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Richard Dreyfuss Defends Blackface And Says The Oscars’ New Diversity Standards Make Him Want To “Vomit”

May 8, 2023 / Posted by:

Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss–also known as “Who?” to anyone born after the year 1993–had an interview with PBS where he revealed that he absolutely abhors diversity measures in Hollywood films, specifically the ones that the Oscars have put in place for a film to be nominated for Best Picture. During his tirade, he also defended blackface–but elegant, high-brow blackface, and laments, “Am I being told I will never have a chance to play a Black man?” And I mean… what else is there to say after that? Actually, I will say: he would make a horrible Black man–not believable at all.

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Richard Dreyfuss Says Bill Murray Was A “Drunken Bully” On The Set Of “What About Bob?”

June 27, 2019 / Posted by:

We can add Richard Dreyfuss to the list of DGAF pepaws and memaws who can no longer be bothered with keeping secrets about the goings on behind the scenes in Hollywood. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Richard shared a story about his What About Bob? co-star Bill Murray being a drunken, belligerent bully who once threw an ashtray at his face. Considering Bill’s love/hate relationship with cameras and the people behind them, coupled with the fact that his ex-wife Jennifer Butler Murray accused him of physical abuse, it doesn’t come as much of a shock. Add in the public drunkenness and you maybe can see why Richard might be asking, what about Bill?

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Open Post: Hosted By Jane Fonda Serving Boca Raton Realtor At The “Book Club” Premiere 

May 7, 2018 / Posted by:

Tonight is the Met Gala, when stars and dirt stars squeeze themselves into a $30,000 gown that doesn’t go with the theme to bow down to Anna Wintour as she sacrifices interns to fulfill her yearly contract with Satan (that’s what happens there, right?). But I don’t even know why Anna didn’t announce today that this year’s Met Gala is canceled, because the real fashion event of May went down in Westwood, CA yesterday at the premiere of the mess of a movie my mom wants me to take her to on Mother’s Day.

Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen all brought the glamour to the red carpet of  Book Club. Jane Fonda showed up looking like a Mary Kay regional manager who just naturally smells like Shalimar perfume and could easily fuck your dad if she wanted to. Candice Bergen showed up with a look that was Snow White down below (see: her Gucci sweater) and Evil Queen up top (see: those snatched-in-the-name-of-evil brows). Diane Keaton showed up looking like Madam Mim going to a sock hop in the 90s. And Mary Steenburgen wore some boring shit but made up for it by accessorizing her dress with a tall drink of silver named Ted Danson.

And now if you’ll excuse me I need to ask Google, “Is my mom forcing me to take her to a Fifty Shades of Shit propaganda film grounds for a quickie emancipation?


Everyone In Hollywood Is (Allegedly) A Perv: George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss, And Benny Medina

November 11, 2017 / Posted by:

But you surmised that already, right? Everything that was semi-solid feels like it’s crumbling as we finish up with 2017. 2016 was “The Year That Everyone Good Died (In Addition To Hope)“. This year’s theme is “The Year That All Your Illusions Joined The Dead People From 2016.

The Harvey Weinstein situation opened the floodgates for many, many, many, many, many women and men to finally feel empowered to share their own stories of sexual harassment/abuse from rich and powerful Hollywood types. We’ve now learned that Star Trek actor/America’s Formerly(?) Most Beloved Homosexual George Takei is being accused of sexual assault. That’s in addition to actor Richard Dreyfuss (whose son recently claimed that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him), and music/tv executive Benny Medina. At this point, 2018 will hopefully be “The Year The Asteroids Rained Down And Ended This Shit.Continue reading

Richard Dreyfuss’ Son Claims Kevin Spacey Groped Him As His Dad Was In The Same Room

November 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Because it wouldn’t be Fall 2017 without your daily helping of alleged celebrity sexual assault, here’s a little ditty about Richard Dreyfuss’ son Harry Dreyfuss claiming that Kevin Spacey molested him in 2008 when he was 18. And supposedly his dad was in the room at the time. If all of these tales are true, then Kevin Spacey qualifies as what you call a bold motherfucker! (It also looks like he may qualify as an appalling creep of the highest appalling order, but you knew that already.)

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Mr. Holland’s Opus Of Crazy

February 27, 2012 / Posted by:

I didn’t know Richard Dreyfuss had a serious case of crazy in him, but apparently he does and he used it to turn a fluffy post-Oscars interview with a local news station into a puddle of WHAT?! The reporter dude asked Richard who his favorite young actor of the moment is, and he mumbled out that he’s too busy saving the country to go to movies and then he verbally brain farted about how he wants everyone in American including the Koch Brothers to re-sign the Preamble.

I love it when hos turn a boring generic interview into a “4am moment on the C train with a subway prophet,” so I’m not complaining, but I do have to ask why Richard was even there if he doesn’t watch movies? Was he there for the free hooch (probably) or did his partner in crazy Jeff Bridges send him there to gather more intel on the Star Whackers? Whatever the case may be, I’d rather have watched Richard do this all night than stare at Billy Crystal’s canned chicken face for 4 hours.

(Thanks, Heather)

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