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Demi Moore Says She’s Done Cutting Her Hair For Roles Since She Has Nothing To “Prove”

July 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Hear that, all of you actors and actresses out here shaving your heads for roles and copying what Demi Moore did all the way back in the 90s? *Cough* Natalie Portman *Cough* Anne Hathaway *Cough* According to Demi Moore, she will never again let a movie hairstylist take a pair of scissors to her luscious Morticia Addams mane in the name of a movie role. If Demi gets a role that requires short hair, give her a wig! And Demi’s also not sure how it’ll grow back if she cuts it. So, she’s given her hair historical status and is not changing it anytime soon.

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Open Post: Hosted By Mila Kunis And Demi Moore Starring In An AT&T Commercial Together

January 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Demi Moore may be Ashton Kutcher‘s ex-wife, and Mila Kunis may be Ashton’s current wife, but that doesn’t mean that they hate each other and can’t get together for the sake of a beautiful check! They both star in AT&T’s newest Super Bowl spot which is beginning to air this week.

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Bruce Willis Has Finally Reunited With His Wife And Youngest Daughters

May 6, 2020 / Posted by:

Who are you quarantined with? I’ve just got the cat and my reflection in the mirror (total bitch, for the record). A lot of my friends have gone back home to bunker down with their families. Bruce Willis thought, “Hey, I’ll split the difference, and choose half my family”. He went to stay with his ex-wife Demi Moore and oldest daughters, Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah in Idaho.

But what about 65-year-old Brucie’s 43-year-old model wife, Emma Heming Willis, and their two daughters, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 6? Despite assurances that everything was great in this perfect, blended, modern family, and the only reason they were separated was because little Evelyn poked her foot with a hypodermic needle (?), people (us, it was us) continued to wonder if there was trouble with the Willis Family Jr.

Well, it looks like Emma finally thought, “enough is enough”, and, inspired by Madonna’s cavalier attitude toward plane travel during pandemic-season, shuttled her and her daughters’ to join Bruce & Co. in Idaho.

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Scout Willis Offered An Odd Explanation For Why Bruce Willis Is Not In Quarantine With His Wife

April 22, 2020 / Posted by:

Earlier this month when we learned that Bruce Willis was quarantining in Idaho with his ex-wife Demi Moore and their adult children Rumer (31), Scout (28) and Tallulah Willis (26, pictured above), keen observers noted (it was me, noted keen observer!) that it was odd that Bruce’s current wife, Emma Heming Willis and their two young daughters Mabel (8), and Evelyn (5), were nowhere to be seen. We know it wasn’t because they don’t make the family matching pajamas in toddler size because even the dogs were issued a pair. Turns out that Emma and their girls have been hunkered down in Los Angeles and Bruce has been playing house with Demi and their girls since March (timeline based on Tallulah reporting the Idaho quarantine pod had been together for 27 days sometime on or before April 7, via CNN). Now, according to People, Scout has offered up a completely believable and not at all weird explanation for why Bruce isn’t with his current family. You see, what had happened was, little Evelyn stabbed herself in the foot with a used syringe she found in the park. And you all thought some form of fuckery was afoot! Shame on you.

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Bruce Willis’ Current Marriage Is Fine, Even Though He’s Self-Isolating With Ex-Wife Demi Moore

April 15, 2020 / Posted by:

Bruce Willis has chosen to self-isolate with ex-wife Demi Moore, and his first round of daughters, Scout, Tallulah, and Rumer Willis, as well as their boyfriends and Demi’s assistant. But some people (nosy snoops like me who have nothing better to do) wondered, “Hey, where’s the rest of Bruce’s family?” 65-year-old Bruce’s current wife is 43-year-old model/actress/vegan beauty company CEO (but of course), Emma Heming Willis. They have two daughters, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5, and have been married since 2009. Bruce and 57-year-old Demi were married from 1987 to 2000.

Thankfully, a helpful “family source” (one of their tiny PJ-ed dogs?) explained that “everything is great” with all of the Willises. Continue reading

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