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QOTD: Donnie Wahlberg’s “Beautiful” Penis Perfectly Fits Jenny McCarthy’s Vagina

October 23, 2014 / Posted by:

Esteemed scientist and voice of reason Jenny McCarthy once said that when she first hung out with Donnie Wahlberg she thought he was gay because he didn’t try to bone her right away. Donnie didn’t wet hump her right away because he wanted to get up to date on his shots, obviously. But when they finally did sex, she was so hypnotized by the beauty of his beautiful beautiful dick. On Watch What Happens Live (via E!) last night, a “caller” called in to ask the question we all ask ourselves before we go to sleep and when we wake up in the morning: “How has sex changed with Donnie?” Before we get into the answer that Jenny burped up, you know the “caller” was calling from the green room, because it was Jenny’s assistant who was forced to ask this question, because she wanted to let everyone know that she and Donnie’s fuck time fun is so powerful and amazing that it can cure autism.

Jenny used the question to tell us how beautiful Donnie’s dick is:

“Without a doubt, it gets better every single time I make love to him. First of all, he has the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen in my life. But you know what it is, he knows how to [use it],”

Fellow guest Tom Bergeron needed a better visual, so he asked Jenny what she means by “beautiful” and she continued to spit up more TMIness:

“Sometimes they’re deformed-looking and sometimes they’re a different color that you’re not used to. Some are, like, purple. Some are pink. The size is perfect. I can’t get too descriptive. But, you know what I mean! It fits my vagina perfectly and hits the spots right. But the thing about it is…he makes love to a woman.”

So many “battering ram down a hallway” jokes, so little time.

But really, deformed dicks? The hell kind of CDC hall of fame dick has she had? I wonder if the peens were deformed before or after sexing Jenny? If they looked like that after, she can’t blame them. They obviously got deformed and sick-looking because they caught whooping cough and the mumps from her chocha.

Jennifer Garner On Ben Affleck’s Dick In Gone Girl: “You’re Welcome”

October 8, 2014 / Posted by:

Thanks to some of you and details articles giving me exact instructions, I knew exactly when the true star of Gone Girl (next to the indifferent ginger cat) would make an appearance and a few minutes before it did, I Gorilla Glue’d my eyelids to my eyebrows, pulled out a pair of high-powered binoculars and went bird watching. I thought that I spotted a note that read, “You’re welcome. Love, Jennifer Garner,” tattooed onto the side of Ben’s peen trunk and now I know I really did see that note. While on Ellen to whore out her new movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, she told Ellen DeGeneres that she is a charitable soul who wanted to give the world the gift of her husband’s dick. Jennifer Garner really IS the nicest woman in Hollywood. What other Hollywood wife would say, “um, you’re welcome,” to the side trick who calls her to brag about how they had her husband’s dick? At around the 0:56 mark in the video below, Jennifer sends all of us a Mylar balloon with the words “You’re welcum, whores” scribbled on it:

If you’re too lazy to hit the play button and move your mouse to the 0:56 mark, here’s what she said in text form:

JG: What I have to say is: You’re welcome. I try to consider myself a charitable person and I wanted to give back. You give me so much. I wanted to give something back to all of you.

ED: Forgive me if I don’t know this, is this the first time he’s been frontal nude in a film?

JG: Outside of our very racy films? Um, yes.

ED: Was he nervous about it? Were you nervous about it? Did you talk about it?

JG: It was a discussion. It was like, “Hey at work today Fincher talked me into coming out of the shower.” I was like, “Oh cool. I hope he had on a wide lens.

I’m not one to look a gift colt in the mouth – I know the saying is “gift horse” but I can’t really say that here. I mean, it could grow into a gift horse. Anyway, I’m not one to look a gift colt in the mouth, but Jennifer Garner’s “gift” was a half order and some of us were expecting a full order.  What I mean by that is that (PEEN SPOILER ALERT) Ben gives us a quick side profile of his soft Affdick and what are we supposed to do with a side profile? Sketch it and then have that drawing turned into a cameo necklace? Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

The Cloud Hackers Have Released The First Peen Pics, And They Belong To Nick Hogan

October 5, 2014 / Posted by:

According to TMZ, the cloud hackers took a break from releasing more of Jennifer Lawrence’s stolen nipple pics this weekend to finally gave the people what they’ve been demanding for weeks now  – PICS OF FAMOUS DICKS. Except they took our request a little too literally and leaked stolen pics of Hulk Hogan’s dickhead-looking son Nick Hogan. TMZ says the photos are pretty graphic (insert cat saying NO NO NO NO NO video here), including pictures of him from high school, Nick doing some No Holds Barred moves on a couple of ladies, pics of his dick, and several pictures of (WARNING GRAB A BARF BAG) his mom Linda Hogan wearing a thong and bending over.

