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Dina Lohan Is Sober And Back Together With The Online Boyfriend She’s Never Met

April 22, 2020 / Posted by:

57-year-old Dina Lohan was with a man for five long years. How? You may wonder? Well it seems the key to staying with Dina Lohan long-term is zero physical contact. Dina was in an on-againoff-again relationship with a guy she never met in person. He then only grudgingly revealed himself as 55-year-old Jesse Nadler in an effort to save his sudden reputation as a catfisher. But I feel like admitting you’re dating Dina Lohan does the opposite of save a reputation. The two ultimately broke up after Jesse became friends with her ex, Michael Lohan and wouldn’t shut up to media. Well, Jesse has once again entered Dina’s life and he’s kicked shit off by talking to media. If at first you don’t succeed…..

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“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Contestant Sherry Pie Has Apologized for Catfishing A Bunch of Actors (UPDATE)

March 6, 2020 / Posted by:

RuPaul’s Drag Race is currently in its 12th season, and one of its queens Sherry Pie is being accused of catfishing not one, but FIVE aspiring actors he worked with during his time at SUNY Cortland in New York and a theater company in Nebraska. And the details may make you say, “Sherry Pie, please sashay to the jailhouse!

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Nev Schulman Offered To Help Uncover Dina Lohan’s Potential Catfish Situation

February 10, 2019 / Posted by:

I didn’t even bat an eye when a couple of days ago on Celebrity Big Brother Dina Lohan admitted that she had never met her boyfriend of five years. Obviously Dina has a boyfriend of five years that she has never met or even FaceTimed with and is going to marry even though she has never once laid eyes on “him” (we don’t really know if he’s a he, do we?). This is Dina Lohan we are talking about and there is no end to the fuckery that she’s produced. Lucky for us, but not so much Dina, Catfish host (the one who isn’t leaving the showNev Schulman has raised his hand to play Captain Save-A-Ho and is offering to expose Dina’s “man” as a catfish fraud.

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MTV Resumes Production On “Catfish” After Investigating Nev Schulman For Misconduct

June 25, 2018 / Posted by:

Last month, anyone flirting under an assumed name and identity on Facebook with a hot stranger from six states over let out a huge sigh of relief. Because Nev Schulman, the fakery catcher from Catfish: The TV Show, had been put in a time-out by MTV. Production on the seventh season of Catfish immediately stopped after Ayissha Morgan, a woman who appeared on the fourth season of the show, filmed two YouTube videos accusing Nev of harassment and misconduct during filming. Usually it’s Nev and his hot salt n’ pepper helper Max Joseph who get to the bottom of drama, but this time it’s MTV. And they recently cleared Nev of any wrongdoing.

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MTV Has Stopped Production On “Catfish” After Nev Schulman Is Accused Of Misconduct

May 17, 2018 / Posted by:

Nev Schulman (the one to the left of hot carpet sample Max Joseph) has recently found himself without a reason to film messy catfishing encounters. According to the Daily Beast, MTV has suspended production on Catfish: The TV Show so they can investigate allegations of sexual misconduct that have been brought against Nev.

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Jennifer Lopez Is Being Sued By A Guy Who Got Catfished

January 12, 2014 / Posted by:

This has everything you’d expect a good catfish story to have. A catfisher with a D-minus game at best, a catfishee with zero common sense, a frivolous lawsuit and multiple requests for nudie pics!

TMZ is reporting that Rodrigo Ruiz received letters from someone claiming to be Jennifer Lopez beginning in 2008 that included requests for demo tapes and dick pics. He is now suing JLo for $10,000 because he was led to believe he would have a music career and a relationship with her but she never followed through. He also filed a police report for sexual harassment. Rodrigo told TMZ he was so depressed he had to seek professional help (make the most of that couch time, boo… just sayin’) and shared three of the letters.

I just wanted to let you know that I do remember you and that I am interested in you. I have plans on leaving my husband. But I can’t say much right now so that’s it for now. Send me pictures of you both with clothes and without clothes.”

Here’s the second — “This is Jennifer Lopez writing to you again and just to let you know that I got your packages, music, and demos. And just to let you know you need to send me pictures of you with and without clothes.

The third is the best — “This is Jennifer Lopez and as you can tell its been a while since I last wrote and as you can see I have a new boyfriend which means your in for the long haul and you have to put up with the fact that I am f**king him and sucking his d**k.

A rep for JLo shat all over Rodrigo’s lawsuit and dreams by calling the whole thing a “desperate attempt for notoriety” and TMZ traced the P.O. box to a 53-year-old woman from L.A. who hung up on them when they called her ass, but Rodrigo still believes the letters were actually sent by Jennifer.

Even Thomas Gibson is sitting in a hot tub somewhere having a one-man sadness party, shaking his head and thinking, “You dumb motherfucker!”. If JLo had written those letters, they would have included clear instructions to have the pictures resting on a bed of rare white lily petals and unicorn farts, and sprinkled with confetti made from real diamonds before being couriered to her by an albino bald eagle.

(Pic: Splash)

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