for all of three weeks before going back to singing (can you call it that?) while shimmying in glitter.

Luann was put on probation, and recently got caught violating her probation by admitting to drinking alcohol after one of her cabaret shows in Chicago. That probation violation almost made her the Roxie understudy in a jail house production of Chicago, but a judge took pity on her.

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Ramona And Mario Singer Of “The Real Housewives Of New York City” Might Be Back Together

October 29, 2018 / Posted by:

When Real Housewives Of New York City first began, it was douse in heaps of “Who da fuq these people think they are?” On the one hand, you had this humble, obvi-less-rich-than-the-rest aspiring baker with a penchant for sarcasm named Bethenny Frankel (*cue* “The Way We Were”)…but then you had odd ducks like then-still-a Countess Luann De Lesseps barking out etiquette orders at her kids and ginger terror Jill Zarin. Then there was/is Ramona and Mario Singer. Ramona and Mario spent half the time promoting their Jesus jewelry and the other half convincing everyone the only thing they did more than cardio and strength training was each other. In case you didn’t read the writing on the wall, they eventually divorced becase Mario had a wandering peen. Ramona has been thirsty for middle-aged D the last few RHONY seasons, but according to a recent report, she’s now back on Mario’s.

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Luann De Lesseps Has Left Rehab After Three Weeks

July 30, 2018 / Posted by:

As those of you who cared enough to read this about last week know, Luann de Lesseps will serve absolutely no jail time for her messy arrest back in January. Because she is high-class royalty with connections in every industry in the world (AKA: a mildly well-known celebrity-type from Bravo), she was only sentenced to probation, rehab and a few measly community service hours.

Well now PageSix is telling us that Luann will be free to leave rehab and get back to the stage. After only three weeks, Luann is getting out. Andy Cohen is going to have to cancel that order of ‘Free Luann’ t-shirts. The Real Housewife took to Instagram to let all of her peasant followers know that New York’s minstrel of class and abundance would be once again taking the stage in her #CountessAndFriends cabaret show.

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Ex-Countess Luann Isn’t Going To Serve Any Jail Time 

July 24, 2018 / Posted by:

The most musically-talented Real Housewife to ever grace Andy Cohen’s rich white lady minstrel shows, Luann de Lesseps, isn’t going to do any hard time in the clink. Shocking. Congrats Luann, I don’t think you could have lasted in a women’s correctional. Those cheek bones may help you serve LEWKS in the New York social scene, but mama they woulda been serving YOU in lock up. Continue reading

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