But getting hacked could actually be bad news bears for Nick Hogan. TMZ says a couple of the stolen high school pics feature – you guessed it – underage high school girls, which means both he and the hackers are technically in possession of what is technically child porn. Ruh roh. Of course, Nick is a dummy and he’s half denying it. He isn’t denying that the underage high school girl pics are his – he claims he’s kept almost everything that was recorded or photographed from his life. But he says the dick pics aren’t pictures of his dick.

Obviously, the silver lining is that they didn’t release any dick pics of Hulk Hogan. My eyes don’t need to see The Hulkster’s HGH-jacked overcooked jerky-looking Lil’ Hulkamaniac or his silky bandana-wrapped butter yellow pubes.

Not funny, cloud hackers! Of all the penis pics that could have been released (Jon Hamm, Joe Manjello, Jon Hamm, Christopher Meloni, or, I dunno, JON HAMM) the cloud hackers decided to kick off The Fappening 4: The Tappening by releasing stolen iCloud dick pics of Hulk Hogan’s busted sperm. I feel like at any minute, a black and white hologram of Rod Serling is going to appear behind me saying: “The desperate Dorito-dust-covered creature seen before you is Allison, a woman who just realized that when it comes to dick pics, be careful what you wish for. Because sometimes the dick pics you get aren’t the dick pics you want.” Cue the Twilight Zone neener-neener music!

The Affleck Dick Has A Cameo In “Gone Girl”

October 1, 2014 / Posted by:

If you haven’t mainlined your usual morning mixture of Folgers and Red Bull yet, you probably jumped onto Fandango to immediately buy tickets to Gone Girl, because you read that headline as “The Aflac Duck Has A Cameo In ‘Gone Girl’” and that sold you! Sadly, the Aflac Duck isn’t in Gone Girl, but Ben Affleck’s bare dick is. Maybe.

For years, some of us peen-hungry, easy-to-please, hard-up, thirsty, desperate cock sluts have been screaming about how Hollywood needs to evolve and fully embrace equality by giving us more dick on screen. We’re always slapped in the eyes with titties and it’s about time we’re slapped in the face with some IMAX peen. David Fincher heard our slobbery cries and put two dicks in Gone Girl. Yes, those dicks are attached to Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris, but us peen-hungry, easy-to-please, hard-up, thirsty, desperate cock sluts take what we can get. During an interview with MTV News, Ben was asked if his dick makes its feature film debut in Gone Girl and he squirted this out:

“I try to get it in every movie. It’s ironic, because David said to me from the beginning, this is a warts and all movie. It can have no vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character.

“There’s some brief, ah, very brief nudity, I think. The penis is in there! It’s IMAX penis! You’ve gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3D… it’s better in 3D. You should know it was very cold.”

Some people who have seen the movie say that their retinas definitely got brushed with the tip of Doogie’s dong, but they didn’t see the Affleck dick. Others say that you definitely see it. The ones who claim to have seen it gave almost no details. Does it curve to the left? Does it curve to the right? Is it as limp as his personality or as stiff as his acting? Is it a churro or is it more like a burrito?

So if you go to a showing of Gone Girth (Freudian slip and it stays) on Friday night and during Ben’s shower scene, you hear a hysterical gay guy in the audience screaming at the projector booth, “PAUSE THIS SHIT! SHIT, YOU DIDN’T PAUSE IT! GO BACK. WE HAVE TO GO BACK. REWIND! PAUSE! THAT’S THE SPOT. NOW BRING UP THE BRIGHTNESS,” it’ll most likely be me. But if I really, really want to know everything there is to know about Ben Affleck’s peen, I should just walk into any casino and talk to the call girls.

Here’s Ben outside of The Daily Show in NYC yesterday.

