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Seth Green Says Bill Murray Threw Him Into A Trash Can As A Kid

October 15, 2022 / Posted by:

In his older years, Bill Murray appears to be known for two things: starring in twee films that require him to be sad while wearing pastel sweaters and being a certified jerk. It seems like just a few years ago, Murray was becoming known as the cool old guy who might inadvertently stumble into your engagement photo shoot or crash your young people’s party. Who wouldn’t want the smarmy guy from Ghostbusters as a guest at your shindig? I suppose if you want to risk him getting assault-ey with the guests. And this week, Rob Schneider said that Bill Murray hated the early-90s Saturday Night Live cast when he guest hosted and really hated Chris Farley. Well, now Seth Green has his own SNL/Bill Murray story. According to Seth, Bill threw him into a trash can as a kid, and he isn’t laughing about it. The “I’m just a funny nice guy” act might not cut it after this. The movies have clearly told us that only bullies throw people into garbage cans!

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Bill Murray Will Reportedly Pay $100,000 To The Woman Who Complained About His Behavior On The Set Of Aziz Ansari’s “Being Mortal”

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

There’s a reason why they say never meet your heroes and I’m going to bet that Aziz Ansari is intimately familiar with that reason. Aziz, unfortunately, took a shit on that advice and even took things a step further by hiring Bill Murray to star in his directorial debut, Being Mortal. Back in April, Bill repaid Aziz for his mistake by getting the entire production shut down after a female employee accused Bill of inappropriate conduct and an internal investigation was launched. Initially, it was reported that Bill was being “very hands-on touchy,” and that he had touched and pulled the woman’s hair, all of which Bill later chalked up to a “difference of opinion, with him being of the opinion that he was just being the same lovable goof he’s always been, and her, obviously, being of the opposite and correct opinion.

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Bill Murray Calls The Incident That Shut Down Production On “Being Mortal” A “Difference Of Opinion”

May 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Somebody really needs to get Bill Murray a mirror and a wall calendar because he seems to think it’s still 1981. Deadline reports that Bill addressed the circumstances that led to production on Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, Being Mortal, being suspended after a complaint was filed against him for inappropriate behavior. Over the weekend, Bill made an appearance at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting and said “I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way,” and chalked the incident up to a “difference of opinion.” Bill is 71-years-old and was apparently shocked to learn, just this year, “that the world is different than it was when I was a little kid.” Honestly, being booked for a shareholders meeting gig with an enormous Geico gecko trying to pull focus over his shoulder, should have been his first clue.

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Bill Murray Was Allegedly Suspended From The Set Of “Being Mortal” For Being Too Handsy With Women

April 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, we learned that there was trouble on the set of Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut film, Being Mortal, due to a complaint of “inappropriate behavior.” That’s pretty vague and could literally mean anything. Harassment? Bullying? Picking up a watering hose and pretending it’s a dick to get laughs from the crew? Well, it turned out, we discovered the Who of the situation much quicker than the What, when it was revealed the complaint was lodged against Bill Murray. Now we’re finding out the What, and what 71-year-old Bill allegedly did to get his ass bounced from the set was that he allegedly wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. Color me shocked that it was sexual harassment, and not verbal of a side of physical.

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Lucy Liu Talked About Her Altercation With Bill Murray On The Set Of “Charlie’s Angels”

July 28, 2021 / Posted by:

The story about Lucy Liu and Bill Murray getting into it on the set of the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels has been rattling around Hollywood for two decades. Legend had it that Bill stopped a scene mid-take, pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy in order, and said, “I get why you’re here, and you’ve got talent….but what in the hell are you doing here. You can’t act!” Um, rude. Then, Lucy *allegedly* “blew her lid” and “attacked” Bill. Apparently, this altercation was at least part of the reason Bill didn’t return as Bosley for the 2003 sequel.

Earlier this month the story got dredged up again when Shaun O’Banion, who says he was a production assistant on Charlie’s Angels, tweeted his version of events. Basically, Shaun says Bill upset the three female leads, Lucy told him he was way outta line, Bill insulted her (saying that she was just a TV actress, and this was the “big leagues”), Lucy responded with “Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker!”, and then she ran off the stage crying. Shaun said “no punches were thrown,” and called Bill’s behavior “really belittling and shitty.” Now Lucy is opening up about her side of things on the Los Angeles Times Asian Enough podcast. She says Bill was hurling insults at her, she stood up for herself, and she doesn’t regret it a goddamn thing. All the women! Who are INDEPENDENT! Throw your hands up at me!

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Open Post: Hosted By Zaila Avant-garde Spelling And Dribbling With Bill Murray

July 15, 2021 / Posted by:

Truly talented children really are a sight to behold! And 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde is, at the very least, a double threat. After having won the Scripps National Spelling Bee, we quickly learned that Zaila is also a basketball phenom! And to think people went gaga over that little kid who could yodel pretty good. Kids are going to have to do a might better than that these days if they want to impress. Zaila has raised the bar for precociousness and sent a 3-pointer clear over it.

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