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Kylie Jenner’s Getting Dragged For Throwing Her Kids An Astroworld-Themed Party (Again) Despite The Festival’s 2021 Crowd Surge Tragedy

February 3, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s hard to forget the sad and catastrophic events of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival back in November 2021, when a crowd surge resulted in hundreds of injuries and 10 deaths, several of which were children. Unless you’re Kylie Jenner and Travis, and you have a birthday party to throw, of course! Because they just threw their kids, Stormi and Wolf Aire, a joint “Stormi/Aireworld” birthday party. Page Six says Kylie posted shots of the insensitive mess on her Instagram stories, and many have spoken out to give her the business for such a callous, ill-informed choice. 

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A Social Media Influencer Caught Shit After Posting A Photoshoot In Front Of Her Dad’s Open Casket

October 28, 2021 / Posted by:

Another day, another “influencer” and Instagram “model” getting attention for pulling mess moves. NBC News says that one influencer in Florida (shocking), 20-year-old Jayne Rivera, got some heat online after posting a small photoshoot of her and her father who had passed away. But this photoshoot happened after his death… like when he was laying in the casket behind her. But hey, at least it wasn’t sponsored.

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Open Post: Hosted By Todrick Hall’s Custom Louis Vuitton Bed

February 4, 2021 / Posted by:

RIP Todrick Hall’s shins. And the toenails on his big toes. And any retirement savings he might have had to keep him from having to Go-Go dance well into his 70s. Todrick’s got a new house and he’s furnishing it in the style of Drake, but somehow, even tackier. It’s like how you’d design a dollhouse for your Drake Canadian Boy doll, but Todrick-sized (honestly, the scale isn’t that much different). One of the features of Todrick’s new home is a custom Louis Vuitton bed, the grown-up with no sense version of a little boy’s race car bed.

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Drake Sleeps On A $395,000 Mattress

April 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Earlier this month, Architectural Digest gave us a peek inside Drake’s gaudy 50,000 square foot mega-mansion in Toronto, a treat usually reserved only for Drake’s closest sycophants and groupies. There was a 4,000 lb black marble tub, a skull-painted piano, gold walls, a basketball court, a custom-made hallway filled with priceless sports jerseys (see above). One other thing AD mentioned was that Drake had, in his 3,200 square foot master suite, a one-ton bed that, “cost more than many people’s entire homes.” I wondered what a one-ton bed worth hundreds of thousands of dollars could possibly look like. Well, Complex did the research, and they’ve found what Drake’s bed looks like.

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Kylie Jenner Bought Her Mom A $250,000 Birthday Ferrari

October 30, 2018 / Posted by:

What’s that Khloe? You got your mom a $14,000 Botox facial for her birthday? Kourtney, you ordered a gift basket filled with imported Italian greyhound puppies? All very kind gestures, but the best child came through and outdid you all on Kris Jenner’s 63rd birthday with a brand-new Ferrari. Rob, toss that handmade macaroni necklace behind the couch where it belongs, it just can’t compete with mama’s fancy new ride.

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