Pics: Splash

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The Rapper Who Cut His Peen Off While High On PCP Wants To Do Porn

July 1, 2014 / Posted by:

Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Christ Bearer (born name: Andre Johnson) became a walking anti-PCP billboard in April when he cut his dick off and jumped off of a balcony, because he was missing his daughters and started reading about vasectomies. A few weeks later, Christ Bearer claimed that doctors were able to re-attach his dick and I thought that would be the last we heard of his Franken-cock. But TMZ talked to a crazed Christ Bearer on the street in Long Beach, CA yesterday and he promises that his Franken-cock is back in working order and he’ll prove to everyone that it still has the ability to fuck by doing a porn. Christ Bearer needs to define the word “work,” because I watched the John Wayne Bobbitt porn and his stitched-together soggy Vienna sausage dick looked about as sad as a kid waiting for his parents in the pick-up area an hour after school let out. It hardly “worked.” TMZ asked Christ Bearer if his peen can still perform and he dribbled out this stream of ridiculousness:

Does it work?!? Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?

Christ Bearer also finally admitted that he wasn’t just under the influence of weed and sadness when he chopped his dick off. He was high on PCP. Desperate Lives, the piece of TV gold that taught me everything I know about PCP, taught me that if I snort that bad shit, I’ll throw myself out of a window like Helen Hunt and go “weee” when I drive my car off of a cliff, but it didn’t teach me that I’ll also take a knife to my peen. They should reboot Desperate Lives and include that very necessary piece of information.

Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment is a lukewarm glob of smegma of an asshole who released a necrophilia porn (see: Farrah Abraham’s porn), so of course he’s interested in putting Christ Bearer in one of his movies. But Steve needs to make sure Christ Bearer’s down low parts work first.

Here’s Christ Bearer ranting to TMZ:

Dude is obviously still high on that PCP shit and having major hallucinations. Because he actually believes that people want to see his patch work dick. Who the hell wants to see Christ Bearer awkwardly shove his chewed-up, can’t-get-hard morning sausage dick into a trick’s vagina? Who wants to see that? Actually, I kind of want to see that. And yeah, I’d probably find a way to fap to that. Dignity is not something I know.


Christ Bearer Cut His Dick Off Because He Couldn’t See His Daughters

May 12, 2014 / Posted by:

Last month, some of us hos who didn’t know who Christ Bearer was learned who Christ Bearer was when he fucked up his chances of ever getting grapefruited by cutting his peen off before jumping off of an apartment balcony in L.A. Christ Bearer (born name: Andre Johnson) is all healed now and he tells TMZ why he Lorena Bobbitt’d himself and his explanation makes about as much sense as cutting your dick off does. The only reasonable reason to take a butcher knife to your peen is if you just had bareback sex with Parasite Hilton. That’s not Christ Bearer’s reason.

Christ Bearer says that he was feeling extra low that night, because he couldn’t see his two daughters due to a restraining order that was placed against him by his estranged piece who’s also knocked up with his third kid. Christ Bearer says that he smoked some weed (and by “smoked some weed,” I’m guessing he means “smoked all the PCP“) and started reading about monks and vasectomies, which gave him ideas. Obviously, while reading about vasectomies, Christ Bearer didn’t read the definition of vasectomy, because he cut off his dick instead of cutting off his nuts. He didn’t say why he jumped off that balcony, but you know, jumping off of a balcony is kind of a natural reaction to realizing that you just cut off your dick.

The good news is that despite TMZ saying that doctors couldn’t re-attach his dick, Johnson’s got his johnson back. Plastic surgeon’s were able to sew his peen back on and yes, it hates him and will never forgive him for this, but it’s fully functional.

As for Christ Bearer’s mental state, he answered that question when TMZ asked him about his future with Wu-Tang and he said, “I am the fucking Wu Tang.” That answers that.


PEEN: Brought To You By Kenny Brain From Big Brother Canada

April 18, 2014 / Posted by:

It’s a Good Friday GIFT!

In case you haven’t already printed these out and papered your bedroom ceiling with them like I’m doing, here’s Kenny Brain, former HSOTD and the bearded gay ginger model from Big Brother Canada, with his fire pubes and dick out. The pics are Grindr-style (aka headless) but the tattoos match and I want to believe that Kenny Brain’s got a dick that’ll make you call in sick to work and not care that you get fired. A dick that’ll make you hand over your debit card and password.

I am trying to ignore that crotch tattoo that looks like something you’d find on the pendant worn by a trust fund PR girl who thinks she’s spiritual and shit. And at this point you’re probably screaming at me to shut my goddamn fingers already and get to the dick, so if you’re in a place where big, beautiful dicks are frowned upon and are considered NSFW, then put this on before clicking HERE and HERE. I hope dudes flopping their soft dicks on the sink like it’s a sea cucumber becomes a new thing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more Kenny Brain dick pics to paste to my ceiling.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who told me Kenny Brain’s crotch tattoo means “big” in Chinese. No comment.

via Reddit via ONTD

Would You Hit It?

March 24, 2014 / Posted by:

Here’s certified douche and The Slow One’s piece Lord Scott Isadick struttin’ his ass through a Rite Aid parking lot in Calabasas, CA yesterday and either he stuffed a Pez dispenser in his waistband or that’s the outline of the dick that co-made the next generation of Kardashians that Pimp Mama Kris will pimp out. Yes, that could be a stunt peen molded after Khloe Kardashian’s klit since I’d like to believe that his peen is usually hiding up in his ass crack out of shame for spawning with a Kardashian, but I doubt it. That’s his peen. And yes, yes I would. I would. Don’t make me say it in a regular font size. I can’t. It’s only Monday and I’ve already admitted that I would with a Kartrashian’s ho. It usually takes me until at least Monday afternoon to eat rock bottom. Well, I guess it’s never too early to admit that I don’t love myself and I didn’t come equipped with standards.

Pics: Splash

Nothing Like A Cameo From A Peen During A Breaking News Report

March 18, 2014 / Posted by:

I have always said that what every morning show needs is more dick and someone in Denver heard my prayers. While reporting on the tragic helicopter crash in Seattle today, the morning crew at Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR were scrolling through some pictures on Twitter together when they came across Edward Scissorhands and a semi-excited peen just hanging out of a pair of pants. It was like a scene straight out of the Good Morning, Thetans show on SCCN (Scientology Celebrity Centre Network). Three out of four of the anchors made an open-mouthed Oh face (Side note: I too open my mouth wide whenever I see a peen) and the dude scrolling through the pictures tried the “If I don’t acknowledge it, it didn’t happen” tactic. I really have dick on the brain all the time, because I thought that wart-covered peen was pretty damn thick until I realized I was looking at an omelette stuffed with spaghetti, or something. That’s what happens when you constantly look at life through dick-colored glasses.

Since YouTube is prejudiced against peen, they’ve been yanking down the clip left and right, but thanks to Buzzfeed, there’s a NSFW Vine of this priceless moment and it’s after the jump. WARNING: Dick and a hairless man crotch ahead.  »


Ben Affleck’s Huge Peen Situation Was A Big Topic At The Producers Guild Awards Last Night

January 20, 2014 / Posted by:

At the Producers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills last night, Chuck Lorre, the evil doer who’s responsible for torturing us with shit like Two and a Half Men, told the audience that at the Golden Globes last week he pissed next to Ben Affleck in the men’s bathroom and he can confirm that he looks at other dudes’ peens while he’s pissing next to them and Ben’s dick is big enough to fill Batman’s codpiece. E! News says that while accepting an award last night, Chuck Lorre still had Affdick on his mind:

“Yes I peeked. And yes, Comic Con, he can play Batman.”

At the end of the show, Ben went onstage to present Best Picture (it was a tie, Gravity and 12 Years A Slave both won) and he brought up the subject of his huge dick. Ben said that it’s true, his peen could probably come out on top in a tag team fight between the Hammaconda and the Fassdong.

“I want to thank someone tonight. Evidentially, I was in the bar briefly and I came back to my seat and someone said, ‘You know there was a guy on stage who said you have a big dick. I was like, ‘You know? Isn’t that always how it goes. The one time it happens, I miss it.’ Thank you very much. Whoever you are God bless you. I’m often confused with Matt Damon but rarely with Michael Fassbender, so it’s a nice change.”

Normally, I’d channel the spirit of Nippy by screaming, “SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS, DIANE,” but I sort of believe that Ben Affleck’s got a huge dick that could bust your sugar walls. It would explain why Blake NotSoLively talked like her jaw was broken in The Town. I know Blake’s always like that, but it was extra in The Town. And since Zack Snyder cast Ben Affleck as Batman, he obviously wants a Batman who is extra stiff and devoid of personality.  What I’m saying is that Ben Affleck’s supposedly huge dick should play Batman instead.

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